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Post WWII - What Now? What events contribute to the start of the Cold War? Is there prosperity in the US?

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1 Post WWII - What Now? What events contribute to the start of the Cold War? Is there prosperity in the US?

2 Important notes regarding end of WWII… Yalta Conference (Feb ‘45) pic mappicmap Potsdam Conference (Jul ‘45) pic mappicmap United Nations Meetings (‘44 and ‘46) pic pic War Crimes Trials in Nuremberg and Japan (‘45) linklink Creation of State of Israel (‘48) link linklink

3 What contributed to the tensions between the US and Russia? (aka…the “Cold War”) Cold War – defined? Atomic Bomb “Iron Curtain” speech by Winston Churchill at Fulton, MO. visit?visit? Containment Policy – purpose? Truman Doctrine – what was this? map map Marshall Plan – purpose? link link

4 Tensions…continued. Berlin Crisis and Blockade.. Berlin Airlift – purpose? link jfk map linkjfk map NATO – what was it? Purpose? Map Map Cold War – Idealogical or Military battle? Or both? mapmap

5 What events contributed to new tensions (Cold War) between the Soviet Union? Germany’s Future? US vision vs. Soviet Union vision? Truman Doctrine (‘47) Marshall Plan (‘47) “Containment” Policy Berlin Airlift (‘48) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (‘49) Communism vs. Capitalism - Ideological Battle or Military Battle?

6 What was the impact of the Truman Era and what examples illustrate this? GI Bill of ‘44 linklink Labor Unrest - 4.5M on 5,000 strikes United Mine Workers (‘46) Taft-Hartley Act (‘47) linklink Dixiecrats - Southern Democrats (‘48) link link Truman’s Fair Deal (‘48) linklink

7 How did the Korean War develop? Communist Growth - Long March in China (‘34) - Mao Zedong link led 100,000 Communists for 6,000 miles - later drove Nationalists (Chiang Kaishek) to Taiwan in ‘’49 (meaning?)link North Korean Attack over 38th Parallel (June 25, 1950) mapmap

8 War in Korea? (Reading Text) What event “turned the tide” against the North Koreans? linklink In what ways was China getting involved in this war? What happened to Gen. MacArthur? Who won election in ‘52 because of his Anti- Communist military background? What was the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) for? pic pic

9 Cold War Fears..Justified? Spying - in high gear. Accused: Alger Hiss, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg linklink “Blacklisting” in Hollywood - Lauren Bacall, Paul Robeson, Frank Capra, Ronald Reagan linklink The Crucible by Arthur Miller (Text)(Text) Invasion of the Body Snatchers- movie

10 Chap 16 – The Eisenhower Era – The Cold War continues.. Election of 1952 – criticized “handling of Korean War” Brinkmanship Massive Retaliation CIA formed in 1947 linklink Warsaw Pact – organized by Nikita Krushchev (followed Stalin) Eisenhower Doctrine in Mideast after Suez Canal Crisis

11 Cold War Fears & National Security House Un-American Activities Committee (‘38) link vid McCarthy vidlinkvidMcCarthy vid Internal Security Act (‘50) Senator Joseph McCarthy (quote - represents “McCarthyism”)quote Army-McCarthy hearings - exposed as “bully”bully

12 Examples of “Atomic Anxiety”? Hydrogen Bomb (1950) ICBM’s (with rocket propulsion) Sputnik (1957) launch vidlinklaunch vidlink National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (1958) linklink Atomic Bomb Drills by Federal Civil Defense Administration – “Duck and Cover” - vidvid Eisenhower’s Speech – Military Industrial Complex - Vid clip from "Why We Fight"Vid clip from "Why We Fight"

13 Great cultural and technological changes of this period? “Golden Age” of Television – I Love Lucy, American Bandstand, etc. Rock n Roll (Elvis, Chuck Berry, etc..) Rhythm and Blues Polio Vaccine (Dr. Jonas Salk)

14 What factors changed lifestyles and housing patterns in the US? Sun Belt States Interstate Highway Act (1956) Levittowns linklink Baby Boom Suburban Expansion (Creve Coeur) Urban Renewal programs (1950’s) – remember Mill Creek Valley?

15 Compare and Contrast – Cold War and “War on Terror”.. Venn Diagram - compare and contrast the US Cold War with Communism (’45 to late 50’s) with our current “War on Terror”. (Include at least 4 examples in each circle – at least 8 total examples). (complete Venn Diagrams can be worth up to 10 pts) Then, use these examples to write an argumentative essay on this question – “Was the Cold War more alike or different from our current “War on Terror”? (essays of ¾ to 1 full page can be worth 15pts)

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