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Once upon a time….. In a faraway land There lived a great scholar.

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1 Once upon a time….

2 In a faraway land

3 There lived a great scholar

4 He governed an ancient seat of learning One of the world’s top 50 universities 29,000 students (8k from overseas) 10,000 staff (2k from overseas)

5 It was his wish that many more come from far and wide to study

6 But the journey had become difficult

7 And competition abroad was fierce

8 It was not easy for outsiders to see the wonders of his university

9 He had many lords, each lord of their own domain

10 Each wished to stand apart

11 How to overcome these internal battles?

12 Aha! Inspiration! A content management system!

13 Website for strangers of all nations

14 So he asked a select group of magicians to make it happen

15 They travelled the fiefdoms, asking Who will visit your website? What do they want? What do you really want for them?

16 And so it came to pass, a new website and publishing framework was born Central site- studying theme


18 And 3 years later 50 units 500 editors 90% Information Services Group 83% Corporate Services Group 75 % Student & Academic Services Group 70% Schools & Colleges

19 The online kingdom was a devolved one Own editors Own content Own workflow

20 His people could now rely on: Reliable infrastructure Graphic design Training and support System administration Legal compliance

21 And so the great lord and scholar was so happy that he said “let’s do more”

22 Let’s invest in more new technology

23 And the magicians said, Sir, please consider your people

24 Many are just at the beginning of their journey They are evaluating their content and users assessing their time and skills available beginning to share technical development

25 They have begun to work together

26 What do the people want now? core elements of editorial and structural consistency flexibility and agility to respond to changing landscape time

27 And so their wishes were granted

28 And they all lived happily ever after

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