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PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS ETC Overview. Pharos. What is it? A sophisticated installation lighting control system The product: LPC and modules The.

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2 Pharos. What is it? A sophisticated installation lighting control system The product: LPC and modules The programming tool: Designer software




6 The Pharos Architectural Control product line…

7 Pharos product line LPC 1 LPC 2 DMX-in module RS485 module Timecode module Audio module DALI Master module DALI Slave module Designer software

8 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Fit & forget, reliable, 6” DIN rail installation lighting control On-board connections include DMX out, RS232 I/O, MIDI I/O and 8 Digital inputs Tolerant 9 to 48v DC local power option, or PoE Lighting Playback Controllers Connects to PC/Mac via USB or Ethernet Non-volatile memory on Compact Flash Web page built-in Placeholder scale – 143.5mm / 8U

9 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Lighting Playback Controller LPC 1 and LPC 2 LPC2s have additional networking capability. The LPC2 is a scaleable solution for larger installations, allowing up to 12 LPC2’s (24 universes of DMX) on one system, sharing triggers and seamlessly synchronized The LPC2 has two universes of DMX The LPC1 is suitable for smaller applications that do not require networked controllers, and has just one universe of DMX (1 thru’ 512 on both ports)

10 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Expansion Modules Variety of modules available Supports common protocols for architectural & building management applications as well as popular entertainment protocols Lots more planned! Custom and proprietary modules anticipated

11 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Designer Software Timeline based programming Intuitive, drag and drop user interface for conventional fixtures, moving lights and pixel arrays, particularly LEDs Unlimited timelines, unlimited fixtures, memory efficient – many hours of media will fit on the card Offline and real time programming and simulation Triggering options from a simple power-up event, to complex conditional sequences

12 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Designer Software Step by Step Follow the tabs on the left in order. The browser window always provides a list of the fixtures, groups and pixel arrays in your show

13 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Designer Software Step by Step Setup: import bitmap ground plan, photo of the building, etc as background. Drag & drop fixtures from the extensive library, or create / edit your own

14 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Designer Software Step by Step Patch: just drag & drop!

15 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Movers: create presets for any automated lights; full, live control of pan & tilt, simulation of beam – colour, gobo, etc. The presets just get dropped on to the timeline as required! Designer Software Step by Step

16 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Media: create virtual video screens, map colour-mixing fixtures, import static and moving video media files to be played on the screens from the timeline Designer Software Step by Step

17 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Program: Create and edit the timelines for your show Fixtures and groups of fixtures are rows on the timeline Drag & drop from an extensive range of built-in intensity and colour effects, place mover presets and media clips Designer Software Step by Step

18 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Triggers: set the real-world triggers for each timeline, from a power-up timeline, through the various external triggers supported, to detailed, conditional scripts for complex sequences Designer Software Step by Step

19 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Simulate: the representation of your show, from individual timelines to the complete show with simulated external triggers. Designer Software Step by Step

20 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Web browser: configure the network, monitor an event log, trigger events, upload new software and shows Designer Software Step by Step

21 Pharos. What are the benefits? An elegant enclosure with reliable solid-state electronics A powerful lighting desk inside Innovative, fast and intuitive LED and array programming Drag & drop effects and media create stunning colour changing effects Remote access for uploading shows and monitoring status Interfaces with architectural & entertainment systems as it supports a host of external triggering protocols as well as built-in real-time calendar and astronomical clock The Swiss army knife of installation control!


23 Tabard Square, UK

24 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS The Pharos Lighting Playback Controller is lighting up the London skyline atop a landmark new residential and retail complex near London Bridge. The Tabard Square development includes a 22-storey tower of luxury penthouse apartments complete with a glass ‘barometer’ beacon on the roof. The beacon is a light-box about two storeys high. The Pharos LPC controls the colour of the beacon depending on atmospheric pressure readings from a digital barometer situated nearby on the roof. Messages are received and interpreted via the RS232 Serial port on the LPC. These values are interpreted by the Pharos LPC and are mapped to a seasonally adjusted range of colours so it is possible to display the full spectrum throughout the year. Pharos puts pressure on the London skyline – Tabard Square

25 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS 9-48v dc LEDs DMX Digital barometer RS232 Contact closures ADSL Ethernet Tabard Square Barometer

26 Winding Wheel, UK

27 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Glasshoughton Winding Wheel, West Yorkshire. The first UK installation for the Pharos Lighting Playback Controller, this memorial to area miners suffered an incident of vandalism, but is now up and running again. The Pharos LPC was able to report the damage as it happened, and is now a crucial part of the new security measures. A curious job for a lighting controller? Perhaps – but then Pharos has lots of hidden talents. The brief for this project included the ability to change the lighting effects on the wheel remotely, using SMS text messaging. The Pharos LPC is able to interpret the RS232 serial message it receives from the GSM modem to trigger a specified timeline. As the LPC can receive messages, it can also send them, so a selection were prepared to be sent to an engineer’s mobile phone based on triggers such as loss of mains power. At 3am one morning in December the phone received four messages. The first three indicated that the tamper alarm had been activated, and the last message was to say that the Pharos LPC had lost power and was on battery only. An on site inspection showed there were three damage marks on the installation – one for each tamper trigger, and the mains power had been cut. Exactly as the LPC had reported. Repairs to the Wheel included some additional defences. Sensors now trigger the LPC to activate a camera and warning alarm if the control area is approached. If, despite this, the tamper alarm is activated the Pharos LPC fires a klaxon, then turns off all the lights to play dead for a short time, while sending a text message to the engineer’s phone and an email alert to the client.

28 PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Winding Wheel 9-48v dc LEDs DMX GPRS text msg converter RS232 PIR Tamper switch Klaxon Camera Alarm


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