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Virtual Library Project Marian Winner Chair, SAALCK SAALCK.

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1 Virtual Library Project Marian Winner Chair, SAALCK SAALCK

2  Purpose of the Virtual Library ◦ To Assist the Governor and the Council on Postsecondary Education in Delivering Distance Learning Programs via the Commonwealth Virtual University ◦ This Being Phase One of a State-Wide Library Project for All Types of Libraries to Serve All Citizens of the Commonwealth

3  State-Assisted Academic Library Council of Kentucky (SAALCK) ◦ Resource Sharing Consortium for 24 Years ◦ Purpose is to Make Available to All Our Collective University Community the Widest Range of Information Resources at the Lowest Cost

4  No Single Point of Entry or Gateway for Needed Information for ALL Kentuckians  Accessing 23 Separate Library Collections via 8 Online Library Catalogs ◦ Difficult to Share, Uneven Level of Access  Purchasing Electronic Information Resources Individually ◦ Costly, Uneven Level of Access

5  Using U.S. Mail to Share Book Collections ◦ Slow, Uninsured, Unreliable  Using the Ariel System via Internet to Share Journal Collections ◦ Community and Technical Colleges Not In  Difficulty in Accessing Kentucky-Oriented Information, e.g., State Census Data, State Publications, Special Collections & Archives

6  VISION ◦ To Fulfill a Dream That the Student in Pikeville or Paducah Has Access to the Same Level of Information as the Student in Louisville or Lexington

7  Infrastructure To Move Content ◦ Robust Connections to Kentucky Information Highway and Internet ◦ Transparent Linking for 8 Online Library Catalogs  One Single Web Gateway for All Information Resources for Kentuckians

8  Collaborative Purchasing / Licensing of Electronic Information Resources ◦ Leveraging Resources and Leveling the Playing Field, e.g., OCLC FirstSearch  Coordinated Digitizing of Kentucky-Oriented Information Resources ◦ Census Data, State Publications, Kentuckiana Collections & Archives

9  Universal Borrowing and Document Delivery ◦ Equal Access to Books and Journals Housed in All Libraries For All Students  State-Wide Information Literacy and Computer Competency Programs ◦ Educating and Retooling the Workforce for the 21 st Century

10  Learn About Other State-Wide Projects: Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina  Refining Plan and Budget With CPE  Implementation Plan

11 This was a screen shot to the program that is no longer in existence. It was a cooperative effort of the Community College System, the State University System, and the public libraries of Florida through collaboration with the State Library of Florida. Its purpose was to provide cost-effective, expanded access to library services in support of distance learning.





16 Thanks To YOU!

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