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Welcome! Induction Meeting Academic Year 2012 - 2013 欢迎欢迎 Welkom Croeso Καλώς ήρθατε اهلا وسهلا स्वागतम Begrüßung Bienvenue خوش آمدید ترحيب Bun venitSelamat.

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome! Induction Meeting Academic Year 2012 - 2013 欢迎欢迎 Welkom Croeso Καλώς ήρθατε اهلا وسهلا स्वागतम Begrüßung Bienvenue خوش آمدید ترحيب Bun venitSelamat."— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome! Induction Meeting Academic Year 2012 - 2013 欢迎欢迎 Welkom Croeso Καλώς ήρθατε اهلا وسهلا स्वागतम Begrüßung Bienvenue خوش آمدید ترحيب Bun venitSelamat Datang স্বাগত Velkommen Boas-vindas Karibu நல்வரவு benvenutopowitanie bienvenida

2 Who’s who? Luke Dench Senior Resident Tutor Mountain Halls Precious Nwosu Resident Tutor GC Halls A-J Philemon Kumi Resident Tutor Mountain Halls Gareth Ball Senior Resident Tutor GC Halls A-J Suresh Surendran Senior Resident Tutor GC Halls K-V Akram Hammoudeh Resident & Welfare Tutors Service Manager Farzana Rahman Resident Tutor GC Halls K-V Mehedi Hassan Resident Tutor Mountain Halls

3 What do we do? Welfare First point of contact for any issues you may have. To offer a sympathetic ear. To provide you with advice and information. Discipline Halls of Residence are governed by University regulations. Should it be necessary, we enforce these rules. Social encourage you to socialise with others both in and out of your halls. Liaison Liaise with a range of services available by the University.


5 Student Services Resident & Welfare Tutors Service Careers & Employability Service Counselling & Mental Wellbeing Services Disability & Dyslexia Service Student Communications Service Health Service Student Money Service

6 Accommodation Services Rob Matthews Director of Campus Services Nick Hennessy Senior Accommodation Manager Jerry Cobb Operations Manager Claire Matsell Administration Manager Duty Managers & Duty Officers Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

7 South Wales Police PC Richard Williams (Neighbourhood Beat Manager) 01443 485130 / 07584771061 PCSO Chris Roberts 07584771154

8 Welcome Andrew Sargent Pontypridd Fire Station

9 Your Responsibility Cooking, 44% of all actuations (Fire doors wedged open, cooking left unattended) Electrical Equipment (P.A.T. can be tested at Glamorgan Court, overloading sockets) Smoking Malicious calls Evacuate to place of safety (Fire action notices in all buildings) Do not re enter unless told to do so

10 Action on Fire Alarm Treat all fire alarms as real alarms Evacuate as quickly & as safely as possible (Remember to take Warm Clothing and Footwear) Do not tamper with Fire Alarms (illegal offence) Do not tamper with Fire Extinguishers Fire Drill Practice Soon!!!

11 Number of Unwanted Calls to Glamorgan University. 200843 200947 201024 201119 201220 so far!!

12 Economic cost of attendance: £1198 per call 5 year total calls153 Cost £183,294

13 Consequences SWF&RS will seek to prosecute offenders £ !!! Exclusion from halls (University discipline procedure) Total exclusion from University

14 Road Traffic Collisions

15 Number of Road Collisions South Wales Fire and Rescue Service attended in 2011 within Wales Road Traffic Collisions 6434 Casualties9406 Serious Injuries 1126 Fatal 121

16 Rhondda Cynon Taff Area Casualties 729 Young Drivers 184 Motor Cyclist32 Pedal Cyclist23

17 17 – 25 year olds 1 in 4 drivers who are fatally injured are under 25 The under 25’s are only 10% of the driver population RCT has the highest casualty rate / 100,000 population in Wales Death on the road is the biggest Killer of people between 17 and 25

18 Why are young drivers more likely to be Killed and Injured? Speed Drink / Drugs Seat belt – front and back Peer pressure Mobile phone / Texting Lack of experience

19 Thank You for Listening

20 Accommodation Services Operational Duties Management of Mail Conduct weekly Health & Safety and Housekeeping checks Maintenance Management Emergency point of contact

21 Guests & Signing In Guests are welcome for up to 3 nights Overnight guests must be signed in at the Accommodation Lodge You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests, and may be held liable / subject to disciplinary measures for any damages they cause.

22 Time away from Halls Ensure you sign out at the Accommodation Lodge for overnight or extended periods of time away from halls. Why Sign Out? It is required for fire regulations and safety, should your block need to be evacuated If any damage is caused to your block/flat whilst you are away you may not be charged for any repairs

23 Security in Halls Never prop open any internal or external doors. Never give access to anyone you don’t know. Ensure all ground floor windows are secured at night. Never give your door entry card to anyone. In the case of emergency please contact the Accommodation Lodge 01443 48 2845 In the interest of safety and security you are advised:

24 Living in Halls - Cleaning You are responsible for keeping communal areas clean and tidy. You may be charged if it becomes necessary for staff to carry out extra cleaning if your accommodation or communal areas are not kept clean. If responsibility cannot be attributed, charges will be administered amongst the residents. You are responsible for: The emptying of bins The cleaning of kitchen utensils, dishes and equipment The correct disposal of rubbish bags into external bins The cleaning of surface areas after use Cleaning of Cooker & Hob after use Cleaning of Floor

25 Cooking Safely NEVER leave cooking unattended; switch OFF if you have to leave the cooking and when you have finished. CHECK the runners on the grills. Grease build-up can start fires. NEVER try to release burning toast with any METAL utensils!

26 Electrical Safety MAKE SURE that the wires are held by the grip bar. LOOSE WIRES are deadly! NEVER use plugs that have SCORCH MARKS These BLOCK ADAPTORS can get very warm. Instead use ….

27 Electrical Safety When you put appliances into ANY ADAPTOR THE TOTAL of the FUSES in the plugs MUST NOT be more than 13 AMPS. The usual fuses available are 3, 5 and 13 amp. CORRECT fuses save lives! You SHOULD NOT use ANY SPARE SOCKETS if you have 13 AMPS in the adaptor already!

28 Student Conduct As a resident, you are responsible for familiarising yourself with the general University Regulations and specifically those governing Student Conduct. Disciplinary action may be taken against any resident who is found to be: –disregarding the Regulations and Conditions of Occupancy –and/or whose conduct has been the cause of problems within Halls –or whose conduct has a negative impact on the University’s reputation Action taken under the Disciplinary Procedure will depend on the nature of the incident. A notification of the incident will be sent to your Dean who will deal with the matter. This may result in fines, compensation, suspension and expulsion from the University. Rules available at

29 Counselling & Mental Wellbeing Counselling Service Channel: It is not unusual to feel under pressure when facing the demands of University and other life challenges. The Counselling Service is impartial, confidential and non-judgmental. A range of services available including: Face-to-face Counselling and e-Counselling Referral to appropriate Internal and External Support Mental Wellbeing Service Channel: Available to help any students experiencing mental or emotional distress, offering a range of emotional and practical support and advocacy in a confidential, professional environment.

30 Health Care & Support University Health Centre Telephone: 01443 48 2081 NHS Direct 24 hours a day service Telephone: 0845 46 47

31 Meningitis

32 Personal Safety: Assault

33 Personal Safety: Robbery

34 How to contact us For pressing matters and in emergency: Accommodation Lodge: 01443 48 2845 General queries: Luke Gareth Suresh Resident Tutors Service Leave a note at the Accommodation Lodge requesting an appointment Regular kitchen visits (schedule posted throughout each term) Further details can be found on Halls Glamlife at

35 Make sure to subscribe on the Student Halls Glamlife Channel

36 Join us on Facebook – share your thoughts, take part in the conversation! Glamorgan Court K-V

37 Join us on Facebook – share your thoughts, take part in the conversation! Mountain Halls Group

38 Join us on Facebook – share your thoughts, take part in the conversation! Glamorgan Court A-J

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