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Greenhouse Structures

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1 Greenhouse Structures
Greenhouse Management

2 Detached Greenhouses These “stand alone” greenhouses come in 3 basic types: Even-span greenhouses Uneven-span greenhouses Quonset greenhouses

3 Even-span Greenhouses
Examples of even-span greenhouses.

4 Even-span Greenhouses
Usually clear-span. Roofs equal in width and pitch angle. Two basic types: American or high profile. Dutch (Venlo) or low profile.

5 American or high profile even-span greenhouses
One large roof per greenhouse. Overlapping panes. Greater possibility of air leakage where panes overlap.

6 Dutch or low profile even-span greenhouses
Two small roofs per greenhouse. Roof panes extend from eave to ridge. No overlapping panes.

7 Uneven-span Greenhouses
One roof wider than the other. Different pitch angles. Used on hillsides. Not popular. Wider roof faces south for maximum solar gain.

8 Quonset Greenhouses Examples of Quonset style greenhouses.

9 Quonset Greenhouses Framework consists of curved bars or tubes.
Clear span. Can be used for growing. Often covered with white, polyethylene film and used to over-winter nursery stock.

10 Attached Greenhouses These “connected” greenhouses also come in 3 basic types: Lean-to Ridge and Furrow Barrel Vault

11 Lean-to Greenhouses Attached to buildings or other greenhouses.
Usually face south.

12 Ridge and Furrow Greenhouses
Consist of several to many even-span structures placed one after another forming a range of greenhouses. Gutter connected. American or Dutch (Venlo).

13 Barrel Vault Greenhouses
Several quonset type greenhouses connected together forming a range. Gutter connected.

14 Barrel Vault Greenhouses
Barrel vault greenhouse with ridge vent.

15 The End

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