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1. Germany was divided and the U.S.S.R. agreed to hold free elections in satellite nations because of ______. A) it was what Hitler wanted B) the Treaty.

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1 1. Germany was divided and the U.S.S.R. agreed to hold free elections in satellite nations because of ______. A) it was what Hitler wanted B) the Treaty of Versailles C) the Yalta Conference D) the Treaty of Paris

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3 2. This was the ongoing conflict between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.----between the free world and Communism. A) March Madness B) the Korean War C) the Potsdam Conference D) the Cold War

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5 3. Cold War tensions increased after this meeting when it was agreed that Germany would not pay war reparations and control of Germany’s industrial regions was settled. A) The Warsaw Pact B) Potsdam Conference C) The Treaty of Versailles D) The Treaty of Paris

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7 4. These are smaller Eastern European nations under the control of the U.S.S.R. They were also part of the Warsaw Pact, uniting Communist countries against NATO. A) the Commonwealth of Independent States B) satellite nations C) developing nations D) third world nations

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9 5. What economic system does the United States have? There is private ownership and a free market economy. A) banking B) socialism C) capitalism D) communism

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11 6. With this economic system, the government controls the economy and the people are to “share the goods” created in the country. The U.S.S.R. had this type of economy. A) democracy B) free market C) anarchy D) communism

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13 7. The Senator who led the investigations to uncover Communists working in the U.S. government. He accused people without much concrete evidence. A) Joseph Rosenberg B) Joseph McCarthy C) J. Edgar Hoover D) Alger Hiss

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15 8. The Soviet Union wanted satellite nations because their main concern following World War II was the issue of ____. A) land to grow food B) security C) countries to trade with D) helping poorer nations prosper

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17 9. Churchill said this had “descended across the continent” of Europe meaning Europe was now divided between free countries and Communist countries. A) a Steel Curtain B) a high mountain range C) an Iron Curtain D) barbed wire

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19 10. George Kennan said the U.S.S.R. had a strong sense of insecurity. Communism should be contained, but it had serious weaknesses and would eventually fall apart. He stated this in ___. A) his closing remarks at the Potsdam Conference B) his address at the Yalta Conference C) a letter to his mother D) The Long Telegram

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21 11. This policy meant to keep Communism from spreading and it controlled our policy through the Cold War period. Truman supported this. A) the Marshall Plan B) HUAC C) containment D) McCarthyism

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23 12. This country was divided after World War II into a Democratic West and a Communist controlled East. The capital city was also divided and a wall kept people from escaping. A) Russia B) Germany C) Poland D) Greece

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25 13. When the Soviets blockaded West Berlin, how did the U.S. get supplies into the city? A) through tunnels B) by train C) they didn’t and millions starved D) by plane, the Berlin Airlift

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27 14. When the U.S. pledged to give military aid to Turkey and Greece to help stabilize the countries and resist Communism, this was called _________. A) the Truman Doctrine B) the Yalta Conference C) NATO D) HUAC

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29 15. The U.S. offered aid to all of Europe in order to rebuild their economies and resist help from the Communists. This economic aid was the _________. A) Berlin Airlift B) NATO Plan C) Marshall Plan D) Warsaw Pact

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31 16. This organization still exists today and the agreement is that members will come to the aid of any other member who comes under attack. A) NAACP B) NATO C) the Yalta Conference D) the Potsdam Conference

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33 17. In 1949, this country had a Communist revolution and the new government was led by Mao Zedong. A) Japan B) Korea C) China D) Poland

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35 18. The U.S. entered this war in 1950 to stop the Communist North from invading the non-Communist South. China and the U.S.S.R. secretly supported the North. A) World War II B) the Chinese Revolution C) the Vietnam War D) the Korean War

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37 19. During the Korean War, this General wanted to drop nuclear bombs on China and the U.S.S.R. in order to end the war. A) Sherman B) MacArthur C) Eisenhower D) Patton

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39 20. The fear that Communist spies had infiltrated the government of the U.S. was called the ______. A) loyalty review program B) Red Scare C) witch hunt D) search for Red October

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41 21. This screened all federal employees to help decrease the fear that we had Communists in our government. A) the Anti-Red Review B) the Truman Campaign C)the Loyalty Review Program D) the Subversion Committee

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43 22. This organization was expanded by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and was used to “expose Communists and Communist sympathizers.” A) Red Cross B) CIA C) NATO D) HUAC

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45 23. This person was a high ranking U.S. government official and he had served under President Franklin Roosevelt. Evidence showed he was a Communist spy. A) J. Edgar Hoover B) Joseph McCarthy C) Alger Hiss D) Douglas MacArthur

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47 24. This couple was accused of giving the Soviets secrets about the atomic bomb. They were executed as spies. A) the Trumans B) the Rosenbergs C) the Ricardos D) the McCarthys

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49 25. This means accusing people of being Communist without much evidence. A) Project Verona B) sympathizers C) perjury D) McCarthyism

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51 26. This act made it illegal to combine, conspire, or agree with any person who had Communists beliefs. A) McCarran Act B) NATO Agreement C) Censure Act D) Duck and Cover Act

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53 27. Massive Retaliation is the threat of using ___________. A) tanks and foot soldiers B) hijacked planes C) atomic bombs D) poison gas

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55 28. Nikita Khrushchev was ___________.. A) leader of North Korea B) Communist leader of the U.S.S.R. C) democratic leader of Russia D) leader of Communist China

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57 29. There were: spies in the U.S. government, the Korean War broke out, Communist countries existed throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, the U.S.S.R got the atomic bomb, all this led to _____.. A) Eisenhower losing the election B) Truman losing the election C) lack of confidence in Truman’s policies D) a nuclear attack by the U.S.S.R.

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59 30. This U-2 pilot was shot down over the U.S.S.R. forcing us to admit we were spying on the Soviet Union. This incident increased bad feelings between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. A) Alger Hiss B) Joseph Rosenberg C) Douglas MacArthur D) Gary Powers

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61 31. When we threatened to use nuclear weapons to force another country to back down, this was ________. President Eisenhower did this against the Chinese during the Korean War. A) perjury B) brinkmanship C) McCarthyism D) Red Scare

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63 32. This was the man-made satellite the U.S.S.R launched into space before the Americans, beginning the space race phase of the Cold War. A) CCCP B) Fat Man C) Little Boy D) Sputnik

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65 33. President Eisenhower said we could best fight Communism by having ___________. A) better spies B) more money C) better communication and technology D) a strong economy and a strong military

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