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Notice Berlin. Potsdam Conference Meeting of Truman, Stalin, and Churchill (later Attlee) Decide to divide Germany into 4 zones Agree to rebuild German.

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1 Notice Berlin

2 Potsdam Conference Meeting of Truman, Stalin, and Churchill (later Attlee) Decide to divide Germany into 4 zones Agree to rebuild German industry Agree to punish war criminals

3 Nuremberg Trials German war crimes trial for Nazi leaders 12 sentenced to death, 7 to prison. Other trials punished thousands of others. The same types of trials were done in Japan…7 sentenced to death there.

4 Nuremberg Trials

5 United Nations in NYC

6 192 Members of the U.N.

7 2008 The 15 member security council.

8 U.N. Flag

9 UN Security Council Chamber: Background is a Phoenix rising from the ashes symbolizing the world after WWII

10 Cold War Competition for global power Constant threat of nuclear war Areas of Conflict – East and West Europe – Third world countries (ex: Korea, Vietnam, Iran) It is a struggle between democracy and communism Communist- state run economy, very little freedom, one party rule, use of force to crush opposition Democracy – capitalist economy, individual freedoms, democratic government.

11 Conflict over control in Europe Soviets move to take Eastern European countries – satellite nations (aka Soviet bloc). – Stalin wants a buffer zone to protect against invasion. U.S. moves to strengthen its control over Western Europe Winston Churchill says “an iron curtain has descended across the continent”.





16 Containment Policy Restricting the expansion of Soviet communism throughout the world This was the policy of the U.S. throughout the Cold War Proposed by George Kennan a state department official. It was done in two ways 1)Giving economic aid to countries resisting communism 2)Giving military aid to “ “

17 Judging by this slide was the Marshall Plan a success or failure?

18 Problems in Berlin Marshall Plan makes W. Germ stronger 1948 W. German zones are combined to form one government. Soviet response = blockade W. Berlin. (Why do you think?) Berlin has no food, oil, coal, etc.

19 Notice Berlin

20 Truman has some options about how to handle the Soviet blockade – Break it with troops – Give in to the Soviets and let Berlin go – Airlift Supplies into Berlin Airlift went on for 10 months July 48 - May 49 – 2 mil tons of food – Over 270,000 flights – Planes landing every 4 minutes Success of the airlift embarrassed the Soviets and they lift the blockade. Shortly after E & W Germany split into separate countries.


22 Unloading in Berlin




26 Compare Eastern and Western Europe nightskynation


28 Mao Zedong

29 Mao’s wish was to be cremated and his ashes used to fertilize the fields of China..obviously this didn’t happen. His body lying in state in Tiananmen Square.

30 Korean War Objectives Why was the country of Korea divided? Who started the war? Whose side was the U.S. on during the war? Who did we fight against? What was the outcome? People: Harry Truman, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight Eisenhower. Term: Brinkmanship


32 Find Taiwan and Korea

33 North and South Korea

34 1952 Election Korea = key issue Rep Dwight D. Eisenhower wins Eisenhower increases bombings and threatens nukes Armistice agreed to in July 1953.

35 Fighting ends July 1953 Korea again divided @ 38 th parallel – North = communist – South = democratic DeadWounded U.S.54,000103,000 U.N.628,0001.6 mil Korea and China1.5 mil





40 Good Video of pics PE PE

41 Eisenhower's policy Eisenhower viewed nukes as crucial to stop communist expansion Brinkmanship – the policy of threatening an all out war to stop the spread of communism (brink of war). He also liked using the CIA to gather info and if needed overthrow governments (Iran, Guatemala) – Negative Anti-American sentiment Francis Gary Powers and the U-2 Incident

42 U-2 Spy plane Cameras on the U-2 could provide a resolution of a picture being taken 2.5 feet away from an altitude of 60,000 feet in the sky Because it flies so high pilots must wear what looks like a space suit in case of cabin decompression or loss of oxygen. Pilots also wore diapers. Wingspan = 103 ft. Can fly over 80,000 ft high (over 15 miles).


44 True/False Review China became a communist country under the leadership of Mao Zedong Both before and after the Korean War, Korea was divided into two separate countries. The U.S. became involved in the Korean conflict out of concerns that Korea would become a communist nation. The Korean War was an easy victory for the U.S. President Truman and Douglas McArthur agreed on how to end the Korean War. President Eisenhower and President Truman both viewed the role of nuclear weapons the same. Brinkmanship was a policy saying that the U.S. should fight communist aggression and not back down, even if it meant going to the brink of war. The U.S. brought about change in Iran and Guatemala through an all out war. The U-2 incident did not hurt the improving U.S. -Soviet relationship

45 creepy

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