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Early Cold War Politics Truman, McCarthy & Eisenhower Created by Mr. Johnson.

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1 Early Cold War Politics Truman, McCarthy & Eisenhower Created by Mr. Johnson

2 Harry Truman

3 Unprepared? Unprepared?

4 Chinese Civil War “Truman lost China”“Truman lost China”

5 “The Buck Stops Here”

6 “Fair Deal” Continuation of New Deal liberalismContinuation of New Deal liberalism Universal health care systemUniversal health care system Protection for labor unionsProtection for labor unions Civil rightsCivil rights Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC)Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC) Integration of armed forcesIntegration of armed forces Opposed by CongressOpposed by Congress conservative Republicansconservative Republicans southern Democratssouthern Democrats

7 Universal Health Care?

8 Labor Unions? Taft-Hartley Act, 1947Taft-Hartley Act, 1947 Was Passed over Truman’s vetoWas Passed over Truman’s veto Anti-union lawAnti-union law Sponsored by RepublicansSponsored by Republicans End of New Deal labor policiesEnd of New Deal labor policies ProvisionsProvisions –Prohibited closed shops –Non-Communist oath –Stopped donations to campaigns –60-day cool off before strike

9 Civil Rights?

10 Integration of the Armed Forces

11 Dixiecrats “States Rights Democratic Party”“States Rights Democratic Party” Strom ThurmondStrom Thurmond Abandoned Truman in the 1948 election b/c of civil rightsAbandoned Truman in the 1948 election b/c of civil rights

12 Election of 1948


14 22 nd Amendment

15 The Second Red Scare

16 First Red Scare 1910s-1920s Hysteria –Anarchism –Bolshevism –Immigrants

17 Truman’s Loyalty Program 19471947 Investigations of “disloyal” AmericansInvestigations of “disloyal” Americans

18 Taft-Hartley Act, 1947


20 House Unamerican Activities Committee HUAC “I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the communist party.”

21 Hollywood Ten

22 Dennis v. U.S., 1951 Communist PartyCommunist Party –1 st Amendment? –Subversion of U.S. government? Ruling:Ruling: –No specific threats of violence, but… –Guilty of conspiracy against U.S. government

23 1952 McCarran-Walter Act Immigration restrictions on Communist countriesImmigration restrictions on Communist countries –Soviet Union –Soviet bloc –China ProvisionsProvisions –Quotas –Deportation procedures

24 Spy Cases

25 Whittaker Chambers Soviet spy from 1935-1938Soviet spy from 1935-1938 Editor of Time MagazineEditor of Time Magazine 1948 – Brought before HUAC1948 – Brought before HUAC –Accused Alger Hiss of being a spy –Hid documents in a pumpkin on his farm

26 Nixon & the “Pumpkin Papers”

27 Alger Hiss Tried for perjuryTried for perjury Imprisoned 1950-1954Imprisoned 1950-1954 Maintained his innocence until his deathMaintained his innocence until his death

28 Julius & Ethel Rosenberg Members of Communist PartyMembers of Communist Party Accused of being atomic spiesAccused of being atomic spies

29 David Greenglass Brother of Ethel RosenbergBrother of Ethel Rosenberg Employee at Los AlamosEmployee at Los Alamos Testified against Julius & EthelTestified against Julius & Ethel

30 1953 Execution

31 The Venona Papers Hiss was guiltyHiss was guilty Julius was guiltyJulius was guilty Ethel was probably not guiltyEthel was probably not guilty

32 McCarthyism

33 Joseph McCarthy & Roy Cohn

34 McCarthy’s Tactics Hatch Act (1938) – made it illegal for the federal government to employ members of the Communist partyHatch Act (1938) – made it illegal for the federal government to employ members of the Communist party “I hold in my hand a list of names…”“I hold in my hand a list of names…”

35 McCarthy to Truman

36 Truman to McCarthy

37 A Controversial Figure

38 Margaret Chase Smith “Declaration of Conscience” Speech“Declaration of Conscience” Speech It is not “un-American” toIt is not “un-American” to –Criticize –Protest –Hold unpopular beliefs –Think independently

39 McCarthyism

40 The Army Hearings – G. David Schine

41 The Army Hearings – Television

42 The Army Hearings – Joseph Welch Attorney for the Army Condemned McCarthy’s bullying tacticsCondemned McCarthy’s bullying tactics –“Have you no sense of decency, sir?” Video linkVideo link –McCarthy-Welch Exchange McCarthy-Welch ExchangeMcCarthy-Welch Exchange

43 Arthur Miller Married Marilyn MonroeMarried Marilyn Monroe PlaywrightPlaywright –Death of a Salesman, 1948 –The Crucible, 1953 McCarthyism & Salem Witch TrialsMcCarthyism & Salem Witch Trials

44 The Crucible

45 Dwight Eisenhower

46 1952 Campaign


48 “Modern Republicanism” Compromise between conservatism & liberal “big government” –“Common Good”: Department of Health, Education & Welfare (HEW) –Infrastructure: Interstate highway system –Energy: “Atoms for Peace” –Space Race: Sputnik sparks NASA –Defense: nuclear weapons build-up –Civil rights: Brown v. Board of Education –Education: National Defense Education Act & Little Rock Crisis Alaska & Hawaii Statehood Farewell Address: “Military-industrial complex” Continuation of Cold War containment policy

49 HEW

50 National Highway Act


52 Urban/Suburban Sprawl

53 “Atoms for Peace”

54 Sputnik, 1957

55 NASA, 1958

56 National Defense Education Act, 1958

57 Brown v. Board of Education, 1954

58 Little Rock Crisis

59 Spending: Nukes vs. Conventional Military

60 Eisenhower’s Farewell Address Dangers of the “military-industrial complex”Dangers of the “military-industrial complex”

61 Alaska & Hawaii Statehood

62 Life in Suburbia

63 1959 Cadillac: Conspicuous Consumption

64 Growth of the Middle Class

65 Civil Defense

66 Fallout Shelters Audio: Civil defense radio announcement Civil defense radio announcement

67 “Duck & Cover” Click here Click here for the educational video Click here

68 “Duck & Cover”

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