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2 Japan Seeks and Empire Militarists seized control of govt.
Did not try to establish new govt, restored control of govt to military Emperor at the top Military answers only to the emperor (and in future will help rule) In the ’s Great Depression and Government Corruption lead to the military appointing a “Prime Minister” to rule with Emperor ’s all Prime Ministers are being assassinated so there is fear for a non-military prime minister to be in charge

3 Emperor Hirohito (Showa)
1926 he becomes the Emperor Appoints Tojo as Prime Minister He had complete control over, and commanded complete loyalty from his subjects.

4 Hideki Tojo Tojo believed in the Racial Superiority of the Japanese people, especially over the Chinese. He was also ultra-nationalistic as well as very militaristic. He wanted to expand the Japanese empire throughout the Pacific Rim.

5 General Hideki Tojo Nicknamed the ‘razor’
Responsible for 8m civilian deaths, countless deaths and experiments on prisoners of war. Apologized for military atrocities on his death. Executed for war crimes 1948

6 Post WWI Japan Japan is facing economic depression, large population, and lack of natural resources People of Japan cannot go across the Pacific, instead sent to Manchuria had plenty of coal, plus industries and ports. Looking for markets to sell their industrialized goods Europe and Africa are taken by Europeans When Britain pulls out of China, Japan tries to take over Pan Asianism: “Asia is one” People of Japan cannot go across the Pacific, instead sent to Manchuria : 1923-Exclusion Act


8 Military and Political ideologies
Invasion is necessary “Korea is the dagger into the heart of Japan” To protect Japan you must control Korea (1910) To protect Korea you must control Manchuria To protect Manchuria you must control China If they resist you must force them!

9 The Manchurian Incident 1931
Claimed Chinese sabotaged a railway Japanese army occupied Manchuria Rename it Manchukuo Create a puppet state

10 League of Nations Responds
Remember.. US is NOT part of League By 1930s League does include Japan, Italy, and Germany… LoN protested Japan’s action in Manchuria…but doesn’t take any REAL action Demands Japan withdraw troops Japan LEAVES League of Nations in 1933

11 Japan Invades China Following invasion of Manchuria, Japan invades China (1937) Japan needs raw materials Second Sino-Japanese War Fierce resistance from Chinese troops War lasts 8 years = 8 million Chinese casualties Both civilians and troops


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