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Teacher & Counselor Orientation Connecting Education With Life.

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1 Teacher & Counselor Orientation Connecting Education With Life

2 How to Help Students and Parents “Get it”. Process for effective career/education planning. How the Global Workplace has Changed Career Management Web Site for Success Agenda

3 How Do Most Students Approach Career Planning?

4 Why Care? In many colleges, of the students do not earn a 4 year degree within 6 years. of the 18-24 yr. olds in the U.S. live with their parents. Average college student switches majors times.three 30-50% 57%

5 Internet Outsourcing Free, Global Communication Workplace Competition Why Care?Fierce Workplace Competition

6 Our kids’ generation (On Your Own) No Defined Pension plans or retiree healthcare. Social Security? Live to be 80 - 90 yrs. old. Our parents’ generation (Social Safety Net) Worked for the same company. Retired at 65. Full company pension w/health care Social Security Enjoy retirement for 3-5 years, then died. Why Care?No Social Safety Net

7 TV => Big difference between TV drama and “real life”. “Typical” Resources Used to Pick a Career Friends => Know what sounds “cool”, but probably not a knowledgeable source of information. Life’s Interactions => Students use the services of Dentists and Teachers, but do they really know what it is like to do those jobs? Parent => 1000 career possibilities. What are the chances that a parent’s choice is the “right one” for their student.

8 “My son just graduated from college. He doesn’t have a clue what he wants to do. Maybe forensics. Maybe art.” “My daughter is a sophomore in college and she hates her major (accounting). She is changing majors, but doesn’t know what to choose. That means at least one more year of college that we cannot afford. “Now that I have a college degree, I need to think about a career. I majored in Marketing, but I’m not sure that’s what I want to do.” No Career Direction => Random Decisions => Poor Outcome

9 Simple Questions to Help Students “Get it”. Why do you go to school? How many hours in school from K-12? Would you pick a school extracurricular activity at random? Who plans to retire someday? Who expects to be a millionaire?

10 Hours

11 Cannot evaluate career w/o doing it. I didn’t plan. I’m OK. Too young to choose Don’t worry. Be happy. It will work out. My career or my plan is best for my child. Parent “Traps” Must get a 4-year college degree. We will do it LATER!

12 1000 Career Possibilities Assessments & Judgment 15-20 Careers to Evaluate Network/ Intern/Co-op Your Career Research 2-3 Careers to Try

13 The Goal SHOULD NOT BE: “JUST GET INTO COLLEGE” SHOULD BE (in this order): 4) Choose attractive industry and “winning” company. 1) Select a career that “fits” my interests, values, and skills, and is “in demand”. 2) Select an education path that prepares me for this career. 3) Obtain the required education/training.

14 How You Can Help Integrate Career Planning into your school curriculum. Link school web site to Conduct parent career/education planning orientations. Use Choices Planner in your school. Share this resource with colleagues, students and parents.

15 Thank You!

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