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2 Table of Content Why Safeplace Company profile and history
Chain approvals Research and development Standards & Accreditations Global distribution & service network Criteria for in-room safes Models and sizes Operational features Security features Maintenance features

3 What Makes Safeplace the Right Selection
16 years of focus and dedication to electronic safes. High reputation for quality products and service in 68 countries with 2700 hospitality customers and over 500,000 installations. Highest quality control standards and high approval rating among the leading hotel chains. Global service and distribution network. Leading R&D that keeps Safeplace products at the front line with maximum security, user-friendliness and reliability. A corporate culture of commitment, responsibility and long-term relationships.

4 16 Years of Dedication to Electronic Safes -
Safeplace Company Profile and History Safeplace Limited Partnership is a private company owned by Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel. The company is part of the Omen Metal Group, which includes also Omen High Pressure Diecasting. 1946 s 1987 1988 Omen Metal is established in Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel. Omen Metal becomes a leading manufacturer of high pressure die-casting technology, supplying parts to the automobile industry. A new division of Omen Metal develops the first credit card operated safe under the brand name Safeplace. The first Safeplace safes are installed at Caesar's Palace hotel in Las Vegas. Years of intensive R&D to produce a full line of electronic safes in different sizes and operational modes.

5 Continuous Growth Supported by
Dedication and Focus 1993 1994 1996 1999 2001 Due to significant growth, Safeplace Limited Partnership is established as a separate company. Safeplace becomes the leading supplier of electronic safes to the cruise industry after developing a compact light-weight safe. Safeplace attains the ISO quality assurance accreditation. Global distribution network spreads. Safeplace opens regional offices in North America, Europe and Asia to better support global operation. Safeplace becomes the safe of choice for most of the international chains.

6 Leading the Market With Innovation and Commitment to Our Customers
2003 2004 2005 Safeplace launches a complete new line of safes including the Magna, Titan and Quantor series. The new line sets the standard for highest security, ease of use and design flexibility. Safeplace introduces the most secure biometric override unit. Safeplace introduces the user-friendly biometric Impact Finger Print safe. Safeplace today is a worldwide leading safe supplier to the hospitality industry with the most solid reputation in the market, leading R&D, and a strong, focused global network.

7 Safeplace Has Earned Recognition and Approval Ratings from the Major Chains
Safeplace is the approved/preferred supplier of the following chains: Marriott International Hilton International \ Hilton Hotels Intercontinental Hotels Radisson SAS Hyatt Hotels Carnival Cruise Line Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Golden Tulip Fairmont Hotels Prince Hotels Whitbread Raffles International Loews Hotels Walt Disney Company Mandalay Resort Group Paradores Steigenberger Hotels Arabella Sheraton The Ascott Group Aman Resorts Sokos Hotels De Vere

8 15 Years of Leading R&D 1987 – Safeplace develops and patents the first credit card safe 1992 – Safeplace dominates the cruise market with the first compact, light-weight reliable safe 1996 – Safeplace launches the securest override handheld. 1994 – Safeplace offers the largest selection of quality electronic safes 1999 – Safeplace leads the market with innovative solutions for special needs 2005 – Safepalce sets new security standards with the biometric finger print safe. 2002 – Safeplace new line sets the standard again for the most secure friendly and reliable safes. 2004 – Safeplace introduces the most advanced handheld unit with finger print technology.

9 Safeplace Safes Are Manufactured
According to the Highest International Standards All Safeplace safes are manufactured to the following standards: ISO quality assurance standards. CE electromagnetic compatibility directive. CE safety low voltage directive. CE safety compatibility for safes with power outlet for laptop recharge and AC adapter to the safe. TUV/UL safety testing for safes with power outlet for laptop recharge and AC adapter to the safe. TUV/UL 1037 attack test.

10 Global Distribution and Service Network
68 countries, 2700 hotels, over 500,000 installations

11 Criteria For a Hotel Safe
Guest Security and Ease of Use: Providing all guests with a convenient and user- friendly solution to secure their personal valuables. Loss Prevention and Management Control: Security control features to prevent any negligence or misuse that may compromise safe security and expose the hotel to liability claims. Design Flexibility: Meeting different room design and space requirements. Minimal Maintenance: Ensuring minimal long-term costs and hassles for battery replacement, trouble-shooting and parts replacement Long-Term Quality, Reliability and Service

12 Incorporating 15 years experience with changing market needs and the latest technology
Product Line Digital – Magna Series Drawer – Top Drawer Series Card – Titan Series Biometric – Impact Fingerprint Smart Key – Quantor Series

13 A Solution for Every Market Need
Safeplace Models: A Solution for Every Market Need Magna 800 Series The Ultimate Digital Safe Titan 800 Series The Ultimate Card Safe Titan 500 Series Digital and Card Safe Magna 300 Series Simple & Reliable Digital Safe Titan 300 Series Simple & Reliable Card Safe Quantor 300 Series One Touch Smart Key Safe

14 Design Flexibility Options: Power outlet for laptop recharge
H W D 9” ” ” 228mm mm mm 9” ” ” 228mm mm mm 8” ” ” 203mm mm mm 18.5” ” ” 469mm mm mm 16” ” 406mm mm 15.35” ” ” 390mm mm mm 22.25” ” ” 565mm mm mm C - Small Options: Power outlet for laptop recharge AC power for the safe Activator for rental applications Pedestal Left or Right Openings Spring loaded door C4 - Laptop SL – Super Laptop W – Wall Ext: Wall cut: MS – Medium E – Floor

15 Safeplace Digital Safe for Guest Security and Ease of Use
A gentle touch will illuminate the quality raised keypad for easy operation in the darkness of a closet or armoire. The operational panel is designed for maximum accessibility and convenience of operation. The simplest possible locking and unlocking procedure. Buzzer indication, motorized bolt and raised dot on # 5 for people with disabilities. The large illuminated display and buzzer provide feedback every step of the way.

16 Safeplace Card Safe for Minimal Operational Hassles
In hotels and resorts with intensive operations and families with children, Safeplace card safes can eliminate many service calls for forgotten codes and accidental lockouts. Easy one swipe to lock or open. Operated by any personal magnetic stripe card (credit card, ATM, etc.). The large illuminated display and buzzer provide feedback every step of the way. Safeplace is the inventor of the card safe concept with thousands of units in operation for over 15 years.

17 Safeplace Smart iButton for
Rental Applications and Long Stay Residents Safeplace iButton safes combine the maximum simplicity of key operation with the security advantages of advanced electronic technology. Easy one touch to lock or open. In rental applications, the iButton will be programmed for a specific room and number of days. Fully programmable. No need to replace anything if a key is lost or stolen. LED and buzzer indication for each operation.

18 Safeplace Top Drawer Line of Space Saving Solutions
The Tiara Top Opening Safe can be installed in a business desk, armoire or night stand and accommodates laptop computers. Tactile keypad Motorized bolt and pneumatic piston Visual feedback on large LED display Three standard sizes Audit report and BiMax Control Unit The DR safe replaces any existing drawer and is available in digital, card and smart key operational modes. Two standard sizes All advanced Safeplace features

19 Safeplace Finger Print Safe Provides the Ultimate Personal Touch
Safeplace finger print uses biometric technology to provide a user-friendly safe with the highest security available. Ample sensor space for finger Illuminated LCD display Instructions appear on display panel Audio and visual feedback for each operation Available in all standard sizes and colors

20 Loss Prevention Management System
Most hotel thefts result from a sophisticated thief, dishonest employees or false guest claims. Safeplace safes are equipped with the most advanced features to ensure maximum control, and protect the hotel from liability claims. Computerized override handheld Audit Integrity Protection Anti-Tamper Motor Guard

21 The Safeplace Override Unit: Protecting Your Liability
The override unit is the most sensitive point of hotel safe security. The override handheld is designed and manufactured only by Safeplace. It incorporates the highest security features to protect the hotel from negligence or misuse. We call them “The 4 SafePlace Rules”: No Universal Tool: Each unit is factory encrypted for a specific property and will not work anywhere else, even with the authorized password and card. The hotel cannot be exposed to security risks beyond its control. Double Security Control: Every override operation requires the use of a personal password and hotel master card. This ensures proper control of the override operations. Personal Responsibility: Each operation of the handheld is recorded in the self-audit unit by user ID, date & time, and room number. Instant Damage Control: The override handheld is fully programmable. In case of loss, theft or staff turnover, the user passwords and hotel master card can be reprogrammed instantly.

22 Safeplace BiMax Developed and manufactured by Safeplace only for use with Safeplace electronic safes. No universal tool! Each unit is manufactured for a specific property with no possibility of using it at any other property. Maximum security control using a personal password, fingerprint ID and hotel iButton master key. Self-audit of 160 last operations including user name, type of operation, accurate date and time, and room number. All passwords, fingerprints and hotel master key are fully programmable in case of loss, theft or staff turnover. Infra-red communication with the safes. Built-in interactive trouble-shooting for safe maintenance. Direct connection to PC for printing audit reports. Fully protected from power failure or any attempt to erase audit information.

23 Audit Trail: Your Silent Witness
The audit trail solves any guest complaint regarding missing valuables from the safe. After the guest complaint, the audit report will reveal what really happened to the safe. The Safeplace audit system includes two reports: safe audit report and override unit self-audit report. The audit report will always show the last 120 operations of the safe and the last 160 operations of the override unit. The report includes the room number, type of operation, personal ID, date and time of each operation. The audit report can be printed or filed on any PC.

24 Audit Integrity Protection
Will the audit system protect hotel liability from any internal misuse or false guest complaints about lost items? The SafePlace Audit Integrity Protection System was designed to ensure that the audit report performs at the moment of truth: Date and time accuracy verification when issuing a report. Immunity to power failure. Cross reference reports from safe and override handheld. Override handheld self-audit identifies each operation by user name and cannot be erased under any circumstances. Disables safe operation upon attempted audit-trail cover-up.

25 Anti Tamper Motor Guard
(Models M800, T800 & T500) The unique Safeplace Anti Tamper motor guard mechanism will protect the safe from any attempt to bypass the electronic system. Secure electric circuit prevents illegal attempts to power the motor. Safe is disabled after any attempt to tamper with the motor. Physical protection of the motor wires.

26 One Shot, In-Room Trouble-Shooting Solution
The new Safeplace line provides a complete trouble-shooting solution during a single in-room service call: Built-in battery back-up in the override handheld. Low battery indication. Built-in self-diagnostic trouble-shooting on the safe display. Complete inter-active trouble-shooting manual inside the override handheld. (Models M800, T800 & T500)

27 Maximum Flexibility for your Future Needs
(Models M800, T800 & T500) The hotel has maximum flexibility to program the safes to suit changing needs. A variety of programmable features: * Buzzer noise * Common code elimination * 20 minute shut-down after 5 wrong codes * Automatic relock * Illuminated keypad * Low battery indication * Infra-red communication The hotel can decide to enable or disable these features based on individual conditions and clientele. The Safeplace line is totally modular. Any operational system fits any size. This enables easy upgrading in the future.

28 Design Design was a major consideration in our new line. Our designers strove not only for an elegant look and quality finish, but also included standard left and right opening and flexible dimensions to meet diverse room designs.

29 Safes Built to Last Everything about the Safeplace safes is built to last. We took “zero” short-cuts to make the best safes in the world C Type batteries or AC power for minimal battery replacement. High quality industrial coating for maximum protection against corrosion. The highest quality electronic and mechanical components. Safes are manufactured under the strictest international quality assurance standards.

30 Can You Tell the Difference?
It’s Much More Than Looks!

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