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Bottom-Up Peace: Local Peace Infrastructure in Afghanistan.

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1 Bottom-Up Peace: Local Peace Infrastructure in Afghanistan

2 The Liaison Office (TLO) Founded in 2003 at request of elders from the Southeast to fill gaps in peace/statebuilding project Information gap  research/analysis Inclusion gap  Dialogue Facilitation; liaise between traditional governance mechanisms and modern state Peace/Justice gap  Peacebuilding/Alternative Dispute Resolution Survival/Resilience gap  Alternative Livelihoods Core Values Work participatory, inclusive and bottom-up Take into account local realities and adapt projects to community needs Conflict sensitive/do no harm approach Adherence to humanitarian principles of independence, impartiality and non-discriminatory practices

3 Continued top-down process  call on the High Peace Council to show greater political will and improve its uneven and ad hoc engagement with CSOs into a more systematic, sustained and transparent cooperation, especially at provincial/district levels Peace can only come when local ownership is achieved, by including men and women, young and old, modern and traditional, religious and secular, majority and minority (especially marginalized communities such as Kuchi nomads and internally displaced populations). Gaps in the Afghanistan Peace Process

4 Facilitate a truly participatory process and build inclusive-enough coalitions for durable peace (men, women, young, old, etc.) Function as an impartial and independent facilitator between the Afghan government and other stakeholders Build a bridge to grass-roots communities and promote community mobilization and facilitate confidence/trust building between people and government Facilitate local peace processes by reaching out to insurgent groups and help mediate grievances Advantage of Civil Society Inclusion

5 Peacebuilding Work around Afghanistan Village-Level Bodies Peace Shuras by TLO-Partner Organizations CPAU, SDO and PTRO Work with Malek Association by WADAN Contribute to peace/good governance at sub-national and national levels Provincial confidence-building National policy development (engagement with APRP/HPC)

6 TLO’s Peacebuilding Work Regional / Provincial Level – Peace Jirgas (ad hoc) Identify local grievances and solutions Communicated with state and international stakeholders Provincial/Regional/District Commissions on Conflict Mediation (CCMs—permanent) Regional: Southeast/Central Afghanistan Provincial: Khost (original), Paktia and Logar District: Nangarhar, Paktia, Helmand, Uruzgan, and Nimroz Identify and resolve (resource) conflicts: major at provincial/regional level; smaller at district level. Work closely with minority and women’s leaders in reducing conflicts and discrimination

7 Southeastern/Central CCMs Paktia, Khost, Logar: 20 members in each province Traditional elders, religious leaders, women’s leaders Balanced by geographic location and ethnic group 47 conflicts resolved in first year Regional: 21 members (seven from each provincial CCM) Has addressed inter-provincial issues/conflicts Also will address national issues/develop policy inputs and recommendations

8 Stakeholder Engagement Each CCM has developed a women’s engagement strategy (ensuring local “fit”) and women members on Khost and Logar CCMs Government conferral during CCM set-up and monthly confidence-building and yearly review (meeting between CCM members and government officials)

9 ProvinceSource of Conflict # of Conflicts Resolved Khost Irrigated and rainfed lands, family cases, inherited land, and verbal fight 15 Paktia Irrigated and rainfed lands, family cases, criminal, forest, and micro-hydro power 13 Logar Irrigated and rainfed lands, family cases, criminal, inherited land, and related to cash 19 Total 47 Resolved Conflicts

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