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RainStor and Dell DX: Online Structured Data Retention for Data Center Consolidation Presentation for AFPOA, August 26 th, 2011

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1 RainStor and Dell DX: Online Structured Data Retention for Data Center Consolidation Presentation for AFPOA, August 26 th, 2011 – VP Product Management, RainStor – Product Marketing, Product Group, Storage

2 RainStor + Dell DX Archival solution for Reduction, Retention & on-demand Retrieval of historical (semi) structured data and big machine generated data at 10x Less TCO

3 Unified Platform for Data Consolidation 3 Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) will become a key infrastructure component by 2013, as the archiving of structured data and unstructured content into a single platform emerges. EIA products that support multiple information types are replacing stand-alone application-specific archiving products. -Enterprise Information Archiving Transforms the Strategy and Approach for Archiving -June 2010 – Gartner: Kenneth Chin, Sheila Childs CONSOLIDATE: All Your Static Data on one massively scalable repository with no complexity STORE BOTH Structured and unstructured DX Object Storage Platform

4 Active Transactional Data Become A Fraction Of Total Storage Over Time Time Data Active 70% Static 30% 10% 90% Transactional Data Majority becomes Historical Data over time or even all historic when no longer active 100% Application Performance Cost $$$ and PAIN

5 Time Data Machine Generated or Human Generated Immediately Historical Data Static 100% Static 100% Static 100% Automated Data Creation Changes the Mix US Telco 750 TBs of CDR data retained today Smart Grid will generate over 1 EB of data in the US alone! Facebook over 1 PB of log data SEC-store every trade and price in every market forever! Application Performance Costs $$$

6 Current Technology Approaches for Long Term Structured Data Retention DevTest DR Tape RDBMS Warehouse / Store Operational copies compound the storage problem

7 Impact of Traditional or Absent Strategies  More Data  More Infrastructure  More Resources  Higher Costs  More Risk Overburdened Resources Business Challenges:  Flat or Reduced IT Budgets  Limited IT Resources & Need to focus on core business systems  Increasing compliance retention periods compound data volume and management issues  Limited access to larger data sets impacts ability to perform deeper analysis Technical Challenges:  Multi-terabytes of structured data in traditional RDBMS’ or Files  Challenging to maintain & high cost to manage legacy systems – just for data access!  Backup windows aren’t being met.  Traditional RDBMS systems cannot ingest high volume data and store it  Requires expert resources to provide significant care and feeding

8 Transactional OLTP Analytical OLAP Static Machine-Generated Data (MGD) Online Data Retention (OLDR) Online Data Retention Requires New Technology

9 Size: Massive de-dupe ~97% savings in storage Hardware: On low-cost Dell servers and DX Object Storage Platform Resources: Without specialist DBA support and less storage management Preserved: Massive record volumes in original form Immutable: Tamper proofed with audit trail and WORM Configurable: With retention & expiry policies Massively Scalable: With no complexity Long-Term Preservation: Optimized on object based technology platform with metadata Standards: SQL & BI tools via ODBC/JDBC, HTTP Performant: Fast queries for large complex data sets Flexible: With schema evolution & point-in-time access How We Do It Reduce Retain Retrieve

10 Patented Data Reduction through value and pattern de-duplication = Highest rate of compression available Fast Queries in stored format without re- inflation = Access via SQL and ODBC/JDBC, any BI tool (e.g. Cognos, Business Object) Disruptive Technology

11 Use case: Application Retirement Confidential

12 Application Retirement 12 1000s of Legacy apps using Oracle, SQL Server, Mainframes etc. Retire apps and store data in optimized repository Same user searches & reports work. No changes needed. Search/ Analytics Current PainsBenefits of Dell Solution Multiple environments, expensive expert IT resources All legacy data on single platform High ongoing HW/SW & maintenance costs Reduced maintenance = frees-up budgets Biz users still need occasional but rare access to data Continued access to data = happy biz users

13 App Retirement TCO Example 13 300 Legacy apps (250 GB each) = 75TB Retire apps and store data in optimized repository Same user searches & reports work. No changes needed. 25:1 Compression = 3TB Saving $5.7m/yr Current OPEX= $6m/yr.Dell Solution OPEX= $300k/yr. Storage75TB * $20k/TB = $1.5m3TB * $20k = $60k Servers300 (1 svr/app) * $10k/svr = $3m4 shared svrs * $10k = $40k Admin1 DBA ($200k) per 4 apps= $1.5m1 Admin ($200k) for entire solution Search/ Analytics

14 Use case: Machine Generated Data Retention Confidential

15 Machine Generated Data Retention Billions of Human Activity or Machine Auto-generated Records 15 Dell solution acts as primary repository Search Ability to quickly access data, even as data continues to be ingested. -Logs, IP Records -Closed payments/Transactions -Facilities Management Sensor Data OK -Manufacturing Test, QC Current PainsBenefits of Dell Solution Daily volumes outstripping RDBMS capacityScalable ingestion, storage & query better than RDBMS Strict compliance and query latency needsConfigurable expiry/purge, low latency access Significant $$$ spend to support growthLowest cost per retained TB (10x less)

16 MGD Retention TCO Example 16 Dell solution acts as primary repository Ability to quickly access data, even as data continues to be ingested. -WAP Logs 20B WAP logs/day. Retained over 3 Months = 2 Petabytes 20:1 Compression = 100TB Saving $11m/year Current OPEX = $11.8m/yr.Dell Solution OPEX= $800k/yr. Storage2Pb * $5k/TB = $10m100TB * $5k = $500k Servers100 Svrs * $10k/svr = $1m10 svrs * $10k = $100k Admin4 Admin ($200k) = $800k1 Admin = $200k Search

17 Retention & Compliance TCO Comparison

18 RainStor Cloud/Hosting Enabled OR Dell DX OR Other Comput e

19 Dell DX Object Storage Confidential

20 Solution Overview 20 Storage Layer -DX Object Store Network Logs Smart MeterCDRTrade Retired Apps Consulting, Implementation, Support Services Layer OLDR Layer SQL & BI Analytics Integrated Solution Stack Integrated SW and HW for maximum optimization of solution Services practice Dell storage and servers Integrated specialized database Dell networking platforms Dell cloud infrastructure Use Cases “Big Data” Machine Generated Data Application Retirement Application Archive (Future) Data Warehouse Archive (Future) A long-term preservation optimized solution that solves for the “Big Data” storage problems and enables a better way to retire and archive legacy applications.

21 DX Object Storage Platform Enterprise-class storage for fixed digital content Scalability Solution approach to tiered storage and archive/content management utilizing a common platform Manageability TCO Non-disruptive and simple HW expansions, technology transitions, and retire Self managing, self healing Easy to retrieve data, HTTP API Selectable WORM capabilities Peer-scale architecture Scales to petabytes Near limitless number of files Can scale by as little as 1 node at a time X86-based modular architecture Reduce cost of data management 50% X86-based arch. Power management features No backup infrastructure required Application

22 Dell Confidential - Restricted The Digital Object Object = Metadata + File Data Stored together for life of object Metadata: –Rich, descriptive data about the data –Context persisted over time –Enables policy-based management Object Address Metadata 101000101010100111010101100010110100…110010 UUID HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 21:26:34 GMT Server: Object Cluster/2.2 Application-Name: MS Word Create-Date: 2008-06-26 21:26:14.687000 System-Cluster: Internet Demo Cluster System-Created: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 21:26:20 GMT Content-Disposition: inline; filename=Sports %Segment%206-26-08.doc Content-Length: 8619354 Content-type: application/doc lifepoint: [Thu, 03 Jul 2015 21:26:14 GMT] reps=2, deletable=True lifepoint: [] delete Replica-Count: 2 CUSTOM ELEMENTS Doc

23 Simplified Expansion and Technology Refresh Adding capacity is simple Rack & Cable Power-up No config or provisioning Refresh is just as easy Upgrade without interruption Retire node or volume Replicates data to another node or volume Recovery & balancing is automatic Continuous data availability Load and capacity balanced

24 Enterprise Ready Solution Import Query

25 Key Benefits 25 Ease of Use Very low admin & no tuning needed Peer-scale architecture No provisioning or configuring Backupless environment Low TCO Less Software, Hardware & People to maintain large data sets Performance High ingestion rate Fast queries Linear scale-out performance Optimized Compliant Configurable retention rules WORM options Auto disposition Scalable Massive scalability with no complexity Big Data volumes Massive Data Compression Consolidated One Database, One Platform

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