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Switch Products Jane Mensour. Switch Education Anatomy of a Switch: Actuator: Toggle, Pushbutton, Rocker, Lever Moveable Contacts: Gold, Silver, Nickel.

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1 Switch Products Jane Mensour

2 Switch Education Anatomy of a Switch: Actuator: Toggle, Pushbutton, Rocker, Lever Moveable Contacts: Gold, Silver, Nickel Terminal Types: Metal portion of the switch exterior to body that is used to connect the switch to an electrical circuit Screw (standard or Clamp), Solder, Quick Connect, Wire leads, Plug In, Wire Wrap

3 Switch Education What is a Switch? A switch is a device that will either open or close a circuit. The switch will establish a connection between two or more circuits: Poles: Number of circuits a switch controls Throws: Number of conductors to which a switch can complete a circuit Positions: Number of stops the switch actuator makes Normally Open (NO)-circuit is open when actuator is in relaxed or normal position Normally Closed (NC)-circuit is closed when actuator is in relaxed or normal position

4 Switch Education Switch Rating: Maximum electrical load the switch is capable of handling Voltage: –AC Alternating current (minimum UL requirements) –Horsepower –DC –Direct Current (minimum UL requirements) –Horsepower (for switches designed to control small motor loads)

5 Switch Education Contacts: Gold Flash A plating of gold typically less than 10 millionths thick. Used only as a barrier to oxidation or corrosion of terminals to maintain solderability Gold plating should be used when the switch’s voltage and current multiple is no greater than 0.4 VA and the voltage is not greater than 20 VDC or peak AC.

6 Switch Education Momentary Vs. Maintained Single Pole Single Throw SPST (two position)/On-Off: The is the simplest and most basic circuit. Only one circuit is closed by the switches single pole. Double-Throw Without Center Off (two position)/On-ON: SPDT It is seen electrically On-On. The switch has two manual positions and reflects two independent electrically ON positions. Two circuits can be closed by the switches single pole. Examples of applications include a selector function, such as 6 or 12V on a battery charger or Hi- Low on a automobile headlight switch.

7 Switch Education Double-Throw with Center Off (three position): Hi-Off-Low: It has two independent ON switches, it can be considered On-Off or Hi-Off-Lo Circuit for the exhaust fan in a kitchen range hood. Double-Throw Momentary Action with Center Off (three position): Momentary or non maintained. Momentary is electrically On or Off, generally has spring loading. Examples are UP-Down for projector screens, tailgate windows, and forward/reverse for electric drills and screw drivers Important to Know: We can modify…..

8 TE has Over 6000 Switches and over 100 Different Switch Types Did you know

9 TE Advantage A leading global provider of engineered electronic components, network solutions, wireless systems and undersea telecommunication systems Experience in a diverse customer base and industry base Global reach and scale Established track record of innovation leadership in many products

10 TE Advantage Alcoswitch is a strong and proven brand name. Alcoswitch product line has been in use for over 50 years Some TE switch lines/types are the broadest in the industry Use TE Switches as a up sell your existing sale

11 What’s new Industrial Control line is obsolete. Currently evaluating potential replacement lines Ultra Miniature Micro switch line is in the process of being developed and expanding Power Rocker line has expanded! Over 66 new part numbers RoHs Tiny Toggle and Tiny Pushbutton products available

12 What type of actuator? Pushbutton, Rocker, Rotary, Slide, Tactile, Key lock or Toggle What is your size restriction? Ultra-miniature, sub-miniature, miniature, standard What are the electrical requirements? Voltage, Current (6A @ 125VAC), numbers of poles. Resistive, motor load What type of terminations? Solder lug, screw, terminals, PCB, SMT, QC How is it mounted into device? Panel bushing mount (threads), snap in panel mount, PCB Mount, SMT Are there any unique requirements? Sealed, Illuminated What is the application? Seven Qualifying Questions

13 Switch Guide and Match DIP Switch Slide Switch Toggle Switch Push Button Micro Switch Knobs Tactile Rocker

14 TE Switch Product Guideline

15 DIP Switches Why TE Full line of DIP switches with different actuator styles and profiles. Strong position in rotary DIP switches with different body sizes available Through hole and SMT available Piano and slide style DIP switches that don’t need to be sealed to withstand solder wash process

16 DIP Switches Applications Time clocks Parking gate systems Refrigeration control systems SeriesAttributes GDTape sealed, Low profile ADTape seal not required 7000Ganged actuators MRD7mm rotary DRD9mm rotary DIP shuntsPermanent programming

17 Slide Switches Why TE: One of the broadest lines in the industry. Variations from SP to 6P, ST to 10T,.4VA to 13 amp. Many profiles and actuator styles Many grades for the best cost to performance choice.

18 Slide Switches Applications Toys Clock radios Telecom systemsSeries ASE/ASFMMS S/SESSB STSSSA SDSSLS TSSCST MSS/MSSAMLL MHSSSJ

19 Toggle Switches Why TE: Wide range of physical sizes and current ratings. PCB or panel mount, vertical or right angle. Many toggle styles available Agency approvals available Process seal options Up to IP67 Rated

20 Toggle Switches Applications Hand held radios Test equipment/Small App. Aerospace and Defense Commercial appliances SeriesRating AT/ATE.4VA TST.4VA TT.4VA & 3A Gemini.4VA & 5A Green 6A Power 8-20A

21 Pushbutton Switches Why TE: Wide range of physical sizes, current ratings & actuator travel. PCB or panel mount, vertical or right angle Agency approvals available Momentary and maintained Process sealed versions

22 Pushbutton Switches * All ratings over.4VA are 125Volts SeriesRating AP.4VA TSP.4VA TP.4VA & 1A MPA/MPB 3A Green 6A MPS 3A MSP 3A MSPF.5A MSPM.1A JLS 1A Applications Hand held radios/Commercial App Test equipment and Medical instruments Aerospace and Defense

23 Tactile Switches Why TE: Hundreds of combinations of actuators, terminals, actuation forces and mounting styles in the 6mm size. Through hole and SMT. T&R packaging option Sealed versions available

24 Tactile Switches SeriesAttributes FSM3.5 x 6, vertical FSMJ6 x 6, vertical FSMRA6 x 6, right angle FSM10012 x 12, vertical FSMCT5 x 5, vertical Many more Applications Small appliances Garage door openers Sprinkler systems Set top boxes/video games

25 Rocker Switches Why TE: Many styles of actuators, terminations, mountings and ratings. Agency approvals Momentary and maintained Illuminated rockers available in PR series

26 Rocker Switches SeriesRating TRD.4VA & 3A Gemini.4VA & 5A PR 7A, 10A & 16A, 20A Applications Small appliances Power strips Vacuums Tools

27 Why TE: DPST & DPDT 13.0mm x 19.2mm panel cut-out Solder or quick connect terminals UL Recognized Ratings 12A @ 125 VAC 6A @ 250 VAC Applications Power tools Small appliances Medical instruments PRAD Series Power Rocker Switch

28 Why TE: SPST, SPDT, DPST & DPDT Sealed to IP66 21.2mm x 36.6mm panel cut- out Screw, solder or quick connect terminals UL Recognized Ratings 20A @ 125 VAC 10A @ 250 VAC ¾ hp 12A @ 250 VAC ¾ hp 10A @ 277 VAC Applications Vacuums, Power tools PRC Series Power Rocker Switch

29 Knobs Why TE: Large selection of phenolic and aluminum knobs 1/4 or 1/8 inch shaft options Customization available Applications Medical instruments Welders Test equipment Instrumentation

30 Knobs Series Actuator KAluminum PPhenolic

31 Microswitches Why TE: 3 industry standard sizes available Miniature, Subminiature, Ultraminiaturize Current ratings from.1A to 16A Multiple lever & roller options Solder, PC or quick connect terminals 40 to 350 gram operating force Electrical life from 100,000 to 1,000,000 cycles Agency approvals

32 Microswitches Applications Appliances Office equipment HVAC equipment

33 High Power Tamper Switch Why TE: SPST-NO 21A @ 125/250 VAC, ¾.250 quick connect terminals UL Recognized Applications Used in furnaces to shut off power when a panel is removed. Can be used as a tamper switch in any type of product. Look for high current applications. Similar switches are used in the appliance industry although the current is lower. This switch is too costly for the majority of appliance applications.

34 High Power Tamper Switch Part Number 147903-1

35 Why TE: Silicone rubber material Superior quality to our competitor Environmental Seal Protect a non IP Rated Switch Enhance to splash resistance No Cure Date Enhance Durability against multiple chemicals Applications Beverage dispensers Medical equipment Pushbutton & Toggle Boots (Actuator Seal)

36 AirCraft

37 DIP SLIDE Pushbutton SLIDE Toggle Rocker Knobs Rocker Toggle Knobs Tactile Knobs Pushbutton Tactile Toggle Pushbutton Tactile Micro Toggle Pushbutton Micro

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