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ADTI FPGA Mission Assurance Center (FMAC) Kwok Kee (K.K.) Ma

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1 ADTI FPGA Mission Assurance Center (FMAC) Kwok Kee (K.K.) Ma
Manager, Advanced Microelectronics & Radiation Effects Sandia National Laboratory Dr. James Lyke Creigh Gordon Space Electronics Branch Air Force Research Laboratory Presentation to the 1st Xilinx Aerospace Status Meeting June 26, 2006 Mission Research ADTI

2 Purpose of the Briefing
To inform the FPGA user community of the formation of the FPAG Mission Assurance Center (FMAC) its mission its goals its activities and To solicit suggestions on how FMAC can serve the FPGA user community better

3 FPGA Mission Assurance Center
A New Mexico-based center of excellence to promote and enable the successful application of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in space and defense systems COLLABORATIVE TEAM Air Force Research Laboratory/Space Vehicles Directorate Sandia National Laboratories Los Alamos National Laboratory University of New Mexico XILINX Corporation ATK/Mission Research Schafer Corporation SES Consultants American Defense Technology Institute

4 FMAC Objectives Establish and operate a Design Center to support terrestrial, airborne, and space-based defense system programs in the application of FPGAs Develop guidelines and qualification procedures for FPGA applications and compile a database of FPGA test data to support informed design decisions Conduct R&D of FPGA design tools, radiation effects mitigation, reliability enhancement, testability, trustworthiness, and remote reconfiguration Establish and operate an education program to train existing and future system designers on proper, efficient, and reliable application of FPGAs Recommend policies and procedures for a trusted and ITAR compliant supply chain for FPGAs and the trustworthiness and tamper resistance of FPGAs in space and defense applications Assess the future market for FPGAs and FPGA design tools and plan for accommodating advances in commercial FPGAs in space/defense systems

5 FMAC Tasks/Deliverables

6 Collaborative team process very successful!
FMAC – Program Status May 05: Collaborative Team formed Jun - Sep 05: Program goals, objectives, statement of work, and cost estimate developed by Team under AFRL/VS and Sandia National Labs sponsorship. Oct - Nov 05: Contract proposal prepared by Team and submitted in response to AFRL/VS Broad Agency Announcement under Space Electronics topic May 06: Contract awarded to American Defense Technology Institute (ADTI) with all other Team members as subcontractors Estimated contract cost - $32M over 5 years Collaborative team process very successful!

7 Recognizing the vast experience and knowledge in the FPGA user community, FMAC welcomes
feedbacks suggestions, and potential joint efforts

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