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Integrated Security Information Systems Presentation 9 th December V&A.

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1 Integrated Security Information Systems Presentation 9 th December V&A


3 Presentation theme  ISIS Overview  Identifying the Threat  Layered approach to Gallery security  RFID  Other available technologies

4 ISIS Company Overview Market leader - security for museums & art galleries worldwide Offices UK, Europe, USA Global partners, resellers, systems integrators Installations in over 20 countries across 4 continents “Active” RFID specialists: –Developed first long-range IT asset tracking system –Real-time tracking, security, audit & environmental monitoring –Manage people & assets

5 Threat Internal –Hermitage St. Petersburg, 2004 –Cairo, 2010 – Van Gogh Ashmolean, Oxford, 2000 –£5m Cezanne Isabella Stewart Gardner, Boston, 1990s –Over $400m – 13 masterpieces never recovered Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland, 2005 –Leonardo da Vinci, est. value over £100m Munch, Oslo, 2004 –Armed raid of the famous “Scream” & “Madonna”

6 Security Components SMS RFID Environmental Monitoring Access Control CCTV Intruder Detection Physical Deterrents


8  24/7 security  Limitations of common perimeter, door and intruder security systems  Switched off during opening hours when collection is most vulnerable  CCTV in isolation is of limited value  Covering too vast an area  Too many cameras for security staff to monitor effectively  Listed and Heritage Buildings  Need to have minimal impact on building fabric and walls  Wireless systems avoid wiring to each and every artwork  Covert – Tags and Readers can usually be hidden  no impact on viewing experience  Cost effective  Staged implementation for limited budgets, eventual system ownership  Possibility of reducing insurance & public indemnity Museums & Galleries – Security Systems

9 Museum RFID  Proprietary RFID reader network  Small “active”, long-range RFID tags:  Artworks – slimline tags for movement & tamper  Display cases – internal tags for movement & tamper (door open)  Personnel – panic duress alarm button  Pressure-sensing – custom plinths & kit systems  OEM tags for 3 rd party sensors  Laser scanners, Motion CCTV, Portable PIR, Volumetric  “Supervised” – real-time audit, tag message every 15 seconds  System detects RF interference, 24/7 functionality  Track and Trace function  Analytical tools  Advanced alarm graphics  Covert

10 Core RFID product RFID DETECTORS/TAGS RFID READER IS-RX210 Reader with omni-directional antenna Frequency: 433.92 MHz Size: 84x40x19mm Wght: 45g Adjustable read ranges Tag IS-TG100MS “Domino Tag” Frequency: 433.92 MHz Size: 72x30x8.6mm Wght: 15g For display cases Tag IS-TG501MS “Slimline Tag” Frequency: 433.92 MHz Size: 86x54x5mm Wght: 22g For paintings, tapestries or furniture Tag IS-TG801MS Frequency: 433.92 MHz Size: 61x30x9mm Wght : 20g For display cases, vases, statues



13  Real-time alarm information  Security for individual art objects, display cases & warders  Need to also protect items in storage & transit  Cost of physical, labour-intensive audits  “Knock” damage to artworks  Hardwired sensors restrict display layout  Politics of public sector in the arts Museums & Galleries – ISIS Aspects ARTS™

14  Wireless detectors with several compact form factors that are easily affixed to, or linked to monitored artworks  433 MHz offers excellent penetration through most materials inside buildings  Indoor read-range up to 70m  Encoded Transmissions (Site Code, unique ID, State, Alarm, Age, etc) every 30 seconds  Tag internal sensors alarm on Tamper and Movement  Variable movement sensitivities from the supplier  Battery life of 5 - 7 years depending on use  Lithium-ion  Low energy consumption  Ultrasonically sealed to prevent any leakage that might damage artworks “Active” RFID Tags (Detectors)

15 Slimline Art Preferred attachement positions 86 x 54 x 5mm Tag for Paintings, Tapestries, Furniture, other objects

16 Domino Tag Domino Tag can be hidden internally or used visibly. The small external antenna is protected inside the case and offers the best radio propagation for use in and around metal. The tag detects shock and door open/close events. for Display Cases and Small Objects

17 Readers can be located behind walls, hidden above moulding, or above ceilings, or in technical spaces. Protective reader boxes can be supplied. Reader Installation Often located above ceilings Readers, boxes and antennas can be easily hidden and camouflaged

18  OEM tag - (86mm x 54mm x 5mm) – 15g  A domino tag out of its housing and without motion sensor  Offers the ability to switch 3 rd party sensors to wireless  Connects to outputs from devices such as PIR, pressure-sensing, infra-red scanners, proximity/volumetric sensors, motion CCTV, plunger switches, magnetic contacts …  Transmits immediate alarms  Transmits supervision/presence every 30 seconds  Battery life : 3-5 years I/O Tag

19 Passive Infrared Detector Volumetric or Corridor Dual-tech (PIR & Microwave) wireless PIR for room Dual-tech (PIR & Microwave) Hard-wired Curtain PIR - 3º

20 Custom, pressure-sensing plinths Different finishes & sizes available

21  piezo-electric pressure-sensing feet  sensitive to weight changes as low as 10g  useful for single or groups of objects Pressure-sensing pad systems

22 Proximity alarms  Invisible cocoon radiates from metal objects  Requires local power source and “ground”  Outputs to wireless ISIS IO tag

23 Laser scanners  Anti-touch system  Field of detection programmable via software  Millimeter accurate  Invisible curtain  Integrates with ISIS wireless IO tag DayNight

24  Portable tag with panic button to trigger alerts at Guard Room PC  Key Fob Shape (87mm x 38mm x 11mm) - 35g  Range: 30m  Transmits every 1.5 seconds for guard tracking  Battery Life : 4 Years Panic or Duress Tag

25 Click on the graphic for more detailed information.  Alarms for:  Tamper  Movement  Personal Duress  Offline Reader  3 rd Party Device Alarms  T-RH Alarms  Alerts for:  Missing objects/tags  Low batteries Current Alarm window always open & on top Detailed, colour-coded alarms events & “suggested action” Pre-programmable Report Responses AspectsARTS™ Alarms

26 How is an alarm presented on the security control room PC?  Artwork image  Location image  Event Report  Suggested Action  Artwork information  Event timings  Reader information & map  Alarm data transmitted to pagers or security radios  Zonal tracking function Alarms

27 ISIS Confidential 2009 Victoria & Albert Museum, UK London. Greatest museum of art & design in the world - over 2m objects in the collection. The National Gallery, UK London. Houses one of the greatest collections of Western European paintings in the world. The Wallace Collection, UK London. Home to one of Europe’s finest collections of works of art, paintings, furniture, arms & armor and porcelain. Historic Royal Palaces, UK London. 5 historic royal palaces owned by the Queen. Houses some of the Royal Collection. Royal Academy of Arts, UK London. Venue for major international exhibitions. First institution in the UK devoted solely to promoting visual arts. The Courtauld Gallery, UK London. Impressionist & Post-Impressionist paintings. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Canaletto, Van Gogh & Picasso. The Queen’s House, UK London. Houses the National Maritime Museum’s paintings collection – Gainsborough, Hogarth, Reynolds. The British Museum, UK London. World class museum with collections spanning centuries and covering all corners of the world. Hermitage, Netherlands Amsterdam. New satellite museum opens April 2009. Art from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia. The State Hermitage Museum, Russia St. Petersburg. Collection of Russian Emperors. 3m objects including paintings, sculptures and treasures. Some ISIS Clients

28 ISIS Confidential 2009 Some ISIS Clients Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands World’s largest collection of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, as well as contemporary artists such as Toulouse Lautrec & Paul Gaugin. Rijksmuseum, Netherlands Amsterdam. National museum of the Netherlands. Galeries Nationales, France Historic venue in Paris for major international exhibitions. Musée du quai Branly, France Paris. The arts of Oceania, Africa, Asia & the Americas. National Gallery of Art, USA Washington. Houses major collections gifted by the likes of Andrew Mellon The Getty Center, USA Los Angeles. Collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum – pre-20c European paintings, manuscripts, drawings & sculptures. Museum of Modern Art, USA New York. Dedicated to being the foremost museum of modern art in the world. 150,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. Museum of Fine Art, USA Boston. Collection encompasses 450,000 works of art. Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada Toronto. One of largest museums in N. America. 68,000 works spanning from 100 AD to present day. Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar Doha.New I.M. Pei building housing artworks from the 7 th – 19 th century. Manuscripts, ceramics, glass, textiles & precious stones.

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