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OCFO All Hands Safety Meeting Jeffrey A. Fernandez Chief Financial Officer November 19, 2008 Play it safe.

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1 OCFO All Hands Safety Meeting Jeffrey A. Fernandez Chief Financial Officer November 19, 2008 Play it safe

2 Agenda Kickoff and Welcome Cyber Security HSS Review Safety Recognition Overall Safety Stats Safety Survey Results Safety Skit and Ergo Talk Upcoming Move Back to your office - clean up

3 Cyber Security Discussion Denise Sumikawa Department Head Information Technology Division

4 What is the HSS review of Integrated Safety Management (ISM) and why is it being conducted now? The DOE Headquarters Office of Health, Safety, and Security (HSS) inspects field sites to assure that DOE’s ISM expectations are being met. These reviews are conducted at every DOE site and National Laboratory. In fact, LBNL is the last National Laboratory to be scheduled for this review. There is NO special reason for the review.

5 What is involved in the HSS Review? About 10 professional safety auditors from DOE Auditors will evaluate our ISM implementation at the employee level The auditors will interview staff, observe work, and conduct follow-up that may involve document/records reviews

6 What is the schedule for the HSS Review? Scoping VisitDecember 3-4, 2008 Planning VisitJanuary 12-15, 2009 Data Collection Visit (field audit)Jan 25 - Feb 5, 2009

7 Congratulations! Safety Recognition Safety is our business

8 Laboratory Safety Results FY 06 – FY 08

9 LBNL Recordables by Division FY 06 – FY 08

10 OCFO Recordables 2006-2008 Our recordables are distributed between ergos, slips, trips, and falls.

11 Safety Survey Results Seven questions/statements were asked: Safety is practiced as a core value in the OCFO Safety is practiced as a core value at the Lab What can we do to improve safety in the OCFO? What is your greatest safety concern? Does your supervisor communicate enough about safety? Have you taken all your safety training? Have you almost had an accident?

12 Safety is Practiced as a Core Value in the OCFO

13 Management does take safety seriously Ergo evaluations are ordered quickly for new employees OCFO has been very pro-active in making sure employees know their individual responsibility about safety Office safety isn’t a typical concern, but with the move, OCFO has emphasized safety in the office environment Ergonomics is at the top of the list There is a good ergonomic program in the OCFO

14 Safety is Practiced as a Core Value at the Lab

15 “I wish I could agree…” Overall morale at the Lab declining and will contribute to more safety issues Have heard senior Lab managers talk disparagingly about DOE’s EH&S requirements Questions from Dr. Chu’s presentation indicated safety as a core value may not be consistent across the Lab Dr. Chu’s talk set a positive tone Many employees feel the rules don’t apply to them If safety were practiced as a core value we wouldn’t be in this situation now Some divisions take it seriously, others don’t

16 What Can We Do to Improve Safety in the OCFO? Overwhelming cumulative response was we do communicate but more is always better Slow down and focus, quit rushing around Make everyone accountable Be observant of your surroundings including bikers, cars, uneven pavement, etc More disaster planning Take regular mini-breaks from your computer Share more lessons learned Continue to have non-supervisor representative on the OCFO Safety Committee

17 What Is Your Greatest Safety Concern? Traffic, and more specifically BIKES! Walkways (not well lit, uneven pavement, debris) Being in a hurry, not paying attention Earthquakes Working long hours and not taking breaks Ergonomics Too many wires on conference room floors No properly trained CPR employees in OCFO - (we have several and we will list them on our website) Moving to the hill and construction zones Wildlife

18 Does Your Supervisor Communicate Enough About Safety?

19 We discuss safety all the time Every staff meeting Absolutely Always at our weekly staff meetings Supervisors discuss on a regular basis Only a few said rarely

20 Have You Taken All Your Safety Training?

21 Have You Almost Had an Accident?

22 Nearly hit by speeding cars and buses Nearly hit by speeding bikes Twisted knee getting off bus Almost fell on walkway slipping on foliage Slipped on wet floor and almost fell Tripped not paying attention, almost fell Walking around construction site, slipped and scraped leg against wall Almost hit by a bus while driving at the Lab Opening up doors too quickly in 937

23 Ergo Talk and Safety Controls Betsy and Kristin

24 Upcoming 937 Move 937 staff have started to move Pack boxes safely - do not lift yourself, movers will do this Make sure your new workstations are ergonomically correct for you Ergonomist is measuring staff now to ensure new workstations are at the proper height before we get to our new “homes” Don’t rush, take the time it takes to do the job right Do the do’s and not the don’ts

25 Shoes for Safety Use your head when getting dressed in the morning. 25

26 Shoes for Safety Be Practical. 26

27 Our New Residence for 937 Staff Building 90 Trailers Notice the metal steps. When wet, they are slippery. The trailer decks are slick as well. This is also true of the 71 trailers where Procurement will be moving to.

28 Construction Hazards Construction Zones In the next 3-4 years there will be up to 50 large truck trips per day going up and down on the hill….that’s one every 10 minutes!

29 The Walkways Can Be Slick Notice the leaves and uneven pavement. Rain makes these walkways very slippery.

30 The Walkways Can Be Slick The steps leading to the cafeteria can be particularly hazardous in the rain

31 Hazard Signs Awareness

32 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) A RED lock with a DANGER tag (photo) indicates LOTO What does a LOTO lock and tag indicate? Equipment is being serviced and someone could be hurt if the power is turned on This lock may only be controlled by the servicing worker Who uses the RED lock and tag? ONLY trained (EHS-256) and authorized (JHA) employees may use LOTO

33 Our Natural Surroundings Despite all the environmental safety hazards, the Hill has its benefits.

34 Summary Safety is a part of our Division culture, but we can always improve Many changes to ES&H policies and procedures Need to understand them and know how they are implemented in our Division We are judged by DOE on how well we: Protect people and property Do what our policies and procedures say we do Identify things that need to be fixed and fixing them We are seeking improved safety, less scrutiny and continuing work under this contract Back to your office – clean up and be safe Safety starts with an S but begins with YOU

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