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10 Question 1 Question 2

11 opening a second front in Western Europe. Hitler’s Final Solution included less restrictive laws benefiting Germany’s Jewish population concentration camps, death camps, and Einsatzgruppen. deportation of European Jews..

12 lack of public support for the war effort What was a key challenge faced by the United States during World War II? fighting the war on several fronts difficulty gaining support from Congress. total reliance on naval power

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14 Hitler This Communist dictator came to power in the Soviet Union by assassinating his rivals after Vladimir Lenin died in 1924. Stalin Franco Mussolini

15 told Hitler that they would declare war if he invaded Czechoslovakia. In the Munich Agreement, Britain allowed Czechoslovakia to become a German protectorate. gave in to Hitler’s demands for the Sudetenland. told Hitler they would declare war if he invaded Poland.

16 Czechoslovakia. The Nazi-Soviet nonaggression pact contained a secret deal between Germany and the Soviet Union to divide Austria Belgium Poland.

17 Hitler The King of Italy gave this dictator power after his “Blackshirts” took over Rome. Stalin Franco Mussolini

18 Question 1

19 served in military combat positions During World War II, many women experienced a change in role in that they worked in jobs formerly held by men controlled most corporations chaired several congressional committees

20 Question 1

21 Conformists During the 1950s, a group of authors who promoted unconventional values in their writings were known as: Hippies Beats Sophs

22 Question 1

23 Increase in the minimum wage Although most of Truman's Fair Deal program met defeat at the hands of a coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats in Congress, he was able to pass all of the following EXCEPT? National health insurance Increased Social Security benefits National Housing Act

24 Question 1

25 Passing the Federal Highway Act President Eisenhower’s did all of the following EXCEPT in his domestic policy because he believed in “dynamic conservatism” which called for conservative policies when it comes to money and liberal policies when it comes to people? Increased Minimum Wage Increased Social Security benefits to more people Increased Federal Spending to the TVA and the RFC.





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