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Presents. Client Centered Meetings for Expanding Services.

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1 Presents

2 Client Centered Meetings for Expanding Services

3 So you’re going to have eye surgery? 3

4 Looking for a great financial planner? 4

5 Three Strategies for Double Digit Growth  Strategy #1 – Identify your “A” clients and super – please them  Strategy #2 – Identify your “B” clients and turn them into “A” clients  Strategy #3 – Look into the marketplace and find prospects like your “A” and “B” clients. 5


7 Objectives  Client centered meetings  Spirit of cooperation  Listen more effectively  Better communicate  Offer dessert  Gaining commitment for the right solutions

8 A New Attitude Old Paradigm New Paradigm

9 Two Attitudes Old Paradigm I just bill by the hour. New Paradigm I’m here to help you succeed. Waits for the client to callProactively connects with clients Demonstrates capabilitiesAsks questions Solves problems I seeUncovers solutions

10 Three Behaviors…

11 Time and Tension Model Trust Time Low High Tension

12 Relationship Tension Your goal is to decrease relationship tension as fast as possible to promote a good business conversation

13 Relationship Tension High Low

14 What can be done to reduce relationship tension?  Connect  Reason for Meeting  Ask Questions  Listen

15 Reason, Process, and Benefit Reason: Why are we meeting? Process: How do we proceed? Benefit: How will we both benefit from spending this time together?

16 Skills Practice

17 Word Association – Selling is__________? 17

18 Principles of Cross Selling 1.Cross selling is the most cost effective and proven method… 2.Cross selling can only be accomplished if there is strong teamwork. 3.Cross selling can only be accomplished if there is an understanding of the firm’s menu of services. 4.Cross selling can only be achieved if there is a strong relationship built on trust and mutual goals and objectives. 18

19 The Law of the Ladder At the Top of the Ladder  Price Resistance Decreases  There is Little or No Competition At the Bottom of the Ladder  Price Resistance is intense  Competition is fierce

20 Cross Selling Process Internal 1.Know your firm’s menu of services 2.Tell others what you do 3.Know what others do 4.Have a client success story 5.Know buzz words and have questions to ask 20 External 1.What services is the client using now? 2.What services could they use? 3.Cycle Selling 1.Clients 2.Referral Sources 3.Centers of Influence


22 List of My Firm’s High Value Services

23 Know your firm’s menu of services Partner / Manager Services

24 SPEED Model ObjectiveFocus S ituation Current Status (Have) P roblem Uncover problems and needs E xploration Receptivity to new service idea E xpansion Advancing Commitment D ecision Gaining Commitment

25 Situation Who provided this service? Benefits to the client? Services they could be using?

26 Problem  Problems in the marketplace  Anticipate problems the client may face  No Problem…No Sale!  What other problems?

27 Exploration  Right Solution  Receptive  Pay more for wants

28 Expansion  # 1 Problem?  How serious?  Super size the pain!  LISTEN and respond to their concern

29 Decision Advance Commitment Pricing Discussion Terms and Conditions

30 Buying Conditions Internal - Buying Decisions - Price, Payment Ability Features - Quality Standards External - Industry Trends - Economy - Exchange Rates - AR/AP - Potential M & A’s

31 Brian Tracy How to Listen

32 Listening ….Is suspending one’s own judgment to really understand what someone else is meaning

33 List the skills of a good listener  Think of people you believe consistently listen well.  What are some common traits they share?

34 Listening Skills  Restatement of your understanding  Listen with…  Heart first  Eyes second  Ears third

35 Skill Practice #2

36 Offering Dessert

37 Cycle Selling

38 Client Service Matrix

39 Centers of Influence  List ideas on how to expose your Centers of Influence to your services  List 5 Centers of Influence that you will tell about your high value services

40 Develop Solution, Application and Benefit Statements Solution: What is it? (service) Application: How does it solve the problem? Benefit: What does it do for the Client? Communicates why a client should use this service

41 Skill Practice #3

42 Learning Points  Time and Tension Model  Ladder of Trust  Reason – Process – Benefit Statements (RPB’s)  SEED Model  Offering Dessert  The Satisfied Client Story to Gain Commitment

43 Thank You!

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