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PRESENTATION OF CLUB SAFETY STATEMENT Venue: Louth GAA Date: 02.04.2015 Presenter/s: Mick O’ Toole Leinster GAA Safety Committee- Club Safety Statement1.

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1 PRESENTATION OF CLUB SAFETY STATEMENT Venue: Louth GAA Date: 02.04.2015 Presenter/s: Mick O’ Toole Leinster GAA Safety Committee- Club Safety Statement1 Club Safety Statement

2  Health and Safety and Insurance related issues are presenting major challenges for GAA clubs. GAA Clubs are obliged to have a H & S Statement in place and it is also GAA National Policy  Average claim award €40k  Slips/Trips/Falls  Uneven Surfaces – Car Parks  Inadequate Lighting Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement2 Club Safety Statement

3  Claims experience highlights major weaknesses in Control of Properties  No safety Statements or Risk Assessments in place  No record keeping  No incident book / No cleaning records / No Club Members present Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement3 Public Liability Non GAA use of Properties - “Hirers” Insurance

4  Circuses/Fairgrounds  Bouncy Castles/ Jumping/Any type of Inflatable or hired amusement activity /Bungee &/or Trampolines  Animal Shows  Commercial Discos  Rock/Pop Concerts  Motorised Sports or Racing  Fireworks Displays  Scrap Metal Collecting  Use of Facilities by Third Parties who do not provide Proof of valid Insurance Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement4 Excluded Activities (unless authorised by the GAA prior to the event.)

5 Metal Strips Dividing Floor Surfaces Defective/Torn Floor Coverings Objects/Crates /Kit Bags left in Concealed Areas CLAIMS EXAMPLES Fractured Wrist/Nerve Damage (€59K) Fractured Vertebrae (€42k) Back Strain(€20K) Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement5 Tripping Hazards Indoor

6 Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement6 Housekeeping

7 Documented Cleaning Procedures Dry Mopping Notices Cordon off Claims Example Slipped on Wet dance FloorFractured Collar Bone€17K Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement7 Wet Floors

8 Gym Equipment Machinery Shed/Room Kitchen Areas Claims Example Injury to jaw trying to lift heavyweight(Gym)-€15K+ Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement8 Children Straying Into Danger

9 Nets and Goalposts Gates & Fencing Electrical & Heating Equipment Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement9 Defective Equipment

10 What we need to do! Annual Safety Statement - Update Risk Assessments Floors/Common Areas Inspected before and After Each Event Document Cleaning Procedures Develop Spillage Procedures Control Access to Club Facilities. Members only? Check Equipment before it is UsedIf Broken Remove It Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement10 Prevention

11 What is the Club responsible for?  Players  Officials  Employees  Volunteers  FAS Workers  Public  Drafting & Implementing a Safety Statement Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement11 Club Safety Statement

12 What is a Safety Statement?  It is a living document which includes:  ŸSection 1. Policy/Declaration signed by Club management  Section 2. Duties & responsibilities – adequate resources  Section 3. Implementation & Operations – commissioning construction work  Section 4. Hazard Identification & Control Measures – risk assessments  Appendixes. Drugs & alcohol policy Club safety inspection checklist Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement12 Club Safety Statement

13 Why does your club need to produce a Safety Statement? Under the Safety, Health & Welfare Act 2005 every employer/club must prepare a Safety Statement  GAA National Policy Requirement (NHSC) Highlights the duties of employees/volunteers/contractors to co-operate with health & safety practices It should be updated regularly to take account of changing circumstances Funding Requirement Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement13 Club Safety Statement

14  Take Ownership of the Safety Statement – with a view to enhancing the safety, health and wellbeing of all who interact with club  Make it specific to your facilities / activities:-  This is us - these are our facilities  This is what we do  Our Safety Statement is our documented commitment detailing how we conduct our activities and maintain our facilities safely (keep it simple). We Strive to Continually Improve! Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement14 Club Pride – Your Safety Statement

15  Who can be injured or become ill  How can they be injured or become ill  How many people are exposed  How can we eliminate or reduce the risk  Assess the risk and control the risk  See the matrix ( slide no. 17) to assist with calculating the risk Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement15 Risk Assessment

16  Common Hazards:  Slips/Trips/Falls on Properties  Uneven Surfaces – Car Parks  Lacerations  Inadequate Lighting  Spillages on Floors Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement16 Risk Assessment

17 Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement17 Risk Assessment Matrix

18 Likelihood How many times is a person /s exposed to the risk Consequences What are the expected consequence should the injury happen Rating risk enables us to control it. Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement18 Risk Assessment

19  Club safety coordinators will be supported by safety advisors from the infrastructure committee  Regular contact / support to County Boards is provided Benefits to Clubs: - Safer club environment - Protecting ourselves from litigation ( genuine or spurious) - Clubs being in a position to apply for grants - Saving on insurance costs and claims can be invested in club games promotions - Legal compliance Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement19 Support & Benefits

20 Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement20 Club Visitations CLUB VISITITATIONS County Board County Safety Officer Club Safety Co- ordinator Compliance

21 Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement21 Club Safety Co-ordinator

22  General Insurance Queries – –24/48 hour turnaround Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement22 Willis Insurance

23 Leinster GAA - Club Safety Statement23 Club Safety Statement

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