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1 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Company Overview October 2011

2 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Engineering, Research and Development – Develop advanced technologies – Provide technical services Founded in 2000 Small Business Who We Are

3 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Infoscitex Organization / Key Stats Stu Haber President & CEO Stu Haber President & CEO Bret Givens EVP, Dayton Operations Gordon Hirschman EVP, IST Biomedical Mike Cushman EVP, National Security Solutions John Kellner CFO Dave Montella EVP, Technology Solutions 2009 Small Business of the Year by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Infoscitex Corporation Ranked No.1 Fastest Growing Private Company in New England 2008  ~135 FTEs | ~85% Technical, ~50% Advanced Degrees, ~75% Cleared  DOD Top Secret Facility Clearance, Secret Storage  Waltham Labs: 24,000 sq. ft. of mixed laboratory space  HQ: Waltham MA | Other Locations: Colorado Springs CO, Dayton OH, Rochester NY, Washington DC Metro 2005 – Initial Entry into Federal Sector 2010 Revenue - $34M 2005 – 2010 Average Y-O-Y Growth: 50%

4 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Mission: – Provide Services and Solutions to Customers in the National Security Market Vision: – Customer Mission First – Couple Innovation and Technology Agnosticism to Provide the Right Solutions – Reach Back to High Quality Technical Personnel and Facilities Discriminators: – Agile Business Environment – Community-Committed – High Quality, Diverse Technical Resources National Security Solutions (NSS) Small company, with flexible agile processes that can rapidly respond to customer needs utilizing best-in-class laboratory space, scientists, analysts and engineers to develop full lifecycle, cradle to grave solutions

5 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Biological Sciences: – Biomedical Prototyping Lab – Microbiology Lab BSL2 – Cell Culture Lab Physical and Material Sciences: – Acoustics Lab – Advanced Materials Lab – Composites Lab – Analytical Chemistry Lab – Chemical Processing Lab – Electro-Active Materials Lab Security Clearances – Facility: DOD TS – Personnel up to TS/SCI FSP Facilities/Resources Engineering and Electronics: – Electronics Lab – Machine Shop – Mechanical Test Lab – Flight Simulation – Modeling & Simulation Suites – ATF Type 33 License - User of High Explosives Formal Outreach Relationships: – Air Force Research Labs Human Effectiveness Directorate – Naval Surface Warfare Center (China Lake) – Colorado State University BSL3 Facilities

6 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Electronics & Materials Engineering Computationally Assisted Analysis Modeling & Simulation SW Development Core Technical Areas

7 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD IST has considerable depth and breadth in the materials field ranging from advanced polymers to multifunctional materials to lightweight composite armor On-going and past efforts include: – Advanced Coatings – Electrotextile Systems – Electroactive Polymers – Energetic Materials – High Performance Structures – Radiation Resistant Materials Electronics & Materials Engineering IST has extensive capabilities and experience in the anti- tamper, system protection, reverse engineering, and electronics fields On-going and past efforts include: – Die-level Integrated Circuit Anti-Tamper Electronics and Anti-Tamper Coatings – Software Protection – Hard Disk Drive Reverse Engineering – Orientation Tracking – Multifunctional Materials – High Performance Coatings – Materials Processing – Anti-Tamper Solutions – Software Solutions – Tagging and Watermarking

8 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD IST has extensive experience defining, designing, implementing and transitioning products and services that – Acquire, assess, and/or distribute vital information about our Customers’ surroundings – Enable the effective direction of our Customers’ activities – Develop and deliver solutions that leverage computational resources to perform heavy- lifting that enables end users to focus on analysis and reporting On-going and past efforts include: – Information SUperspreader Detection System – Reveal & Predict Social Behavior – Risk Assessment for Frontline Troops – Support Environment for Automatic Context- switching User Experience – Wireless Networking Denial of Service Distributed Monitoring- WiNDoS-DMS – Measuring Online Use of Social Exchanges for Terrorist Recruitment and Propaganda – Support Environment for Automatic Context- Switching User Experience Computationally Assisted Analysis

9 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Competency: Plan, develop, and execute scalable fidelity models and simulations to meet the acquisition life cycle turn-around requirements Tasks: – Implement a repeatable System Engineering Process – Determine analysis and simulation approach & requirements – Develop scenarios & simulation architectures – Complete simulation development – Execute simulations - scaling fidelity to meet requirements – Perform rigorous statistical analysis – Complete cost estimating and/or Life Cycle Cost Analysis – Report findings in Technical Report and Final Briefing Modeling & Simulation SW Development Competencies: – Battlefield, Sensor and OTW Visualization Tool Design – Software Integration – Software Testing – Software Design & Development – Database Development – Constructive, Virtual, Live

10 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Snapshots of Success Distributed, Modular Waste to Energy Conversion System –Challenge: Develop an efficient, robust solution to manage DOD waste streams at OCONUS sites –Result: The GEM – a 3 tpd containerized system that takes mixed waste (paper, food, plastic, biomass, etc) and turns it into electricity and heat –Status: LRIP at IST’s subsidiary (IST Energy Corporation); taking orders from USG, public, and private customers Space Flights of Advanced Materials & Systems –Challenge: Develop space hardened materials to improve certain aspects of satellite power and structural systems –Result: Two radiation-resistant materials developed and flown as part of Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE); One thermal management technology developed and scheduled to fly to ISS in 2012 Rapid Solution Deployment to AFG –Challenge: Address a security concern in 6 to 9 months –Approach: Quick turn solution pitch to customer; quick turn proposal submission based on feedback; then develop, test, and deploy –Status: System deployed and operational at locations Contract Start 7-Jul-11; System Approved 21-Sep-11 NASA image – Astronaut photographing IST material experiment on ISS

11 AGILE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORLD Contact Information Mike Cushman EVP, National Security Solutions 508.410.9230

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