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M/S GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S. To continue please click on muse or press spacebar / arrow keys Govt. of West Bengal approved license holder of Legal.

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1 M/S GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S. To continue please click on muse or press spacebar / arrow keys Govt. of West Bengal approved license holder of Legal Metrology Dept., Govt. of West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chattishgarh, Sikkim & works under Legal metrology Dept. of other states in India. HERITAGE OF BENGAL IN BUSINESS ACTIVITIES

2 T o ascertain gain or loss in sales, purchase to provide only reliable means of maintaining adequate control over the storage & distribution & stock keeping in industrial production process control as oil, chemicals and it’s allied products are very costly items business and service render from it.  Profit and Loss depends on accuracy of storage tank calibration work  Settlement of disputes in management, production purchase / sales cycle Why calibration is essential Tank calibration services  Vertical Cylindrical Large diameter storage tanks.  Horizontal Cylindrical tanks and pressurised bullets.  Horton spheres and ship tanks.  All types of process tanks and vat.  Ultrasonic thickness testing of tanks and pipelines.  Tank settlement roundness and tilt survey.

3 WHO ARE WE? We are an independent company head quartered in Kolkata, India undertaking tank calibration, inspection, certification ultrasonic testing, tank settlement and tilt survey. Our company is government approved license for calibration of petroleum, chemicals, oil and liquid storage tanks. Our calibration of tanks helped many companies in achieving and maintaining ISO quality certification with the desired accuracy, traceability and measurement standard required by ISO. About Us OUR EDGE We are now consortium of efficient. Responsive and experienced engineers with on – field technical expertise combined with computer – aided mathematical volume analysis. We certainly have the edge with constant technological innovation and upgradation - meeting international standard and solving intricate problems like tilted horizontal tanks and volume of uneven floors. OUR COMMITMENT The leading company in calibration world. We are committed to meet consumers requirement by offering consistent quality service and at competitive price. Company’s profit depends on the accuracy of storage tank calibration chart. OUR FOCUS To make the tank owner understand the extreme importance of accurate volumes. Tank calibration and survey helps the owner of the tank to get a through feedback about inventory, product quality and tank health, which if wrongly executed may prove costly and disastrous. A through understanding of any tank characteristic has earned us the reputation of a first hand solution provider in the industry – In India.

4 Our vision is to become the recognized industry leader by our customers in the Storage Tank Calibration businesses in which we compete. Safety – Safety serves as a barometer of our company’s overall success and is a specific measure of our operating excellence Trust – Trust is the mutual respect for and confidence in people. Trust recognizes the importance of individuals and appreciates their diverse opinions. Trust compels us to share information and encourage new ideas. It requires an open, honest, forthright manner. Teamwork – Teamwork is personal involvement and collaboration in a team environment. It includes setting a common goal in support of business objectives, making an individual commitment to the team’s success and recognizing the success of the team. Accountability – Being accountable means every employee assumes ownership and responsibility for his or her own work, regardless of the job they perform. Being accountable means making decisions and holding oneself responsible for the consequences of those choices. Quality – Quality is the primary determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it requires employees to continuously provide internal and external customers with the right product or service...done right...the first time. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, better quality translates into better value for our customers and, subsequently, better value for their customers-and this is the very essence of competitive differentiation. OUR VISION We are trying to keep our old goodwill and maintain customer satisfaction and to serve our society and social development at large. In Storage Tank Calibration Work our Mission / Goal for modernization (subject to weights & measure Dept. approval) we will introduce safe laser beam measurement are also used for internal diameter measurement specifically for Horton sphere and underground cylindrical tanks. A combination of traditional physical calibration to the latest laser distance ranging and optical triangulation technology may be adopted in near future for accuracy. At the same time we will try to acquire all India license for all states in India in our activity. OUR MISSION

5 In this presentation we will demonstrate how and more importantly why we calibrate large bulk oil cylindrical vertical storage tanks using the latest on-field optical techniques and modern computerized analysis.

6 Large tanks have varying diameters from top shell to bottom shell not perceived by naked eye. Many due to tank settling, hydrostatic product head pressure, temperature in daily operation. Also due to unavoidable imperfect construction, repairs. Tank shells expand / deform gradually in time. If not taken into account, leads to accumulated huge product losses or impractical gain. It will also strain your credibility with client / vendor and dispute with excise / customs. The Problem – Inaccurate Volume

7 Problems on scaffolding Scaffolding around tank Scaffolding not practical at all locations. Lots of manpower required at site, availability and skill is a big problem. Vital safety questions on scaffolding. Time consuming. Strapping tapes require parallel path without sagging around the tank circumference – difficult to maintain on high scaffolding & windy conditions. Difficult to maintain even strapping tape tension of 4.5 kgf on high scaffolding may result in inaccurate circumference readout and hence inaccurate volume. Analog tape reading dependent on the personnel on scaffolding, in-consistent parallax & human error can occur. Tape path around circumference is localized, tilt bulges and expansions are not measured. No scaffolding required. No location problem. Single or 2 operators required. Completely safe – from ground. Fast execution. Digital total station system is leveled electronically instantly without physical intervention from the ground itself. Very accurate, fast and error-free digital reading which is analyzed on computer software to provide accurate volumes at all levels. No analog approximation – direct digital readings from station to computer no parallax - viewfinder. reticule aligns directly with tank edge. Angular readings are spread out evenly around the circumferential plane which gives us total indication of tank bulges, contractions, tilt and shape. Digital optical method solutions

8 In combination with circumferential strapping of a reference shell as per API 2550 or ISO 7507 (1), we follow “Optical Triangulation method” for calibration of vertical cylindrical tanks as per ISO 7507 – part 3 International standard. Here we will see how we use a Digital electronic total station combined with computer software to get diameters for all the shells up to the top. This method is better than EODR, which we will explain later.

9 The station is placed on a tripod on a fixed position and leveled. We need to measure the angular value between points A and B on a particular shell. A and B is a horizontal plane and are end points on the shell which are tangential to our line of straight AB

10 The station telescope is pointed to wards point A AB

11 This is what we see through the viewfinder. The edge of the tank shell is sighted tangentially coincide with the central cross mark of the viewfinder. This point is ‘A’. In this case note that at the top of the viewfinder the tank wall starts to deform (expand) a little to the left A

12 The station is now rotated right to point B horizontally and a similar sighting made. The angular value between point A and B is noted in highest resolution in degrees, minutes and seconds. AB

13 Without moving the equipments positions, similar sighting is made at a higher positioned shell between C and D and it’s angular value noted. Likewise angular values are measured for all shells from top to bottom. CD

14 Without moving the equipments positions, similar sighting is made at a higher positioned shell between C and D and it’s angular value noted. Likewise angular values are measured for all shells from top to bottom. CD

15 All the above steps are repeated for at least 5 to 12 positions all round the tank circumference depending on the size of circumference.

16 We now need to measure only one reference external circumference (Preferably on 1 st or 2 nd shell) accurately 3 times at an accessible height by strapping steel tape. Other important measurements which are carried out as per rule  Datum level determination  Dip points and hatch height  Dip reference height  Deadwood determination  Bottom dead stock volume  Floating roof weight  Shell thickness and strake height  Measurement temperature

17 This is an example showing i.d and lit/cm variations when calibration is done on a large 60000 KL tank. You can see that strapping of shells on scaffolding on upper course has caused large variations leading to a volume loss of the tank owner of approx. 40 KL. The blue line on the graph is data obtained by us by the methods we have demonstrated. Course no. Course height Open capacity in our chart lit/cm Difference lit/cm Net volume difference 123456123456 235.9 250.0 200.0 138.5 49047.85612 49049.78299 49040.38767 49034.67863 49036.27913 49034.81402 49048 49050 49036 48977 48978 48937 -0.1 -0.2 4.4 57.7 58.3 97.8 -34 -54 1097 14420 11656 13547 40632 Course no. i.D as per new calibration cm i.D as per old calibration cm i.D diff cm 123456123456 7902.5 7902.7 7901.9 7901.4 7901.6 7901.5 7902.5 7902.7 7901.6 7896.8 7896.9 7893.6 0.0 0.3 4.6 4.7 7.9 Lit/cm comparison i.d. comparison Tank No. - HT 07 (60000 KL F.R. Tank) Previous data Current data

18  Large tanks have floors that are uneven and may be of cone up or down shape. If you are empty, dead stock volume may be needed to be determined upto datum level.  Apart from the traditional bottom calibration with water and flowmeter / prover, we undertake 3D dry survey of tank bottom with advanced laser leveling and depth measurements.  When the floor data is analyzed on our customized softwares, we get a 3D contour from where we can accurately determine tank bottom volume upto datum plate and beyond to flush level.  Its fact, accurate and does not require water or proving liquid. Tank Bottom Calibration

19 All field data are logged on our computers. First, application of temperature, thickness & step-over corrections on this reference circumference is made to get an accurate “reference internal radius” at this level of the tank shell. Computerized processing of field data

20 This reference radius in combination with the total station readings is used to compute radius / diameter at all levels from top to bottom of the tank by complex triangulation and calculation on our advanced customized software.

21 Finally the Calibration Chart Tank volume at all heights are calculated accurately and error- free with calibration charts made as per client specifications and standard metrology rules. Data is also given on CD/email.

22 Advantage of Optical Triangulation over EODR  Electro optical distance ranging (EODR) process involves not one but numerous total stations the circumference where distance measured between them and the tank shell tend to be inconsistent more due to the fact the laser distance meters on the total stations have an inaccuracy range of +ve, -ve 3 to 5 mm, which is not acceptable at such a close distance to the tank when used for calculations. It has more disadvantages than advantages as a simple position error around tanks. Also in EODR we have to depend solely on the total station equipments, as there is no reference tank strapping method around the circumference to setup a basis for further measurements. We had tested out this method earlier and have found that optical triangulation is more accurate and flexible. Optical triangulation is done with vey high resolution of accuracy +ve, -ve 1 second. 1 second = 1/3600 degree. It can be placed anywhere around the circumference, even on an adjacent building and does not require any distance readings. Numerous tangential angular reading around the circumference gives very accurate tank radius based on a reference radius measured by strapping.

23 Our Clients believe in us  Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.  Hindustan Petroleum  Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.  I.B.P.Co. Ltd.  Castrol India Ltd.  Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd.  Hindustan Unilever Ltd.  Damodar Valley Corp.  Shalimar Chemical work Ltd.  Reliance Engg. Associates Pvt. Ltd.  United Brewireis Ltd.  CESC Ltd  Dabur India ltd. Follow next slide …  Tata Power Co. Ltd.  Britania Industries Ltd.  Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.  IFB Agro industries  Orissa Sponge Iron Ltd.  PNP Eng. Works Pvt. Ltd.  Exide industries  Dhara Vegetable Oil Food  Haldia dock Complex  I.M.C Ltd.  Punj Lloyd Ltd.  Reliance Industries Ltd.  Nicco cop. Ltd.

24 Our Clients believe in us  Mother Dairy (Calcutta) Dankuni  Khaitan (India) Ltd. Nadia  M.P.Giychem lndustriesLtd.(RANCHI)  Essar Oil Ltd.  United Storage & Tank Terminal Ltd.  Dhara Vegetable Oil Food Co. Ltd.  Ajanta Bottles & Blenders Pvt. Ltd.  Tata Chemicals Co. Ltd.  Vedant Aluminum Ltd.  Emmai Limited.  Mistubishi Co. Ltd.  Balmer Lawaries & Co. Ltd.  Vijay Tank & Vessels Ltd. Gujrat  IFB Agro industries  Indus Project Ltd. Haldia  Radiant Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.  Hi-Tech Carbon. Haldia  S.K. Oil & Co. Ltd.  Cheviot CO. Ltd. Budge Budge  Indian Oil Corp Ltd. N.J.P  Bokaro Steel Plant Steel City. Jharkhand  Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. Chattishgarh  M. K. Roy & Bros. Project Ltd. And many others… *See our website for more client list

25 M/S GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S. Excellence you look for…

26 12th FOSMI Awards for Excellence Programme and Seminar on Technology & Innovation: The Future for MSMEs. 20 th August, 2013. ITC Sonar, Kolkata Receiving Award of excellence in Service Sector - 2013

27 Customer satisfaction is our first motto…. Call us today Customer satisfaction is our first motto…. Call us today M/S GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S. M/S GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S. We are successfully spread in manufacturing & service sectors. Contact Details : Head office – 39A, B. T. Road (Kantakal), Kolkata – 700 002, WB. Works – 37B, B.T. Road (Kantakal), Kolkata – 700 002, WB. Cell – 0-9830081365 (Supriyo Ghosh) Telephone – 033-2558-9089 TeleFax - 033-2558-9089 E-mail – / Website – Head office – 39A, B. T. Road (Kantakal), Kolkata – 700 002, WB. Works – 37B, B.T. Road (Kantakal), Kolkata – 700 002, WB. Cell – 0-9830081365 (Supriyo Ghosh) Telephone – 033-2558-9089 TeleFax - 033-2558-9089 E-mail – / Website –

28 We all need you for Leadership, Style Delegating, supporting, Coaching & Directing. H.O – 39A, B. T. Road (Kantakal), Kol – 2, WB. Works – 37B, B. T. Road (Kantakal), Kol – 2, WB. Cell – 0-9830081365 (Supriyo Ghosh) Telephone – 033-2558-9089 TeleFax – 033-2558-9089 E-mail – Website –

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