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The Truman Show Themes and setting..

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1 The Truman Show Themes and setting.

2 Themes (the big ideas). 1. Imprisonment 2. Media manipulation (ethics)
3. Appearances v reality 4. Responsibility

3 Setting Setting is time AND place.
In this film, we have a few settings, including: Seahaven and the “real” world in the film.

4 Mise-en-scene To understand the setting, we must understand mise-en-scene. This is everything that a director puts in to a scene. This includes lighting, costumes, sound etc. This is all done for a purpose. Everything is intentional.

5 Visual and verbal aspects of mis-en-scene
VISUAL- camera angles, costumes, lighting, special effects. VERBAL- dialogue, sound (diegetic, non-diegetic).

6 Scene analysis for setting.
For each scene, you will learn more about the setting. You will need to include details about mis-en-scene to explain what visual and verbal techniques Peter Weir uses to help you understand the setting. You can also think about how the setting might relate to the theme.

7 Scene analysis: setting.
1. What sort of shots are there? 2. What sort of lighting is used? 3. What sort of mood is created by the setting?

8 Shot analysis.

9 Opening scene. What sort of view/impression do you get of Seahaven? What film techniques (visual/verbal) does Peter Weir use to show you this?

10 The elevator scene. What sort of characters do we see?
What does this scene tell us about Seahaven? What is this scene important for the movie and its plot development?

11 Christof’s scene. What does Christof tell us about the setting of the show? What are some key statistics he gives us about the setting?

12 Christof’s scene. CHRISTOF Yes, everything you see on the show is for sale -- from the actors' wardrobe, food products, to the very homes they live in. INTERVIEWER Why do you feel that Truman's never come close to discovering the true nature of his world? CHRISTOF We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented. As the show expanded, naturally we were forced to manufacture ways to keep Truman in Seahaven. What themes could these quotes relate to?

13 Boat scene/escape scene.
CHRISTOF We'll never find him like this. What time is it? CHLOE(anticipating the request)It's too early. CHRISTOF It doesn't matter. Cue the sun. EXT. STREETS - NIGHT/DAYThe sun instantly rises over Seahaven. CAST and EXTRAS shade their eyes from the sudden glare. What themes could these quotes relate to? How could you then relate aspects of setting to theme?

14 Extra setting information.
Homework: Is Seahaven always the perfect 1960’s Utopia setting that Peter Weir presents? Give reasons to support your answer. You may want to consider how Seahaven changes through the film. See if you can relate this to one of the themes mentioned at the beginning.

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