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Your future is bright blue! So Smart, Its Simple..

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1 Your future is bright blue! So Smart, Its Simple.

2 bright blue 2 It’s simple. And, it’s simply genius. Intelligent Access Management by Schlage

3 bright blue 3 It’s a web-based access control system that’s easy to install, operate and afford. What is bright blue?

4 bright blue 4 Simply put, it’s the blue box. Web-based technology within the box allows authorized users to control the system from anywhere there’s internet access. What makes bright blue so smart?

5 bright blue 5 Features Supports up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders Pre-configured, network-ready package Control over who goes where and when Standard reports for authorized personnel Video integration available (video client software required)

6 bright blue 6 More Features Application wizards for easy use Access anytime and anywhere there’s internet access Manual overrides to temporarily unlock doors Supports magnetic stripe and proximity technologies Automatic backup Flashable firmware for easy upgrades Lockdown and toggle features

7 bright blue 7 Benefits An easy-to-use interface No need for a dedicated PC or security network It’s just like accessing a website Training takes just minutes

8 bright blue 8 It’s affordable Onsite IT personnel are not required It’s user friendly It automatically backs up data There’s no need to tour offline locks It’s reliable It features remote access bright blue is smart for you because: Simple = Profitable

9 bright blue 9 Fewer wires to run Greater time savings Lower labor costs Easier installations No additional door hardware needs Use bright blue with Schlage AD-Series Hardwired and Wireless Locks and there are: It gets even smarter

10 bright blue 10 Proximity and smartcard technology in one reader Electronic tamper switch Future migrations to smart cards are simplified Cost-savings Protect your investment Use bright blue with Schlage Multi-technology readers and: And smarter still

11 bright blue 11 bright blue System Architecture bright blue Intelligent Access Management Connect up to 32 access control devices with video RS-485 Connection Schlage Hardwired Electronic Lock Schlage Wireless Electronic Lock Schlage Reader or Biometric Reader Schlage DVR/NVR Integrated Video Up to 32 IP and/or Analog Cameras LAN Web Browser/Video Client SBB-RI or SBB-NRI PIM400-485-SBB SEVMS-SBB 2. Connect any combination of up to 32 devices 3. Access the software from any computer running Internet Explorer or Firefox 1. Connect bright blue controller to LAN and connect power 4. Add a Schlage DVR/NVR to capture associated video

12 bright blue 12 bright blue Review Simple online access control system Supports up to 32 doors and 5,000 cardholder Easy to sell, install, train and support Embedded intelligence design No software to install


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