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Progression Module Launch Sophie Craven Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer.

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1 Progression Module Launch Sophie Craven Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer

2 Congratulations, you made it! But where next? How will you get there? Who can help?

3 Aims of the session Do you know where you are in terms of your non-academic development? How can the Progression Module help? What are the benefits – what did other students have to say? What’s it all about? How does it work? What’s expected of you?

4 ‘Where are you at’ Questionnaire NO scores (out of 15) Outcome 12-15The Progression Module will enable me to achieve all of these things. 8-11The Progression Module will enable me to achieve most of these things. 4-7The Progression Module will enable me to achieve some of these things. 0-3I am not being entirely honest with myself…. There is always room for personal improvement and further development.

5 Competition for places in HE The competition for some courses and careers is fierce Medicine, Veterinary Science, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Teaching, Nursing and Midwifery, Psychology, Law Performance, Art and Design What differentiates you?

6 Introduction to the module Videoscribe

7 CATs Unit 1 You and your career Unit 2 Managing your money Unit 3 Exploring your future choices Unit 4 Marketing yourself Visits and workshops


9 Benefits of the Module Better awareness of HE and career options HE and career decision making Enhanced support in HE and career research Develop your ability to sell yourself effectively to universities and employers Early preparation gives you an advantage to get ahead 30 UCAS points (The University of Huddersfield, Leeds Metropolitan University and Leeds Trinity University)

10 Benefits of the Module “The Progression Module has given me a goal to work towards; increasing my incentive to work hard.” The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form “The Progression Module has enhanced my commitment to my choice of career …and the opportunity to have an interview and …write a personal statement will help to strengthen my application [for medical school]” Woodkirk Academy

11 What are HEIs and employers looking for? Evidence of : Academic achievementsUnit 3 Research into and understanding of chosen course/careerUnit 3 Career aspirations and ambitions explainedUnit 1 Evidence of related work/voluntary experienceUnit 1 An ability to sell yourself effectively (CV, PS, interview)Unit 1 and 4 Evidence of HE/work readinessAll units Evidence of additional achievements and awardsAll units

12 Top 10 most useful things about the course 2012/13 Evaluation 1. Researching courses6. SWOT analysis 2. Student finance and budgeting7. Structure and depth of course 3. Personal statements8. UCAS points 4. CVs and letters of application9. Accommodation 5. Mock interview10. Application process

13 What happens next? Formal registration online Complete during Year 12 Work submitted July 2015 Pass module August/September (Level 3, pass only not graded) Apply to university/employment from September Y13 – record PM on UCAS app., in Personal Statement and in job applications Formal Awards Ceremony November Y13 at University of Huddersfield, including special awards presented for exceptional performance




17 Remember three things today..... HE/career decision making during sixth form will influence the rest of your life and career – so hugely important Qualifications alone are not enough so consider what will differentiate you from the competition Getting hung up on the 30 UCAS points means you have missed the point of the Module!

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