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Specialized in alarm system, CCTV and esearch, manufacturing and trading.

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3 Specialized in alarm system, CCTV and esearch, manufacturing and trading

4 Want to know about us? JC TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LIMITED is an integrated and hi- tech corporation. We are engaged in designing, developing and manufacturing security & safe products, such as alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems, and home access control. We adopts the advanced import SMT production line for all our production, and uses the best quality testing equipment, such as oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and phone tester etc… we have four busy production line at this moment, and with market expansion, more production line is in preparing. Due to high quality and fashionable-designed products with our sincere and professional service, we have gained high reputation from our global clients.

5 Pasting by machine Checking Alarm Systems Testing Hand Pasting

6 Wired accessories Infrared sensors Outdoor sensor Microwave &infrared sensor Pet-immune sensor Ceiling sensor Curtain infrared sensor

7 ◆ Pet immunity,35Kg ◆ Automatic temperature compensation ◆ Anti-white light can be up to 10000LUX. ◆ Mono-pulse/Double-pulse is optional ◆ Alarm output NO/NC for option. *Working voltage: 9V-15V/DC *Standby current : about 25mA (DC 12V) *Detecting angle: 110° *Detecting distance: 12m *Alarm time: 5s, Alarm recovery time: 60s *Dimension: 89*52.5*38.5mm Pet-immune Infrared Detector (JC-312T) Pet-immune Infrared Detector (JC-312T)

8 ◆ Double infrared sensor with high sensitivity ◆ Double channel signal processing ◆ Three level sensitivity setup ◆ Pet-immune, anti-electromagnetic interference *Power: 9V-13.8V/DC *Detecting distance: ≥8m *Detecting angle:90°*35° *Static current: ≤10mA *Alarm current: ≤25mA Pet-immune Infrared Detector (JC-313T) Pet-immune Infrared Detector (JC-313T)

9 Wired Wide Angle PIR Detector (JC-303T) ◆ Fire-proof ABS housing ◆ LED ON/OFF optional ◆ Automatic temperature compensation technology ◆ SMT design, anti-RFI&EMI ◆ Adjustable value of three-level pulse ◆ Alarm output: N.O/N.C optional ◆ Anti-tamper switching *Operating voltage: DC9-16V *Consumption current: less than 18mA(DC12V) *Detecting distance: about 12m *Detecting angle: 110 degree *Dimension:89*52.5*38.5mm

10 ◆ Low noise, high sensitivity, dual source infrared sensor ◆ Suitable for ceiling mount, ideal for residential security use ◆ Automatic temperature compensation; ◆ Flame-retardant shell ◆ Anti EMI: metal shield RFI ◆ Pulse count adjustment ◆ Fresnel lens ◆ SMT design adopted, anti-RFI& anti-pet ◆ Alarm output N.C./N.O. Optional ◆ Alarm indicator: red LED *Operating Voltage:DC9-16V *Alarm output: NC or N.O., DC28V, 100mA *Outline Dimension:106*36mm Ceiling Infrared Detector(JC-320T) Ceiling Infrared Detector(JC-320T)

11 ◆ Automatic temperature compensation ◆ Anti-white light interference, very low false alarm ◆ Anti-EMI, low rate of false alarm ◆ Single-chip intelligent digit processing ◆ Pet immunity ◆ Two levels of PIR sensitivity optional ◆ Easy installation; elegant shape *Working Power: 9V to 15V *Detective Distance: dia. 6~8m *Detecting Angle: 360° *Product Weight: 0.125kg *Dimension: 125mm (Dia.)*33mm (thickness) Pet-immune Ceiling Detector(JC-321T) Pet-immune Ceiling Detector(JC-321T)

12 ◆ Direction identify technique, direction function optional ◆ Auto temperature compensation ◆ Exit direction optional ◆ SMT adopted, anti-RFI & anti-EMI ◆ Dynamic threshold adjusting technique to avoid interference ◆ Alarm output NO/NC optional ◆ Alarm indicator: red LED ◆ Sensor: dual heat released sensor ◆ Anti-dismantle switch: NC, connection is DC28V,100mA *Operating voltage:DC9-16V *Detecting angle:15 degree *Self-check: about 60s Anti-RFI: 10MHz-1GHz 20V/m *Installation means: wall-mounted or ceiling mounted *Dimension:110*69.5*40mm Direction Identify curtain PIR JC-330T(D)

13 ◆ Anti-magnetic interference, anti-spotlight interference ◆ 2-level sensitivity, auto temperature compensation ◆ Single/ double pulse optional ◆ Can be mounted on wall or ceiling ◆ One-way or two-way (direction) alarm are available ◆ Directional recognition and time are adjustable in one-way mode ◆ Streamline design, easy installation *Operating voltage:DC9-15V *Detecting distance: 8m(wall mounted) *Horizontal detecting angle:3°-5° , vertical: 100° *Dimension:110* 70* 40mm *Weight: 0.105g Curtain PIR Detector (JC-333T )

14 ◆ Dual infrared with microwave detector ◆ Use dual curtain Fresnel lens, suitable for ceiling installation ◆ Novel appearance, dynamic LED display ◆ Automatic temperature compensation, energy analysis, to improve the sensitivity and eliminate false alarm ◆ Multiple shielding technology, against a variety of high frequency interference ◆ Anti-tamper, enhanced safety performance of detectors ◆ Adopts energy-saving logic processing DMF, DMT technology ◆ Advanced pet-immunity recognition technology. ◆ Advanced anti-cloak technology to recognize the intruder with cloak *Power input: 12VDC *Detection distance: diameter 4m *Detection angle: 20° *Dimension: φ110*40mm Microwave & Infrared Detector (JC-335T )

15 ◆ Doppler effect & energy analysis ◆ Anti-white light interference ◆ Mono-pulse/ Double-pulse is optional, high anti-interference capability ◆ Automatic temperature compensation ◆ The microwave detective range is adjustable ◆ Alarm output: NC/NO for option ◆ Alarm light: ON/OFF for option ◆ It is available to be mounted on the corner of wall or the metope *Working voltage:DC10V~15V *Detective Distance: 12m *Microwave frequency: 10.525GHz *Anti-white light intererence≥6500LUX *Alarm time: 5s *Dimension:128*68*45mm Microwave & Infrared Detector (JC-342T )

16 ◆ Double-channel signal with A/D conversion processing ◆ Day & night working mode ◆ Airproof & weatherproof Alarm delay time can be set ◆ Pet Immunity ( pet up to 10KG) ◆ With special filter and intensity of anti-white light can be up to 10000LUX ◆ Detect distance: 8m and 12 m optional ◆ Pulse member: 1P and 2P optional ◆ Alarm input: NO and NC optional ◆ Alarm indicator light: ON and OFF optional *Working voltage: DC9.6-15V *Detective Distance: 12m *Alarm time: 5s or 20s optional *Dimension:160*80*49mm Outdoor infrared Detector(JC-361T)

17 JC TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LIMITED ADD: Qianshi Mansion, Oubei Town,Yongjia, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China Zip: 325101 E-mail:, Tel: 0086-155-58858528, 0086-577-67128118 Fax: 0086-577-67128118 Skype: jctechsales, tracyheechina MSN: Web:


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