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ISIM Integration & Test Mike Drury 301-286-4622 JWST-PRES-012923.

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1 ISIM Integration & Test Mike Drury 301-286-4622 JWST-PRES-012923

2 Agenda ISIM CDR RFA Status ETU SI Preparations ETU Road Show Electrical I&T Harness Mock Up ISIM Control Room ISIM I&T Test Team Operations Helium Shroud Cryo-Vac Time Line I&T Flow Path Forward

3 RFA Status 04/28/08 ISIM I&T received two RFAs at the CDR. Crane Lifts: ITP crane lift GSE not shown during CDR. How does this GSE prevent tilt and uneven lift/descent of the integrated ISIM/ITP into Tvac chamber. Concern for twist of ITP and possible uneven "impact" during installation Response provided and ACCEPTED by Originator for Closure SES GSE Vibrations Imparted to ISIM OGSE: Measure the vibration imparted by the flowing helium gas in the SES cooling loops, and develop predictions for the level of vibration that will be imparted to the ISIM, through 1) the thermal straps that are connected to the cooling loops at the radiator attachment points, and 2) the ITP, though the loops that loops that are linked to it. Rationale - Turbulent flow through pipes can generate vibration. Additionally, the pipes can transmit vibration from the environment, and so represent a short circuit around the vibration isolators. Response was provided 04/03/09

4 ETU SIs 04/28/08 Preparations are well underway for the receipt of ETU Science Instruments at GSFC Procedures for handling are in draft form under internal review Documentation requested for proof testing and inspection of MGSE Requested safe-to-mate procedures that will be used for incoming post shipment functional ISIM I&T is engineering, designing, & purchasing materials for the ETU road show cables ISIM Harness will build, test, and deliver cables to I&T Working on the details of the end item data package (EIDP) NASA and SI teams will mutually agree on the EIDP contents

5 ETU Road Show Block Diagram

6 Electrical I&T 04/28/08 Design and engineering of GSE cables nearly complete Materials and parts have procured Harness kits are being assembled for all harness builds Developing the system that will perform ISIM/IEC safe to mate Developing safe to mate procedures for the road show and ISIM I&T

7 ISIM Harness Mock Up (Region 1) 04/28/08 Current plans for the mock up include the addition of secondary structure Install the ICP As Accurately place the ICP 1s in the instrument envelope Develop a region 2 harness mock up Install thermal sensors Move the harness mock up from the build 7 basement to the big top tent

8 Control Room Network rack, firewalls, routers, switches and wireless installed, tested, and operational (internal and external connectivity) OSIM equipment installed and tested with the network Fiber links to the SES and Acoustic chamber tested and ready for use JLAB80/SITS rack installed and being used for ISIM development

9 ISIM I&T Test Operations Team 04/28/08 Accomplishments since ISIM CDR -Developed first draft of ETU Roadshow test plan and related schedule -Created outline of ISIM System Functional Test and Comprehensive Performance Test - Provided support to NIRSpec DS Pathfinder I&T effort - Provided IRSU command/telemetry definitions to NG and supported the IRSU team in their box level testing - Conducting period meetings with ISIM optical team for determining exposure types and OSIM operations concepts - Identified list of GSE needed for ISIM I&T - ISIM Integration and Test Set (IITS) Specification nearly completed (only 1 TBD remains)

10 Helium Shroud 04/28/08 Helium shroud (option 3) continues to be assembled in the I&T complex area (building 10) Main purpose of the 03 configuration is the Primary Mirror Backplane Support Structure (PMBSS) Cryo Shroud is assembled outside of the Space Environmental Simulator (SES) and hoisted in via the building 10 overhead crane Option 3 acceptance test preparations Draft of acceptance test plan has been distributed for internal review Upon the completion of the 03 acceptance test the shroud will be removed from the SES and reconfigured for the option 1 acceptance test Main purpose of the 01 test is the ISIM Cryo-Set test Helium shroud is equipped with a valve box for enhanced controllability of cooling zones

11 Helium Shroud 04/28/08 Shroud Floor Support Structure OSIM Clearance LN2 Guard Shroud He Floor Shroud

12 Helium Shroud 04/28/08

13 Helium Shroud 04/28/08 He Shroud being hoisted to option 3 shroud permanent legs

14 Helium Shroud 04/28/08

15 Helium Shroud 04/28/08

16 Valve Box SES Shell The valve box controls the flow of helium gas through each zone

17 ISIM I&T Overview

18 Cryo-Vac Time Line

19 Path Forward 04/28/08 Continue to prepare for the ETU Science Instrument receipt and road show Helium Shroud option 1 and option 3 acceptance test Complete the OSIM Shroud requirements and statement of work document Continue to prepare for the ISIM ETU program Finalize ETU SI EIDPs Complete ISIM System Functional Build GSE harness for the road show Complete harness mock up upgrades

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