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2 Topics Vision Metering-Who are we? Meter Services Vision Meter family Niche Metering  Data on Demand  HawkEye Elevated Metering  Cogeneration Metering  Expanded AMR Magnetic Tampering Confidential

3 History of Vision Metering Austin International was founded in 1991 as an investment recovery solution for utilities AI grew to become the largest electric meter lab in the country Company changed name to Vision Metering in 2011 to more accurately reflect our core business Confidential

4 Company Overview Headquarters in York, SC 265,000 sq ft facility Approximately 190 employees Confidential

5 Who We Are Confidential Randy Austin-President Debbie Ruth-Executive VP Shane Blackwood-VP Sales Emily Howell-VP Finance Sales Contacts  Katie Britton  Peter Edquist  Jenner Sequeira

6 Divisions of Vision Metering Confidential Vision Metering is comprised of 6 divisions working together  Electric Meter Lab  Gas Meter Lab  Standards & Transformer Lab  Engineering/Special Projects  Investment Recovery  Vision Meter

7 Electric Meter Lab Confidential Refurbishes over 1 million meters annually Electromechanical meters – GE I-70S – Elster AB1 – Schlumberger J5S – Landis + Gyr MX Solid State meters – GE I-210 – Itron Centron – Landis + Gyr Focus (with and without TWACS modules)

8 Electric Meter Lab Confidential Electric meter lab customers include:

9 Electric Meter Lab Confidential SEMA region customers include:

10 Service Offerings Confidential Typical meter service programs include: Full outsourcing of shop ○ All meter testing outsourced to service provider Partial Outsourcing ○ Singlephase meter testing outsourced ○ Polyphase metering kept in house Overflow Relief ○ Service provider utilized when back log occurs in the meter shop

11 Gas Meter Lab Confidential 16 Sonic nozzle provers in operation Seven wet leak test stations Over 500 meters/day currently produced with capacity of 1,000 meters/day Environmental chamber for extreme temperature testing Approximately 35 employees in gas lab

12 Standards & Transformer Lab Confidential Standards Lab Standards lab ensures accuracy of Vision Metering’s electric and gas meter labs Only private meter company in the US with Radian 703A Transformer Lab  Refurbish CT’s and PT’s from 600V through 35 kV  Certify utility equipment

13 Engineering/Electronics Confidential Sentry Product Line  Isolation Relays  Totalizers  Recorders  ERT reading devices  Power Transfer Relays Custom engineering designs

14 Investment Recovery Confidential Vision Metering began as an investment recovery company Specialize in the following types of equipment  Metering  Instrument transformers  Distribution equipment  Lighting  Test equipment

15 Vision Meter Lab Vision family of meters  Vision LT  Low cost platform  Vision  Standard singlephase platform  Vision XT  Polyphase meters  Demand meters  Smart meters Confidential

16 Advantages of Vision family of meters  Utilize CT’s for current sensing  Improved stability  Better temperature stability  Longer life  Transformer based power supply  More robust power supply  Longer life  Higher power output to support AMI devices  LCD display is soldered onto metrology board  More reliable than displays using connectors or pressure fits  Single printed circuit board  Lower cost  No board connectors=Fewer failure points Confidential

17 Advantages of Vision family of meters Confidential  No extra cost for advanced functionality!!!  All meters come fully equipped Net metering Load profile (12 channels) Time of Use Reactive  No soft keys for advanced metering values  Easy to use programming software  Vision 20/20 software  Short lead times  Typical lead time measured in days, not months

18 AMI/AMR Capabilities Confidential Vision Metering offers a number of AMI/AMR communication options to fit every deployment scenario  RF Mesh  NexGrid-Provides multi-mesh solution for electric, water, gas, street lighting, distribution automation and much more  CISCO Secure Mesh  Fixed Network  OnRamp Wireless-2.4 GHz fixed network offering long range RF coverage for electric and distribution automation  Cellular  Locus Energy-3G cellular coverage using AT&T network

19 AMI/AMR Capabilities Confidential Demand Management/Sub-Metering  900 MHZ RF  Data on Demand-real time, fixed network system providing voltage, current, and power as often as 15 seconds intervals Legacy Drive-By AMR  High Power RF module (ERT equivalent)  Programmable transmission rate (3-30 seconds)  Up to 5 ERT radios per meter

20 Vision 20/20 Software Confidential Vision 20/20 software benefits include  Easy to use  No need to build an entire program to change one parameter  Fully customizable  Programs take minutes to build  Three levels of security access  Free to all users Software live demo

21 Beyond AMI Demand Management  Most utilities have demand management accounts that require real time data to take full advantage of special rates  AMI infrastructure not always practical for every location  Customer access to data is critical Confidential

22 Data on Demand Data on Demand provides 15 second energy readings  kWh  Voltage (per phase)  Current (per phase)  Power factor  kVah  kVarh Extremely low infrastructure cost Confidential

23 Data on Demand One way 900 MHz Near real time Data is collected via Visions EndSight software Data also available using modbus protocol for integration into building automation systems Confidential

24 DoD Installations Data on Demand Installations include  College campuses Confidential

25 DoD Installations Confidential

26 Near Real Time Data Confidential

27 DoD Installations Data on Demand Installations include  College campuses  Industrial Parks Confidential

28 Envision Charlotte Confidential

29 DoD Installations Data on Demand Installations include  College campuses  Industrial Parks  Government Housing Confidential

30 HawkEye Elevated Metering System HawkEye was designed for the Aboitiz group of utilities in the Philippines Revenue protection is critical Meters mounted in “billboards” atop poles Meter reading done with high resolution camera Confidential

31 HawkEye HawkEye is designed to provide high security elevated metering in a compact, easy to install system. Confidential

32 HawkEye Modular compact meter design Each meter contains two 100A relays for remote connect/disconnect Remote display for centralized customer access Tamper detection Confidential

33 HawkEye Meters utilize optical communication with RadioGate for increased security and reliability RadioGates capable of mesh communication between enclosures Prepay metering capable using STS protocol Confidential

34 Cogeneration Metering Metering solution for installations that are powered from cogeneration sources or non-utility owned sources Desired a single meter solution Confidential

35 Cogeneration Metering Vision meter customized to detect alternate supply voltage When voltage detected on alternate supply, meter transitions power from kWH delivered register to kWH delivered power even though current flows in same direction Confidential

36 Expanded Drive By AMR Vision was approached by several utilities seeking to expand their drive by SCM message capabilities Time of Use not compatible with existing SCM technology Confidential

37 Expanded AMR Current revenue meters only capable of up to 3 SCM ID’s SCM only configure for kWH registers, not TOU Utilities desired up to 5 SCM ID’s with fully customizable payloads Confidential

38 Expanded AMR Vision Meters now support 5 fully customizable SCM’s including:  kWh delivered, received & net  kVAh delivered  kVARh delivered  Max kW, Max kVA & Max kVAR  Cumulative kW & Continuous cumulative kW  TOU: kWh Rate, A, B, C &D  TOU Demand: Max kW Rate A, B, C & D Confidential

39 Magnetic Tampering  All solid state meters currently offered in the US are susceptible to magnetic tampering  Singlephase meters  More importantly, Polyphase meters! Confidential

40 Magnetic Tampering Solid State meters are vulnerable to high strength magnetic fields in two manners  Power supply  Current Sensing AMI meters equipped with remote disconnects can also be opened/closed with magnets So, what kind of magnet is needed? Confidential

41 Magnetic Tampering Magnetic fields that exceed as little as 5,000 gauss can affect the accuracy of solid state meters As field strength increase, meter accuracy goes down rapidly Confidential

42 Magnetic Tampering Rare earth magnets are readily available on the internet The magnet shown here produces a 13,000 gauss field 2” x 2” x 1” Available for under $40 Will self adhere to meter cover Confidential

43 Magnetic Tampering Accuracy affected by anywhere from 25%-75% on every meter tested Some meters actually shut down due to the magnetic field Confidential

44 Magnetic Tampering So what can be done?  Meters can contain magnetic tamper detection  Utility may be alerted but revenue still lost  Meters can move CT’s and power supply closer to center of meter  Not effective against strong magnetic fields  Not possible with AMI meters that have remote disconnects  Meters can use shielded CT’s and power supplies  Best solution, makes meter immunes to magnetic tampering  Adds nominal cost and weight to meter Confidential

45 Questions Confidential


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