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Crowd Power Your Community Innovative Technology With Social Benefits Daryl Hatton – Founder & CEO –

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1 Crowd Power Your Community Innovative Technology With Social Benefits Daryl Hatton – Founder & CEO –

2 Problem: Everyone Needs To Raise Money Competition for funding is fierce Traditional methods of funding no longer effective Marketing messages lost in social media noise People / projects / organizations dying from lack of funding 2Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential Non-profits Entrepreneurs Political Artists

3 Solution: Viral Internet Cause Marketing Innovative social media tools to increase community engagement Campaign messages designed to rise above noise in newsfeeds Helps campaign spread virally to find / enroll new supporters Raises money by connecting with new sources of financial support 3Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential

4 Problem: Communities Need Funds Too 4Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential Startup incubators, universities, sports/business associations, school boards must provide funding solutions for their members Security / branding / community safety concerns prevent use of existing crowdfunding portals Costs of developing, deploying, operating and maintaining white-label crowdfunding portals much too high White-label crowdfunding solutions unproven, raise less money $ $ $ $ $ $ $

5 Solution # 2: Crowdfunding As A Service Crowdfunding plug-in components bring social funding tech / experience to existing web sites – lightning fast setup, low costs Delegated administration allows community organizations to control project creation, approvals, publication, promotion, administration, receipt generation and financial tracking Leverages ongoing community benefits and technological advances of world’s most effective funding platform (FundRazr) 5Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential

6 Market Opportunity Overall market: $2.7b (2012) – Estimated (2013): $5.0b Addressable market segments: $1.0b (2013) → $4.0b (2017) 6Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential 2011 Actuals

7 Path To Market Internet SEO/SEM/Social Media/PR Viral customer adoption from direct FundRazr campaign activities Direct sales to universities, startup incubators/accelerators, industry associations, enterprise partners Channel partnerships with PayPal, Facebook, Twitter 7Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential

8 Competitive Advantages 3X more social media visibility for campaigns raises more money Customer access to continuous CFaaST platform updates reduces maintenance costs, competitive / technology risks Lightning fast implementation / lower costs Superior, more flexible business models Leverages brand and community of existing FundRazr users Unlike competitors (e.g. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, …) builds client’s online community, not portal’s. Doesn’t redirect web traffic offsite to portal… 8Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential

9 Financial $625K seed investment from founder / friends / family $500K SRED/IRAP contributions $1M revenue to date Cash flow positive January 2013 100% revenue growth in Q1/13 versus prior quarter 9Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential Daily revenue to June 2013 Plans in place for additional investment in market expansion, channel partner acquisition, continual technology innovation

10 FundRazr, Facebook & PayPal Partnerships Deep, long term partnerships Provides early access to new technology, sales channels Twitter, Google partnerships in process

11 Team 11Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential Chris Jensen – CMO, LeftOfTheDot Internet marketing expert Rob Hutchison – CEO, biOasis Payments industry expert Governance Christian Sander – CTO 6+ years as PayPal + infrastructure Andrew Carlisle – UX designer 8+ years in web 2.0 + social media Daniel Fraser – Social media guru 6+ years as Facebook + viral effects Technologists Daryl Hatton – Chair & CEO 30+ yrs startup + public co. exp Bret Conkin – CMO 30+ yrs marketing at top brands Bill Diamond – Operations 12 yrs banking + 8 yrs startup exp Executive Bill Tam – CEO BCTIA Executive mentor, extensive startup exp. Russ Ovans – ex CEO Backstage Extensive social commerce expertise Advisory

12 January 2010FundRazr / PayPal co-development / co-marketing partnership formed Milestones 12Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential July 2010FundRazr product launch October 2010FundRazr helps PayPal launch Adaptive Payments architecture January 2011Julian Assange (Wikileaks) launches £250,000 campaign July 2012Save The Children achieves first $1,000,000 FundRazr campaign September 2011Facebook partnership / FundRazr promoted at Timeline product launch December 2012Crossed $18 million total money raised January 2013Cash flow breakeven June 2013CFaaST platform launch April 2013Twitter partnership May 2013Crossed $25 million milestone June 2013BCTIA Most Promising Startup Winner August 2011Vancity Social Ventures Prize – New Ventures BC Competition

13 Use Of Funds 13Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential Segment penetration: individual, nonprofit, entrepreneurial, … Market expansion: UK, Euro Zone, Australia, New Zealand Technological leadership extension / build out product vision

14 Summary Market leading technology Experienced team / Strong partnerships “Clean” corporate structure Potential for VC class financial return 14Copyright © 2013 FundRazr.Com - Confidential MarketSolutionTeamResults

15 Crowd Power Your Community Innovative Technology With Social Benefits Daryl Hatton – Founder & CEO –

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