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2 Brand Overview

3 Paper Based “Systems” Paper is the most flexible system available –Allows any garbage in –Results in any garbage out Slow turn around Inconsistent overtime calculations vs client specific rules Client only authorises part of the information and discovers the rest on invoice weeks later Client cost centre mostly blank.. Credit and Reinvoicing

4 K-log In January 2008 Kelly Group initiated the K-log project First site installed was Mango Airlines in June 2008 K-log is already deployed widely throughout South Africa –130 sites –Banks and financial institutions –Telecoms operators –Hotels and casinos –Logistics companies –Industrial, manufacturing and mining companies –Call centres A 1,000-person deployment already live

5 K-log End-to-End Process Employee Clocks on K-log Device Reports distributed via E-Mail to a scheduled list Data is processed as per site rules Data Transmitted via GPRS to Database Checked and corrected via Internet Data authorised at end of period Payroll run Invoice generated

6 The Device –Installed minutes –Required only electricity (has battery backup) –No onsite computer or network –Biometric enrollment on any device with wireless synchronisation –Clocking on any device –Remote monitoring –Real time –Routing for security and cleaning services

7 It’s not about the device K-log Access Control Productivity Data Windows Login / Log Out Timesheets Online K-Log Devices Cellphones

8 It’s not about the device…

9 It’s not about the device K-log VIPSAPOraclePaxsalMISHR K-log

10 K-log Web Based Employee Administration

11 K-log Web Based Timesheet Editing


13 K-log Web Based Central Attendance Register

14 K-log Web Non Adherence

15 K-log Web Based Approvals


17 Planned Roster

18 Shift Adherence

19 SMS - Notifications K-LOG can also be used to perform the dual role of access control / tracking and time and attendance All other systems we have used could only perform one or the other function –Which swipe is regarded as start work –Which swipe is regarded as end work –Rest recorded as tracking reports showing employee movements through premises, time spent in public areas, time spent in restricted areas

20 Attendance Register

21 Employee Timesheet

22 Shift Summary - Auto

23 Shift Summary - Manual

24 Proforma Invoice

25 Authorised Timesheet

26 K-log Business Benefits Cost savings and productivity gains –10 to 15% cost saving in practice vs. paper timesheets Improves accuracy and efficiency of staffing operations management process –Sign-off of time and cost up front –100% match of approved timesheet with invoice –Eliminates credits and re-invoicing –Cost centre correct up front –Split between different vendors known up front Supports multi-vendor environments –Customers can share K-log infrastructure for own permanent staff Supports Just-In-Time staffing models

27 K-log Business Benefits Team leader productivity improved –Attendance register –Timesheet capture –Reduces errors and re-work Reduces risk –Audit trails –Tamper-proof data Intangible benefits –Managers spend more time on high-value tasks –Employees’ time adherence improves when they know time is being accurately measured and used to calculate their remuneration

28 Click to edit Master title style Case Studies

29 Case Study – ABSA Call Centre Paper based timesheetsK-log biometric based timesheet Total hours – 18,734Total hours – 16,722 Actual invoice:K-Log invoice: R782,102R675,437 K-log invoice saving – R106,664 (13.6%) Inbound Service Environment - 84 staff February 2009

30 Case Study – Call Centre Recent independent evaluation of K-log Evaluated against competitor on 75 criteria including: –Cost –Employee timesheets emailed to each employee –Approval of timesheets online by team leaders –Authorisation of costs online by cost center managers –Email notifications and SMS non-adherence alerts –Drill down ability for error correcting –Start, break finish plus shift segment information in one system –Bulk approve and authorisation capability –Real-time Cost savings of 11% just on late start and early finish lost time Awarded Phase 1 to manage 1,400 call centre staff Potential R11m saving on R100m total payroll Data import directly from call centre system Opportunity recently expanded to 6000 perm and contractor staff

31 Case Study – Motor Vehicle Finance Analysis of a team of 51 hourly paid staff –1/3 call center and 2/3 admin Comparison of K-log clocking information against actual payroll based on paper timesheets Data compared over 1-month and 2 month periods Savings of between 9% and 12% based on comparison of raw data If positive variances are removed from data set then savings of 14% to 15% would have been achieved over both periods R73K saving on invoice of R530K in a single month Extrapolated to thousands of employees the potential saving is huge

32 Case Study - University Team of 130 flexi-staff involved in inbound and outbound processing of student assignments Seasonal environment where K-log has been in use for 24 months Quotes from a letter received from the university… –Impact of K-log Reduced manual admin load Reduced costs of paper and photocopying Better control and decision-making regarding temporary staff Accurate and real-time reporting –Value added by K-log Accuracy of timesheets Effective monitoring of attendance Efficient planning and organizing of the workforce and processes Speed of processing of invoices –Risk management Audit trail for payment claims and disputes Tamper-proof data Eliminates fraudulent and faulty timesheets –Ease of the K-log process Requires very little time to manage Accurate and reliable reports requiring no manual work Easy access to the required information

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