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GEOMETRIC POTTERY Greek Pottery 1050-700 BC.

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2 Geometric Pottery Enduring Understanding: Though the Greek civilization experienced a Dark Age from BC, archaeologically, they produced quite a lot of material. It is evident that the Greek civilization continued to advance even through this Dark Age.

Between BC, most pottery was influenced by the Dorians,a simple group of people from Europe who took over Greece. Their forms of pottery were simple, uneven shapes. By 1050 BC, a new style began to develop. It is called Geometric style. But the earliest stage of this new style of pottery was called Proto-Geometric ( BC).

4 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Different Types of Pottery: USAGE
KRATER: Large Mixing container for water with Wine KYLIX: shallow, circular, 2 handled drinking cup on narrow stem HYDRIA: large 3 handled jar for carrying water. One handle for pouring, 2 for lifting. OINOCHOE: small pitcher used for pouring wine into cups

5 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Different Types of Pottery: USAGE
AMPHORA: tall, 2 handled storage jar for oil, wine, dry goods such as grain.

Crude in design and uneven in terms of symmetry

7 Periods of Geometric Pottery
Proto-Geometric Period: BC Early Geometric Period: BC Middle Geometric Period: BC Late Geometric Period: BC

8 Periods of Geometric Pottery
More complexity over time Late Geometric Middle Geometric Early Geometric Proto-Geometric BC

9 GEOMETRIC POTTERY History Proto-Geometric Period: 1050-900 BC
Made on a wheel Decoration on pots: black bands, wavy lines, simple geometric shapes. Principally concentric circles and half circles. Careful attention was given to relationship between decoration and shape of pot. Signaled a reawakening of technical proficiency in Greece

Proto-Geometric neck handled amphora Proto-Geometric belly-handled amphora Neck handle Half circles Belly Handle Wavy Lines Simple bands

Notice: dark colors painted on lighter body. Proto-Geometric neck handled amphora Proto-Geometric belly handled amphora

12 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Geometric Period: 900-700 BC
Increasing variety of design on pots More coverage on pot. Lots of lines and patterns. Complexity of design increases: simple figures of animals then later, humans appear. Bodies and limbs represented by triangles. Some patterns recall those on baskets, clothes, a “weave pattern”.

13 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Geometric Period: Black painted over a lighter body.
Depictions of humans and animals are conceptual rather than representational. Human figures reduced to geometric shapes. Upper bodies are triangles. Rest of body in profile. Subject matter: battle scenes or funeral scenes.

14 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Geometric Period:
Large amphora with handles attached to neck were also used for the cremated remains of men and boys. Large jars, Kraters, with handles attached to belly could also be used for the cremated remains of women and girls. Shapes: zig-zag, cross-hatched, triangles, the meander and swastika. General rule: size of figure denotes its importance. Some Kraters served as grave monuments. Holes at the bottom allowed the liquid poured in to seep into the ground for the dead.

15 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Early Geometric Style: 900-850 BC Different shapes
Early Geometric Grave group BC

16 Early Geometric BC

17 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Middle Geometric Style: 850-800 BC
MG Belly handled Amphora ( BC MG Horse handled Pyxis Notice the growth and variety of shapes

18 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Geometric Style: Late Geometric 800-700 BC.
Diplyon amphora/grave marker BC Diplyon Krater/grave marker BC Triangular human figures Funeral scene Battle scene

19 GEOMTETRIC POTTERY Geometric Style: Late Geometric 800-700 BC
Detail of Figures from pots

20 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Geometric Style: Late Geometric 800-700 BC.
Detail of figures from pots

21 GEOMETRIC POTTERY Geometric pottery with its shapes and depictions of humans and animals is one step toward a more realistic view of life.

22 Periods of Geometric Pottery
More complexity over time Which periods are these pots from?

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