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Solar Thermotherapy Works… BUT, can it Save the Industry?

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2 Solar Thermotherapy Works… BUT, can it Save the Industry?

3 Small Tree Tenting 3 day treatment time

4 Size Does Make a Difference!  Physical size  Cost  Foliage  Terrain  Weather  Interfere with normal practices

5 Treating Large Acres of Large Trees Challenge Uneven Heating Excessive Heat Pulling Down the Row Moving Row-to-Row Uneven Terrain Interference w/ Daily Grove Operations Solution Circulation Fans Thermostatically Controlled Vent V-Ditch Track Linked “ 2 Tree Modules” Flexible Connection Joints Efficient Strings 1/8 Mile Long

6 Custom Greenhouse Modules Will capture and hold solar heat in the 105*F-125*F range in commercial groves for any age or size tree up to at least 14' tall and will adapt for almost any grove, 5 acres to 5000 acres.

7 Effectively Heating with Convection Convection ovens have become a popular feature in homes the last few years. Regular ovens rely primarily on radiation from the oven walls, and to a lesser extent, on natural convection caused by temperature differences within the oven, to transfer heat to food. In contrast, the fans in convection ovens allow more heat to be transferred via convective heat transfer. Fans help distribute heat evenly around the food, removing the blanket of cool air that surrounds food in an oven, allowing food to cook more evenly in less time and at a lower temperature than in a conventional oven.

8 Heat Circulation Heat will be uniform from 12 inches off the ground to within a few inches of the top of structure. Fans circulating air through the tree

9 Controlling Excessive Heat Powered by a thermostatically controlled blower. Ridge Vent sealed with inflated tube

10 Controlling Excessive Heat Self-venting even when ignored for long periods of time. Ridge Vent open with tube collapsed

11 Heat Circulation Monitoring temperatures in the top, the bottom and in mid-tree. Digital Recording Thermometers

12 Top of Structure Temperature

13 Bottom of Structure Temperature

14 Linked Together into “Strings” Capable of tracking down rows in strings up to 624 feet long (so that four "3-day setups" can complete a 1/2 mile long row).

15 Flexible Connection Joints Uphill Downhill

16 V-Ditch Tracks Provides cross section strength. Allows strings to follow in a straight line regardless of topography including bedded or ridge groves.

17 Addressing ‘Real Grove’ Conditions Flexible enough to be moved from row-to-row, though not location-to-location (therefore the number of Modules purchased for a location would be based on needs to treat 1/3 of that acreage annually for as long as need). Strong enough to withstand normal Florida weather. Low maintenance with an average depreciation life of >7 years. Requiring only moderate management.

18 Making it All Work….. For example, to treat 180 acres during a summer season:  Requires 260 modules linked into 10 strings, each 1/8 of mile long.  Covering 6,240 linear feet each “3 day treatment setup“.  Making 52 setups in 26 weeks of optimum solar conditions.  Operate with a crew of 6 men using 4 tractors.

19 What We Will Learn….  Gather data on tree response and fruit yields.  Refine heating parameters.`  Determine economic feasibility.

20 Module Costs (52 setups/year)

21 Annual Operating Costs (7 months)

22 Total Treatment Costs



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