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K About a hero Grendel the monster Beowulf kills Grendel Grendel’s mother is mad. Beowulf tries to kill mom Mom seduces Beowulf Make dragon baby Dragon.

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2 K About a hero Grendel the monster Beowulf kills Grendel Grendel’s mother is mad. Beowulf tries to kill mom Mom seduces Beowulf Make dragon baby Dragon baby destroys city Beowulf dies Neck stab = dragon death Angelina Jolie = mom Mom becomes a dragon Beowulf gets naked Has to swim in the cave W What color is his hair? What kind of emotional changes does he go through? Childood? How did the story become so magical? Origin of Beowulf? Physical obstacles? Does he have a guide?

3 K Beowulf is a hero Beowulf saves the world from some goblin. He’s a mercenary. He has special powers. He has weaknesses. W Is he a wolf? Does he have a tail? Is he also a king? What are his weaknesses? Does he have family? Does he believe in God? Does he die? What is his origin? What is his race? What happened to his parents? Does he fight? Is he feminine?

4 Written: exact date unknown (between ) Language: Old English Author: Anonymous, but believed to be a monk because of the Christian elements seen throughout Setting: Scandinavia Interesting Facts: Longest surviving epic poem in Old English In 1731, a fire destroyed the original manuscript To restore the manuscript, infrared and ultraviolet lighting used to reveal hidden letters

5 Epic: a long narrative poem that celebrates a hero’s deeds that is usually told in oral tradition Stock Epithets: adjectives that point out of a particular persons or things Kenning: an imaginative phrase that takes the place of a single noun Caesura: an obvious pause in a line of poetry Alliteration: repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words

6 Grendel: A demon descended from Cain. Grendel preys on Hrothgar’s warriors in the king’s mead-hall, Herot, each night. Herot: The Mead (banquet) hall that is haunted by Grendel at night Hrothgar: King of the Danes (Denmark)


8 Lines1-3: Identify the figurative language used in these lines. *Be sure to note the definition Alliteration: repetition of the same sound at the beginning of a word Lines 2-14: What is being described? Grendel (monster) is in pain, but quickly the scene changes to sounds of rejoicing in the mead hall. The warriors are singing, praising, and acknowledging God’s power of creation. Lines 15-29: How do these lines remind us that Grendel is evil? Fiend, demon, haunted, wild, home in hell, spawned, slime, BORN OF CAIN, shut away from men, exile

9 Beowulf shows the influence of both Paganism and Christianity. What lines of poetry are examples of Christian views? Lines Lines 41-49: What word(s) help us understand the tone of the passage? Mourning, Fate, Lost, tears, laments, joyless, torn, wept

10 Line 64: ‘Hell forged hands’ is our first example of a ___ being used to describe Grendel. Kenning Line 70-79: Search for another example of a kenning. Grendel being described as That Shadow of Death Lines 84-90: What words remind us/represent the presence of Christianity? What phrase reminds us of the observance of paganism? 84(C): King protected by God, 90 (P) sacrificing to stone gods GRENDEL

11 Healfdanes’ Son: Hrothgar Higlac: King of the Geats, Beowulf’s Uncle Beowulf: Geat Warrior

12 Lines : Of what descendent is Beowulf? What are our first affirmations that Beowulf is an Epic Hero?

13 Lines : Beowulf seems to be bragging of his great accomplishments; what is the purpose of his boasting? The “scop” is giving us background information How will Beowulf fight Grendel? Bare hands Do we see Paganism or Christianity represented in these lines? Paganism- “If death does take me … Fate will unwind as it must!” Line 189: Why is this line significant for the poem as an epic, and what does this remind us about Beowulf himself as a warrior?

14 Lines 250 – 272: What can you assume from these lines is Beowulf’s plan of attack? Beowulf and the men in the mead hall will pretend to sleep in order to have a surprise attack. Lines : Describe the change in Grendel’s demeanor? What does this remind us about our universal theme? Grendel has a moment of weakness. The universal theme of GOOD vs. EVIL is now seen. Beowulf represents the good that can hopefully defeat the evil Grendel.

15 Question: Lines : Refer back to you’re a Hero With A Hundred Faces handout. Which characteristic do you see in these lines? Answer: The hero is often surrounded by people but is still alone. Quest tales include the hero’s friends, disciples, and/or servants, but they are of little help to him.

16 Lines : Summarize the events of Beowulf and Grendel’s battle. VOCABULARY TO NOTE Symbolism: person, place, or object that has a concrete meaning in itself and also stands for something beyond itself, such as an idea or feeling.


18 Lines : Which words capture the strength and fury of Grendel’s mother? Fierce, man’s strength, and power Lines : Explain the significance of the “single victim” that Grendel’s mother chooses? Grendel’s mother has chosen to take Hrothgar’s closest friend. She chose someone that the king loved, in order to seek equal revenge.

19 : What details of the setting help to create the mood? Help keep [the lake] dark, burns like a torch, no one knows the bottom, no wisdom reaches such death Predictions: What do you predict will happen if Beowulf seeks out Grendel’s mother?

20 : What specific details in these three lines suggest that the underwater lair of Grendel’s mother is an evil place? Hint: Refer back to your Epic Hero characteristics list. Lines : What details of the battle and its setting are characteristic of an epic?

21 Lines : Which lines create suspense for you as the reader. Lines : How is the light symbolic at this point in the story? Hint: Themes : What do these lines suggest about fame during the Anglo-Saxon period? : Symbolism- What does Grendel’s skull represent for the Danes and the Geats?

22 Lines : Describe the change in Beowulf’s battle style and demeanor now that he has aged. Beowulf of the pastBeowulf during his last battle AgeYOUNGOLD WeaponsBare handsSword and shield AttitudeEager to fightResigned to fight


24 : Who is Wiglaf? How Is Wiglaf different from the other soldiers? Wiglaf is the only one of Beowulf’s men who did not flee when Beowulf fought the dragon. Wiglaf is outspoken, loyal, brave, and more of a leader than the other soldiers.

25 Lines : By examining key words in these lines, how can we describe Beowulf as a leader? He is a honorable king, and has protected his people from enemies. He has been loyal to his people and strategic as well. What is Beowulf’s request to Wiglaf while he is dying? Gather the dragon’s treasures

26 Lines : Describe Wiglaf’s reaction and summarize his final words to the disloyal men. Wiglaf is shocked and disappointed that the men would not be as loyal to Beowulf, their king, as he has been in return. The men once promised to be there to fight, but did not follow through with their words.

27 What is Beowulf’s final request? 1.Have the Geats build a tower in his honor 2.He instructs Wiglaf to lead his people

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