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preventing counterfeit …

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1 preventing counterfeit …
Nanotechnology for preventing counterfeit … you can now fingerprint brand packs Avinash Mandale Global Chief Marketing Officer Bilcare Limited Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

2 Some facts WHO claims 10% global medicines are fake
This costs the pharmaceutical industry USD 46 billion per year …and raises serious health and safety concerns for consumers U.S. customs seizures of fakes grew 46% in 2004 This cuts across all sectors – pharma, household goods, software etc …and continues to grow around the world Interpol estimates 5-7% of world trade involves counterfeits This is equivalent to over USD 500 billion in lost sales

3 Anti-Counterfeiting Initiatives
USA FDA – Jan 2010 timeline for pedigree system California – implementation delayed 1 year Counterfeit Drug Task Force – RFID, 2D Bar Code Europe EC – review of policy options in process Target - Standardize T&T + Authentication across supply chain EFPIA - focus Data Matrix ECC Pilot Project to begin 4Q 2008 India Confederation. of Indian Industry – CF, Piracy and IP Initiatives FICCI – several national CF initiatives (“National Cause”) ASSOCHAM – Pharma initiatives and related info. OPPI – anti-CF guidelines IDMA – regulatory affairs, seminars Health Ministry to do a country wide survey Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

4 Current Technology Options
PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Serial numbers Barcodes DATA MATRIX RFID & Chip PRODUCT SECURITY Holograms Covert Ink “Fingerprint” DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM Objective – Link Product Identification with Product Security in Real-Time Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

5 But are these the best available solutions?
Defining the Best Solution Key Pharma anti-counterfeiting initiatives are focused on harmonizing Track & Trace and Authentication systems. Preferred solutions include: 2D DATA MATRIX, and RFID But are these the best available solutions? Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

6         DATA MATRIX versus RFID RFID
Source: EFPIA, February 2008 DATA MATRIX ECC200 RFID Ability to read at distance/No direct line of sight required? Difficulty to modify / alter / copy ? Readability robustness? Efficiency of reading rates ? Business processes changes ? High speed and volumes ? Compatibility with Biologics (vaccines, biotech products) Volume of data to manage? Network complexity (EPC Global) - Harmonized Standards (EU/US/Asia) ? Privacy issues/objections/public concerns ? RFID Tag cost ~ 20 to 40 cents € Data Matrix cost ~ 0.1 to 0.3 cents € Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

7 Assessment RFID: hard to copy but too expensive and too complex
ECC 200: preferred technology, most feasible and cost effective Key weakness: easy to copy! Counterfeiting risk remains. Can current preferred Track & Trace solutions be combined with highly secure Authentication Technology that is cost effective and easy to implement ? Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

8 The Breakthrough Solution – Track and Trace + Authentication
DATA MATRIX or Linear Barcode (high density, i.e. 16 random numerical digits) Tamper Evident Label = Proprietary Bilcare “Fingerprint” Unique, secure fingerprint ! Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

9 Key Features of Technology
SECURE LABELS BASED ON Robust composite material Unique, complex texture and pattern or “Fingerprint” Invisible to naked eye, but “machine readable” Randomly generated pattern Applied as low cost, tamper evident label Unique, item level “Fingerprint” that is cost effective and impossible to copy Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

10 The Bilcare Solution 1 2 Control Database Server Authenticator:
Serial Bar Code Fingerprint (e.g. ECC 200, GS1) # Control Database Server Authenticator: Company: ABC Expiry Date: Aug 2010 Trans Code: 11B1 CHZQ OT41 2 Authenticated Brand Owner Server Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

11 Key Advantages Secure, non-reproducible, tamper-resistant
Combinable with all standard coding systems, including RFID Cost effective and easy to implement Provides protection throughout entire Pharma supply chain Adaptable to current software – point of sale, reimbursement Applicable to primary and secondary packaging Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

12 Breakthrough Solution for Authentication and Pharma Brand Security
Bilcare Fingerprint Technology The “Next Generation” of secure, flexible and cost effective anti-counterfeit technology Breakthrough Solution for Authentication and Pharma Brand Security Bilcare © 2008 Privileged Information

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