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CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 16 Scottish Puritanism PART 2.

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1 CHURCH HISTORY II Lesson 16 Scottish Puritanism PART 2

2 PURITANISM: PART 2 “the haunting fear that someone might be happy!” H. L. Mencken “The Puritan through life’s garden goes, To pluck the thorn and cast away the rose!”Kenneth Hare “A ‘spiritual movement’ which developed under Elizabeth I (late 16 th century), blossomed in the Interregnum (1640’s and 1650’s) and withered in the persecution between the Restoration (1660) and Toleration (1689)”Dr. David Calhoun We must picture the original Puritans “as the very opposite of those who bear that name today; as young, fierce, progressive intellectuals, very fashionable and up-to-date.”C.S. Lewis

3 Roots and Growth Elizabeth I (1560-1603) James I (1603-1625) Charles I (1625-1649) Blossoms and Fruit Withering and Breaks Civil War (1640-1649) CommonwealthInterregnum Charles II (1660-1685)Restoration Glorious RevolutionWilliam & Mary Toleration Act of 1689 Acts of UniformityGreat Ejection of 1662 Withered & Broke Lack of qualified men Sermon style had changed

4 Who were the Puritans?Serious Christians “ There dream was holiness in their own lives and in the lives of everyone around them” J.I. Packer THE PURITAN LIFESTYLE The Reformed Monk Humility Receptivity Scripture Providence Doxology Honor God Turn life into worship Energy Obey God View all life as work Man small; God great

5 The Personal Lifestyle Rhythm of work-worship-rest Self-watch; keep a good conscience The Whole Sum of the Cases of Conscience Wm. Perkins Conscience with the Power and Cases thereof Wm Ames Christian Directory Richard Baxter Diary keeping Philanthropy and public spirit

6 Doctrine of Marriage Highest and best state Ordinary calling of everyone The man and woman are equal in the image of God Man is to cherish his wife Specifics of the relationship Doctrine of the Church Pastoral Ministry: Shepherds and Teachers of the flock Pastor’s Role Brotherhood among Pastors Theology – thoroughly Calvinistic WESTMINSTER ASSEMBLY

7 “THE FOUR POINTS OF UNIFORMITY” Form of Church Government Directory for Public Worship Confession of Faith Catechisms


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