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Use of Concept Map in Teaching S4-5 Geography Curriculum Presented by Linda Lam Buddhist Tai Hung College.

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1 Use of Concept Map in Teaching S4-5 Geography Curriculum Presented by Linda Lam Buddhist Tai Hung College

2 What are our new focuses? 3-I Approaches

3 Inductive teaching (think critically and logically through interactive activities, make value clarification and judgment) Issue-based approach (problem solving skills) Integrated approach (concepts with tight lessons linkage)

4 Macro-concept map: Key:IssuesThemesOur focus

5 Lesson Plan


7 Lesson 1 How does famine affect the people in the world? Organizing idea: Famine is a severe kind of food shortage that causes the deaths of many people in less developed countries, especially in central and southern Africa. Activities: Photos interpretation, video interpretation, newspaper clips interpretation

8 Lesson 2 and 3 Why are famines frequently happening in less developed countries but not in developed countries? Organizing idea: The world now grows enough food for everyone, so the famine and hunger problems are more a result of the uneven distribution of food. People’s ability to obtain food in the world is determined by the level of development of their country. Activities: Simulation game (Millionaire VS. Hunger), locate countries on the “Model of African Map”

9 Lesson 4 Why does famine happen in Ethiopia? Organizing idea: Taking Ethiopia as a case study, causes of famine in this country can be examined and these factors are divided into two categories -- - physical and human-induced Activities: Newspaper interpretation, data interpretation and analysis

10 Lesson 5 How do climatic factors affect Ethiopia? Organizing ideas: The global climate changes with latitude and it explain the role of tropical arid climate catalyzing the problem of famine in Ethiopia Activities: video and pictures interpretation, simulation game, locate countries on the map, data analysis

11 Lesson 6 and 7 Why there is a surplus energy budget in Ethiopia? (Experiment: Which location on earth is warmer?) Organizing idea: The insolation on the earth’s surface is unevenly distributed that causes a surplus and deficit energy budget in different locations Activities: Experiment, data analysis

12 Lesson 8 How do the factors in the farming system affecting the farming activities? Organizing idea: Both positive and negative impacts of the physical factors (Solar energy, temperature, rainfall, soil and relief) and human factors (labour, capital, transport, technology, institution, perception) in the farming system will affect the outputs of the farming activities and eventually leads to different types of farming activities being performed in different locations in the world Activities: Sorting Cards Game (Playing cards!), Identifying photographs of different types of farming

13 Lesson 9 and 10 What’s wrong with the farming in Sahel? Organizing idea: Most people in Sahel is practicing nomadic herding and both the constraints in physical factors and human factors in the farming systems has lead to poor productive and failure of harvest in Sahel and eventually lead to famine. Activities: locate countries on the “Model of African Map”, Draw a farming system (What’s the farming system in Sahel?)

14 Lesson 11 How can we help to solve famine in Sahel, especially in Ethiopia? Organizing idea: International food aid cannot effectively help ease famine in the long-term, while the self-help programmes that help the poor to increase food production and income as well as birth control can be claimed as a better method for ease famine Activities: Simulation game (Helping the poor~)

15 Concept Map in Classroom Activities for Stimulations Experience sharing – F.4 Debate

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