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CASE MEDICAL PRODUCT REVIEW 2012 Copyright 2012© Case Medical Inc.

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1 CASE MEDICAL PRODUCT REVIEW 2012 Copyright 2012© Case Medical Inc.

2 Case Medical: We are more than great products We are great people too We work together We need you to spread the word

3 The Container Team

4 The Solutions Team

5 Sales & Marketing Team

6 Product Focus for 2012 SteriTite container FlashTite container Containers for STERRAD and V-Pro Containers for loaners and consignment trays Containers for Da Vinci Containers for Olympus Case Solutions and SuperNova instrument chemistries

7 Case Medical Products Rigid Reusable Containers and Accessories FDA 510k cleared ◦ SteriTite: the universal container with full corrosion resistance ◦ MediTray: customizable inserts and trays ◦ Disposables: filters, seals and load cards Instrument Chemistries Validated and environmentally-friendly with US EPA DfE credentials ◦ SuperNova: super concentrated cleaners ◦ Case Solutions: ready to use products for each step in the decontamination process including brushes

8 Latest 510k This week we received our newest 510k for the Steris V Pro 1 Plus and V Pro maX Sterilizers This translates into more opportunities to convert hospitals to our universal sealed container. Meet your Steris rep Find out where the V Pro units have been installed

9 SteriTite and MediTray Products

10 Learning Part Numbers Prefix SC= Sealed container Ex: SC04FG BSK= Basket Ex: BSKF03 ST= Tray Ex: ST02 HT, QT= Half-size and Mid-size insert tray Ex: HT01, QT01 (nest within basket on ENDO posts) ENDO= endo trays Ex: ENDOF1 P= Partition Ex: P04 POST= post POST03 B= Brackets ◦ BMS, BES= silicone brackets Ex: BMS08, BES001 ◦ B= Metal Bracket Ex: B07

11 Learning Part Numbers Prefix FC, QC, HC, MC= Full, mid, half and mini case tray Ex: FC02, QC04, HC06, MC02 ◦ Case trays may be wrapped or containerized APC, EC = Insert boxes Ex: APC04, EC01

12 Learning Part Numbers Suffix G= Perforated Bottom (gravity) Ex: SC04FG ◦ This is our universal container compatible with all sterilization methods ◦ A missing G at the end of a SC part # denotes solid bottom ◦ Equate missing ‘G’ to missing perforations. Ex: SC04F V= FlashTite Ex: SC06FGV ◦ A missing G before the V = solid bottom ◦ Equate missing ‘G’ to missing perforations. Ex: SC06FV ◦ This means that the container has FlashTite valve(s) on the lid only. ◦ We recommend the GV as this is the universal FlashTite system for pre-vacuum and gravity-displacement steam.

13 Learning Part Numbers Prefixes for Instrument Chemistries CS= Case Solutions Ex: CSA011 ◦ CSA= PentaPrep Ex: CSA015 ◦ CSL= Lubricant RTU Ex: CSL02 ◦ CSS= SchmutzOff Ex: CSSTR24 ◦ CSR= Ink and Tape Remover Ex: CSR011 CSN= SuperNova Ex: CSNC01 BR= Brushes Ex: BR07-16 CSIBK= Kit for Brushes Ex: CSIBK2

14 SteriTite Sealed Containers State-of-the-art system Universal ◦ Steam ◦ EO ◦ Ozone ◦ STERRAD ◦ Steris V Pro ◦ Sealed “Flash” immediate-use sterilization Durable and validated ◦ Numerous 510k clearances

15 Half-size containers 4”, 6”, 8” high Mini containers 2”, 3”, 4” high Full-size containers 4”, 6”, 8” high Mid-size containers 4”, 6”, 8” high Long mini containers 2”, 3” high Extra wide container 5” high SteriTite containers

16 Two Inch High Containers SC02M(G) SC02N(G) For both shelves of the STERRAD NX and other small sterilizers.

17 Bariatric Container (L) In the coming weeks, we will be introducing our newest edition to the SteriTite line: our bariatric container This is a longer container, approximately 27” in length ◦ The associated basket will be approximately 26” in length This enables the end user to containerize longer instruments including bariatric Available in 4” (SC04L(G)) and 6” heights

18 Da Vinci Scopes

19 Olympus

20 Stack multiple trays within the container for full instrument sets A single basket may be all that is needed Insert Boxes to replace peel pouches Stacking Endo Trays Numerous customizable components MediTray Accessory Components

21 MediTray Accessories Supplements the SteriTite line with stacking baskets, insert trays, case trays, posts, partitions, silicone mats and brackets. BackBone silicone brackets are currently available to secure instruments from 1 to 28mm in diameter. Posts and partitions are available in 1, 2, 3” high.

22 Stack multiple trays within the container for full instrument sets MediTray Baskets



25 Loaners

26 Containerizing Loaners SteriTite containers are DIN sized and designed to be compatible with loaner and consignment tray dimensions Some custom sets can simply drop-in to the container In other cases, we need to remove the contents from the existing case lid and base

27 Containerizing Loaners Drop-in is ideal when: ◦ Set is DIN sized ◦ Set has handles that enable the user to easily lift out of the container ◦ Inner tray of set can be removed from lid and base of the existing case

28 Containerizing Loaners SteriTite and MediTray basket with inserts are needed when: ◦ Set is not DIN sized ◦ Set is heavy and must be broken down ◦ Base of set is too wide to drop-in ◦ Set cannot be disassembled from base ◦ To replace plastic, multi-level trays ◦ To get back to standard cycles

29 Racks For Loaners and Flash For LoanersFor Flash Note: Multi-level trays are not recommended to be flashed

30 FlashTite Completely sealed system ◦ Other “sealed” systems use the lid open position which means they are not truly closed systems! No “burping” after each use No daily calibrating Virtually dry loads

31 FlashTite Can be disassembled for cleaning All instruments and all container parts must be dry before placement in the sterilizer. Flashed containers must be fully decontaminated for each use. Recommend our PentaPrep or SuperNova multi enzymatic cleaner or new Endo Wipes for manual cleaning of containers.

32 Endoscopy Suites Manual cleaning and flushing of flexible endoscopes Introduce Endo Wipes, PentaZyme RTU Endo kit with 1.5mm brush is forthcoming for release at AORN

33 Case Solutions and SuperNova

34 Case Solutions Wipes Available Now!!! Endo Wipes ◦ Ideal for manual cleaning of surfaces including medical devices, equipment and sterilization containers. ◦ Impregnated with PentaZyme RTU 5+ enzyme, pH neutral cleaner. ◦ After application, a thorough rinse and adequate drying are recommended prior to further disinfection or sterilization.

35 Case Solutions Wipes Available Now!!! Alcohol Wipes ◦ Designed to follow the cleaning step ◦ Ideal for surface decontamination and further drying. ◦ The non-woven material is pre- moistened with a highly concentrated solution of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol and high purity water.

36 Case Solutions Endo Wipes Alcohol Wipes.25 oz per gallon hand pump at the sink ◦ 1 squirt dispenses ¼ oz of solution Trigger Sprayer Simplified SuperNova installs at the machines

37 SuperNova at the Sink Our SuperNova at the sink is a fully sealed system with built in flow control and dose control. Additional back flow preventers are available for States that mandate the use of specific attachments.

38 SteriTite Disposables Chemical indicators Tamper Evident Seals Disposable Filters Use of our disposables is part of our 510k

39 Sell the Appropriate Disposables Process indicator for hydrogen peroxide sterilization including STERRAD have a red to yellow color change. Fully compatible with ASP’s current process indicators. SCLH2023 SCLH2024 SCS01W SCL01 SCL02 SCS01B Process indicator for steam and EtO sterilization have a yellow to brown (steam) or rust (EtO). The tamper evident seals are offered in red or blue (depicted above) and have an additional chemical indicator.

40 Regular vs. Notch Seals Our regular tamper evident seal fits our containers perfectly and has a reliable locking mechanism. For customers who have our SteriTite container and Aesculap containers, we can offer our notched seals that will fit both. The part number plus an "N' signifies the longer seal. SCS01B-N SCS01R Notch

41 MediTray Products MediTray posts, partitions, and brackets are designed to customize and organize trays while extending the life of surgical instruments. No other container manufacturer has the range of modular and off-the-shelf components to fully customize sets Learn the parts Provide guidance Sell value

42 Know the Components in the Kit Brackets ◦ Silicone and metal Posts Partitions Insert Boxes Silicone Mats

43 Customization Tips Sizing and customizing SteriTite and MediTray products are very important when requesting a quote and ensuring customer satisfaction. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

44 Customization Tips 1. Complete preferences for customization questionnaire 2. Fill out sizing and customization chart 3. Obtain a copy of the count sheet 4. Take a picture of the set and label it 5. Provide correct spelling of set name 6. Identify the quantity of each set

45 Customization Tips 7. Use a tape measure to aid you with sizing 8. Look at the existing packaging as a guide 9. Describe the contents, include length, height, width of instrumentation 10. For special instrumentation use your copy machine for a one to one representation 11. Select the proper configuration such as container with layered baskets or brackets and partitions, basic sets such as endo systems and accessories including insert boxes, mats and posts 12. Identify plaque color and size requirements – For STERRAD and V- Pro clear only

46 Quoting Loaners If you cannot view the set and get detailed information, obtain the set name, manufacturer and quantity. We have a data base of previously configured sets. Our specialists can help you.


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