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Which part of the Earth’s Surface receives the LEAST direct rays from the Sun?

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1 Which part of the Earth’s Surface receives the LEAST direct rays from the Sun?

2 Poles

3 Would air rise more quickly above land or water?

4 The land… The land heats up quickly which will heat the air more quickly than water. Hot air will rise once it is heating.

5 What does the uneven heating of the Earth by the sun cause on earth? A.Specific Heat B.Radiation C.Convection Currents D.Thermocline

6 C. Convection Currents

7 What property of cold air causes it to sink?

8 Density Cool Air is more dense, warm air is less dense

9 Explain the process of Land Breeze.

10 1.The land is much cooler than the ocean at night. 2. The ocean heats the air above it. 3. The heated air then rises the a higher altitude where it cools. 4. As it cools it sinks down toward the cool land. 5. The cooler denser air at the land moves toward the warm ocean and process continues

11 A hurricane increases in energy when coming in contact with what? A.Land B.Warm Water C.Cold Water D.Maintain its level of energy no matter what

12 Warm Water

13 When warm air rises then cools and sinks, this process is called? A.Conduction B.Convection C.Radiation D.Thermoregulation

14 What is the direction of the wind and the name of the winds in the following area on the globe?

15 East to West Trade Winds

16 What processes cause winds to move in bands like in the picture below?

17 Uneven heating of the Earth and Coriolis Effect and Coriolis Effect

18 What frontal system will soon be entering Texas in the next few days? A.Low Pressure B.High Pressure C.Warm Front D.Cold Front

19 Cold Front

20 The air mass over Southeast Louisiana is an area of __________ pressure; therefore, the weather associated with it is ___________________.

21 Low pressure; stormy

22 What would the following air mass be labeled?

23 mT maritime Tropical

24 What would the weather be under the following air mass? (temperature and moisture level)

25 Cold and high moisture level

26 What is the difference between weather and climate?

27 The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively long periods of time in a certain region.

28 Where do warm ocean currents originate?

29 The equator

30 What is measured by a Thermometer? Barometer? Anemometer?

31 If you were collecting weather data for four weeks including air pressure, temperature, and wind speed. What might the data table look like?

32 DateTime of Day TemperatureAir Press ure Wind speed

33 What contributes most to creating the seasons on Earth?

34 The tilt of Earth’s axis

35 How does energy from the ocean transfer to a hurricane?

36 Evaporating water adds heat to the atmosphere

37 What information is shown by the contour lines on a topographic map?

38 Elevation

39 How would a hill be represented on a topographic map?

40 Series of closed lines forming concentric circles

41 What is the original source of energy that heats air and causes wind?

42 The Sun

43 Do oceans or land masses regulate temperatures better?

44 Oceans

45 A topographic map of a region is provided. Which position indicated by the letters is at an elevation of 475 meters?

46 Z

47 A topographic map is provided. The contour interval of the topographic map shown here is

48 25 meters

49 How can you tell if an area is steep on a topographic map?

50 Where the contour lines are closest together

51 A river is running through the region represented by the topographic map shown here. In which portion of the river will the water be flowing fastest? Which direction is the river flowing?

52 2 to 3 west to east

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