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Writing. Summary Imperative Form Sequence connectors.

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1 Writing

2 Summary Imperative Form Sequence connectors

3 What should we say when we want to give set of instructions? Imperative Verb Form The second person imperative has the same form as the bare infinitive Hurry!Stop!Wait! For the negative we put Do not or Don’t before the infinitive Don’t hurry!Don’t stop! We can add do for emphasis Do hurry!Do wait!

4 Imperative verb form practice 1.A: What should I do if I want to call the Fire Service? B: ____________ A.Dial 113C.Dial 115 B.Dial 114D.Dial 108

5 2.A.What should you do if you don’t want to hear the sound? B.____________ A.Press the MUTE button B.Press the VOLUME button C.Press the PROGRAM button D.Press the POWER button 

6 3. A: When you are too noisy in class, what will the teacher say? B: _________ A.Keep silent! B.Go out! C.Close the door! D.Stop!

7 4. A: When you’re at the restaurant, your mother want to use the salt, what will she say? B: Darling, _________ A.Go to the toilet ! B.Pass the pepper, please ! C.Sit down ! D.Pass the salt, please !

8 5. A :When you go to the zoo, you see the signs at the tiger’s cage B: __________ A.Open the cage B.Do not walk on the lawn C.Fierce dog, don’t come near D.Do not feed animals DO NOT FEED ANIMALS 

9 6. A: I will start the French course on Monday for sure B: Yes, _________. You’ve been talking for ages A.Do run now! B.Do eat! C.Do start now! D.Do buy it! B o n j o u r ! J e m ’ a p p e l l e … Merci, BEAUCOUP!

10 Sequence connectors The first thing you have to do is … First of all you … Firstly … After you’ve done that you … The next thing you do is … Then, … Finally, … At the end … Make sure you remember to …

11 Rearrange the steps of repotting a plant: 1.Make hole in the center of soil 2.Press soil down with thumbs 3.Cover bottom of pot with small stones 4.Drop plant into soil 5.Put two inches of soil on top of stones 6.Water plant 7.Add more until it reaches top of pot 1.Cover bottom of pot with small stones 2.Put two inches of soil on top of stones 3.Make hole in the center of soil 4.Drop plant into soil 5.Press soil down with thumbs 6.Add more until it reaches top of pot 7.Water plant

12 Now write a process paragraph based on the pictures and the cues. The first two sentences are give for you: “ When a plant grows too large for its original pot, it needs to be repotted. It can be done quickly and easily if you follow the right procedure …” GOOD LUCK, BOYS & GIRLS!

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