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Skidmore College Department of Campus Safety Presents: STUDENT SAFETY ORIENTATION.

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1 Skidmore College Department of Campus Safety Presents: STUDENT SAFETY ORIENTATION

2 Introductions Skidmore Campus Safety Saratoga Springs Police Department Saratoga Springs Fire Department Sexual Misconduct Policy with PA/PHE’s

3 Enforce College Rules Cooperate with Local Authorities Collaboration with Res Life Focus on Quality of Life Issues ◦Personal Responsibilities ◦Building Cooperative Relations This is YOUR HOME!!! – Treat it that way CAMPUS SAFETY

4 Services Escorts Bike Patrol Battery Jump Start Operation ID Bike Registration First Aid/CPR ◦10/10 – 6:00P – 9:00P Fire Extinguisher Defensive Driving ◦10/8, 9 – 5:30P – 8:30P Safety Alerts Mounted Patrol Community Policing Skidmore Urgent Notification System R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) ◦10/15, 17, 22, 24 – 5:30P – 8:30P

5 Emergency Contact Info Campus Safety Office – 24/7/365 518-580- 5566 Emergency Numbers 580-5566 – We answer and will know your location 911 – SSPD answers and we will respond to your location Cellular 911 – Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department “TIPS” Line (8477) – Confidential Reporting Line “Snow” Line (7669) – Weather – School Closing Info


7 Emergency Information Blue Safety Lights – throughout campus Elevators ◦Emergency phones should work during power outages ◦We call to check AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) ◦At several locations on campus  Campus Safety vehicles, Dining Hall, Case, Sports Center, Zankel, Palamountain, others ◦Training Offered by Campus Safety ◦Call Campus Safety if possible Evacuation Chairs ◦Used by trained personnel ◦DO NOT TAMPER WITH! ◦Locations:  Tower, JKB, Palamountain, Library

8 Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUN System) Multi-layered communication system to alert the community in the event of an emergency ◦Siren – Mounted on top of the library  When siren sounds – become aware of your surroundings...something is HAPPENING and you need to take action.  A message will follow  Used for immediate emergencies: tornado, armed subject, serious hazmat spill ◦e2Campus - Web-based, mass-notification system that sends alerts to community members  emails, voicemails, text messages  emergency info and important notices such as snow removal schedule  Facebook, Twitter, Skidmore Website for updates Your cell phone info will be automatically entered into the system

9 Crime Triangle Ability DesireOpportunity If one of the 3 elements is eliminated, a crime will NOT occur!! You are responsible for eliminating “OPPORTUNITY!!”

10 Do Travel in groups when possible Become familiar with surroundings Lock your doors & carry your keys at all times ◦Report loss immediately Use Designated Drivers Produce your ID when requested Stay in well lighted areas Lock your vehicles at all times Have a plan & Let others know it (TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING!) Use positive peer pressure on others Keep a record of important info – credit cards, serial numbers, etc.

11 Do Attend parties with friends you trust and leave with them Protect your drinks from “date rape” and other drugs MAKE A SCENE – if you feel threatened or pressured Be wary of suspicious people and things and REPORT THEM!

12 Don’t Prop Doors ◦Laziness will compromise safety ◦Severe consequences may result Damage Property ◦Vandalism, recklessness  $Thousands every year ◦Graffiti ◦This is HOME! Respect it!

13 Motor Vehicle Policy Register your vehicle Fire Lanes/Handicap – we tow! Parking ◦Park and walk ◦Handicap spaces Violations ◦>3 = “boot” Snow Removal ◦Check Schedule – print it out ◦SUN System notification ◦Two Day procedure ◦“SNOW” Line 7669

14 About SSFD ◦2 Stations with a minimum of 9 F.F. per day ◦Provide fire suppression, EMS, hazmat, rescue ◦Covers 29 sq. miles & approx. 30,000 people

15 Your Responsibilities Minimize unnecessary F.D. responses Be courteous to other students Accountability during fire alarms/ drills Stay clear of responding apparatus What if I can’t evacuate the building? ◦Separate yourself from the hazard (close doors) ◦Stay near a door or a window ◦Communicate where you are to the best of your ability ◦Stay calm

16 Building Systems & Fire Equipment Extinguishers Sprinkler heads and FDC Fire Alarms and detectors Fire doors, emergency lights, exit signs

17 Northwoods Dual purpose Smoke and CO2 Detector Wiecking Hall Smoke and Heat Detector Fire Doors Close Automatically Do NOT prop! Fire Extinguisher DO NOT TAMPER WITH!!! Wiecking Hall Fire Pull Station

18 Know the location of fire alarms and practice using your fire exit DO NOT tamper with fire alarms or extinguishers. (IT’S A CRIME!) Keep flammable materials away from all heat sources DO NOT overload electrical circuits SMOKING is PROHIBITED! DO NOT store any highly combustible material in you room Halogen lamps are prohibited Candles, incense and open flames are prohibited. Fire Safety Tips

19 THINK… and DON’T PANIC Your PRIMARY Responsibility is to GET OUT! FEEL THE DOOR FOR HEAT : If the metal knobs or door are hot: DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR: Go to a window and call for help DO NOT JUMP: o ur doors and walls are fire rated to survive a lone time KEEP LOW TO THE GROUND: There is more fresh air If you CAN exit your room : Close the door behind you, pull a fire alarm and go to the Evacuation Assembly Point. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS to exit a building. What To Do In The Event Of A Fire

20 Saratoga Springs Police Department

21 The Role of Police Overview of NYS drug and alcohol laws DWI Zero Tolerance Open Container Noise Ordinances How to interact with police officers Fitting in with “neighbors” Reporting crimes Interaction between SSPD and Campus Safety What happens if you are arrested?


23 Skidmore College Sexual Misconduct Policy, Reporting, Response, & Resources

24 Skidmore’s Sexual Misconduct Policy Effective Consent  Effective consent is informed, freely and actively given and is based on rational and reasonable judgment. Potential Violations: 1. Sexual Penetration 2. Sexual Touching, Disrobing and/or Exposure 3. Sexual Misconduct by Incapacitation 4. Sexual Harassment 5. Sexual Exploitation 6. Attempted Act 7. Retaliation

25 Reporting Options Confidential Peer-to-Peer Anonymous Non-Confidential

26 Confidential reporting The incident and your name will not be shared with anyone: ◦ Health Services ◦ Counseling Center ◦ College Chaplain ◦ Victim Advocates (Jen McDonald & Michelle Murray) ◦ SGA Attorney

27 Peer-to-peer anonymous Date and location will be reported for Clery, but names will not be included: ◦ Peer Advocates ◦ Peer Health Educators

28 Non-Confidential Reporting College reporting sources ◦ These individuals treat information with respect and care, but are required to disclose information in order to protect campus community safety. Examples include:  Title IX Deputy Coordinator  Campus Safety  Dean of Student Affairs  Faculty  Residential Life staff  Other campus staff  Any student in a position of authority, and any staff or faculty member not identified as a confidential source

29 When an Incident is Reported to a College Reporting Source All reports will be forwarded to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator for review In ALL cases, the College will be respond in a a prompt, thorough, and procedurally fair manner In MOST cases, the review will involve a thorough fact-finding investigation The findings, based on a preponderance of the evidence, will be used to determine next steps, which may include an Administrative Conduct Hearing

30 The Clery Act Jeanne Clery was raped and murdered in her dorm room at Lehigh University in 1986 by another student. Her parents believed that her death may have been prevented had the college done more to inform the campus community about other violent crimes on campus. The Clery Act requires schools to disclose information about crime on and near campus

31 Campus Safety Alerts

32 Resources on Campus  Confidential Cannot disclose information without written permission from the student (exceptions are very rare and only involve imminent safety concerns)  Health Services, 518.580.5550 (x5550)  Counseling Center, 518.580.5555 (x5555)  Victim Advocates, Jen McDonald (518.580.5684) & Michelle Murray (518.580.8256)  Campus Safety  Available 24/7  518.580.5566 (x5566)  In Basement of Jonsson Tower  Title IX Deputy Coordinator: Mariel Martin  Available 9am-5pm  Case 224  518.580.8212 (X8212)

33 Resources: Off-Campus Saratoga Hospital Emergency Room ◦ Rape Kit/SANE exam-72 hour window ◦ Emergency treatment post assault Saratoga Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis (DVRC) ◦ 24 hour hotline 518.584.8188 ◦ Onsite ER counseling and support ◦ Offices at 480 Broadway offer counseling/support/referral ◦ 518.583.0280 ◦

34 Questions???

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