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© Product Management TOWERPOOL Cooking – Pasteurisation – Cooling Presstower & Boxes.

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1 © Product Management TOWERPOOL Cooking – Pasteurisation – Cooling Presstower & Boxes

2 © Product Management Thermal treatment of densely-packed products are often uneven The Challenge: Densely-packed products

3 © Product Management Densely-packed products are hard to treat with air or steam Heating and cooling of presstowers Heating with air or steam leads to uneven temperature distribution The outside of the presstower is warm and the inner part of the tower is cold Cooling with air or water spray leads also to uneven temperatures

4 © Product Management Saving energy and time by equalizing the temperature distribution within the tower VEMAG solution: TOWERPOOL The product is cooked/pasteurised and cooled down within the VEMAG metal chamber Warm and cold water is stored within separate water tanks The water is heated/cooled down with heat exchangers. To achieve a constant temperature the water is circulated continuously The water can easily penetrate e.g. the presstower After a batch, the water is pumped back into the tank and the towers can be transported out

5 © Product Management Presstowers are treated within a metal chamber connected to two water tanks (cold/hot). Tanks can be placed flexibly The concept

6 © Product Management Piping and instrumentation Warm waterCold water FW T T P Chamber T P M M M + - P V=46m³/h AW KM HM P P M AW = Drain water FW = Fresh water KM = Cooling agent HM = Heating agent P T M Motor Temperature sensor Pressure sensor Electrical valve Hand valve

7 © Product Management The water is constantly exchanged and distributed within the chamber Press Tower Application

8 © Product Management Open E1/E2 Boxes can be used – shown here: clipped sausages Boxes Application

9 © Product Management Water is constantly heated up and fed back into the chamber Even distribution of water

10 © Product Management Metal Chamber Single-row design for floor traveling trolleys The house is made of panels made of stainless steel, Wall and floor elements will be welded together. The wall elements are filled with cfc-free Poly-Urethane Entrance door Wing door made of stainless steel, , insulated with cfc-free Poly-Urethane with inspection window and safety protection Special designed entrance ramp with manual lifting device Lifting door as an option Transit as an option Scope of supply - I

11 © Product Management Water preparation Plate heat exchanger for steam connection Plate heat exchanger for Ammonia/Glycol 2 water tanks Water piping Niro with filter Circulation pump Isolation of tank and piping Excluded Cooling machine /steam generator Valves for steam/cooling agent Water/steam/cooling agent connection Scope of supply - II

12 © Product Management Even temperature distribution within the tower leads to – Less overheating – Up to 20% shorter process time – Less power consumption – Better taste and texture For cooling less water consumption compared to standard (waste) shower No movement of the towers – no crane or other equipment is needed. The towers have not to be modified Heating and cooling time are becoming balanced Benefits

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