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Safe Rider Speed Limiter

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1 Safe Rider Speed Limiter
PRODUCT PRESENTATION Safe Rider Speed Limiter Safe Rider Vehicle Technologies (Pty) Ltd PO Box Rynfield South Africa Tel./ fax / Cell:

2 Why YOU need it…. Because if you drive sensibly, any vehicle uses less fuel and will last longer !!

3 Why YOU need it (continued...)
Why should your drivers waist your money and wreck your vehicles ??

4 Why YOU need it (continued...)
By controlling the maximum speed and maximum engine revs of your vehicles, YOU WILL SAVE MONEY, because your vehicles will be more economical on fuel and will last longer.

5 What our clients say…. "We find the system very effective for the control of vehicle speed and engine revs. We are confident that the Safe Rider Speed Limiter is worth more than it's money." Vehicle Fleet Manager, Kruger National Park. "Reports indicate that the system works well, with both rpm and vehicle speed staying at, or within set parameters. It is apparent that the device works successfully." National Technical Manager, Super Group.

6 What our clients say (continued…)
"We have found that our fuel account has decreased by approximately 30%. Our accident rate has also decreased drastically." Jaco Geldenhuis, Group Transport Manager, Profurn Group "This is the route we recommend. The governor of a mechanical injection pump is designed to control engine speed, delivered quantity and engine torque compensation. By controlling the throttle lever movement, these functions are not interfered with." Dave Stalker, Technical Services Manager, Robert Bosch (Pty) Ltd.

7 Benefits…. Drastically reduced fuel consumption.
Extended mechanical life. Extended tyre life. Reduced road accidents. Safer driving conditions. Reduced operating expenses. Improved profitability. Improved resale value of vehicles

8 Characteristics…. Efficient and effective operation.
No harmful effects on the vehicle. Suitable for all types of vehicles. Split second response times. Compatible with all other electronic systems. No interference with the fuel supply to injector pumps. Remains accurate and stable under all conditions. Tamper proof. User friendly. Complies with British and EU specifications for speed limiting devices.

9 Credentials…. The following leading fleet operators are amongst our many happy clients…. Kruger National Park. Anglo American Corporation SA Bottling Company. Barnetts, Supreme and Morkels Furnishers. Ellerines Holdings. Namibia Government. Trans Hex Mining AVIS Fleet Services APPROVED BY ZAMBIA, KENYA & UGANDA GOVERNMENTS


1. Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 45 mm Weight: 200 gram Power consumption: 35 to 40 milli amp. Voltage: 12 / 24 volt DC Output circuit capacity: volt DC 2. Operating conditions: Operating temperature: -40° to +85° C. Suitable for operating in high humidity conditions. Voltage requirements: Minimum 8V DC, maximum 37V DC

3. Design Characteristics: Outer housing of anodized aluminum. PC board: Through-hole plated, coated for corrosion protection. PC board is stabilised against vibrations and road shocks. Ultra modern microprocessor renders extremely accurate operation at split second timing. The memory and software are fully protected against spikes, electrical surges, reversed polarity and disturbances. The software and settings cannot be affected by climatic conditions, power failures or voltage fluctuations. Protected against electromagnetic- and radio frequency disturbance. Tamper resistant – the settings for maximum speed and rpm are programmed with a removable programming unit. Unauthorised persons cannot adjust the settings. The limits can be programmed and reprogrammed at any level. All units are individually tested for quality. 

Operating characteristics: Pre-warning buzzer alerts the driver when he is approaching the maximum set speed. Speed limiting operation is smooth and allows for stabilised speed. Does not interfere with the vehicle’s braking system. Does not affect the vehicle’s road speed or engine power output when the vehicle is running at or below the set maximum limits. Allows normal accelerator control for the purpose of gear changing. No form of malfunction will result in an increase in engine power above that demanded by the position of the accelerator pedal. The speed limiting action is not affected by the position of the accelerator pedal. All components necessary for the limiting function are at all times energised while the vehicle is operating. The limited levels remain constant under all climatic conditions. ·       

Response tolerances on a level road (gradient less than 2°) with neutral wind conditions: The vehicle speed will not exceed the set speed by more than 2%. Under continuous full throttle load, the vehicle will be able to accelerate with maximum engine power up to the set limits and will stabilize on the limits immediately upon reaching it. This stabilised speed will not vary by more than 2%. On petrol driven engines the unit will not cause back firing due to accumulated unburned fuel mixture in the exhaust system. 6. Different methods used to reduce engine power when the set limits are reached: 6.1 Petrol driven engines: Either of the following: Fuel injected engines: By controlled interruption of the power circuit to the electrical fuel pump. Carburetor engines: By controlled interruption of the ignition spark.

6.2 Diesel engines: Either of the following: By controlled interruption of the electrical circuit which energizes the fuel governor in the injector pump. By employing a pneumatic actuator, comprising an air cylinder, fitted into the accelerator linkage/cable, which is opened and closed by the central microprocessor via an air valve. The air cylinder will either extend or shorten the total length of the accelerator linkage (depending on the design of the engine), to move the accelerator lever on the engine’s injector pump in the decelerate direction. The motion of the air cylinder is controlled by an airflow control valve, fitted in the air supply line to the air cylinder. The effect is a smooth operation, which cannot cause any harm to the engine, the transmission or the drive train. This method is the approved by Robert Bosch Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel injector pumps. By controlled restriction of the fuel flow to the injector pump, by means of a fuel solenoid valve.

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