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Texas Indians.

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1 Texas Indians

2 Caddo Indians Location Northeastern Texas
Parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana

3 Caddo Indians Sedentary Farmers
Grew maize Established several homesteads and villages Built Spiro mounds for worship and rituals

4 Wichita Indians Location North central Texas
Also found in Oklahoma and Kansas

5 Wichita Indians Sedentary Grew corn, beans, and squash
Hunted deer, rabbit, turkey Established several large villages along river systems

6 Apache Indians Location Western panhandle
Also lived in New Mexico and Arizona

7 Apache Indians Nomadic
Known to be fierce warriors and skillful fighters Hunted buffalo Took over other tribes established communities

8 Tigua Indians Location Far west Texas New Mexico

9 Tigua Indians Sedentary Farmers Traders Lived in pueblos
Would trade Comanche Indians for meat and hides Lived in pueblos

10 Assignment Complete the state map showing different Indian tribes
Comanche -Jumano Apache -Tigua Cohiltecan -Caddo Atapakans -Wichita Karankawa Make sure to include major cities and a map key that shows the different Indian tribes Dallas -Houston Austin -San Antonio Fort Worth -Brownsville El Paso -Amarillo

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