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By Satyadhar Joshi Planning for the CSAT Exam Schedule of events (classes and doubt solving) Class timing optimized for working professional, all classes.

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1 By Satyadhar Joshi Planning for the CSAT Exam Schedule of events (classes and doubt solving) Class timing optimized for working professional, all classes are from 10 PM to 1 AM daily. Lecture 4 Lecture 4 (on 20 th Feb) Tentative Dates of Classes & Target Exam dates for other exams UPSC Prelims June Exam Date AGRE: 8th April 2011 Exam Date GRE: April Last week 2011 Exam Date GMAT: June First week 2011

2 Content 1. Comprehension ( Examples from GRE GMAT CAT on economics and politics) 2. Interpersonal skills including communication skills (grammar & use of basic words) 3. Logical reasoning and analytical ability (same as CAT) 4. Decision making and problem solving ( may be like Business Judgment) 5. General mental ability (let us explore this) 6. Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude etc. (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. –Class X level) (its like data interpretation from CAT / GRE) 7. English language comprehension skills (Class X level) (RCs and related areas)

3 Introduction  Keeping things simple  CSAT – Really ??  Idea behind the change  Importance of the change  Making it similar to other exams  This is not a substitute for full time class but an option for working professionals who gets free in the evening and are not able to attend the classes  Most of the classes will be taken after 10 pm so even if you do job and attend full time class, you can still attend it

4 Strategy & Game Plan  My first aim to keep things simple  Level and selection of questions  Not to overdo anything  Choosing the right level of questions  Balance of topics  Solving questions from books of CAT but selection of level of difficulty is crucial  First complete level 1 of all areas, then level 2 and then level 3 (but don’t leave any topic)  Understanding the things in a very simple and effective way  Have strategic depth in you planning  Areas of RC which I think you will get will be from the areas of Paper 1, I don’t think it will be from the ones which are asked for GMAT / IIM-CAT

5 Analysis of Content Disclosed by UPSC  The economy of contemporary India  Following statement and also the conclusions  Five persons P, Q, R, S, T are sitting in a row  Smallest one  Pie charts  English Language Comprehension

6 Selection of Questions  These are the toughest book for CAT Mathematics & Verbal  They have question in three levels of difficulty  We will them but with a game plan and do it strategically

7 CSAT 2011 Model Paper  Structure  Practice  Remaining in the domain  Not overdoing anything  64 type of question  Total Marks: 200 Duration : 2 Hours

8 Don’t go against the wall  The time & resources are the same with all  CAT or GMAT people are not going to compete with you  Type of questions are going to remain the same as in model disclosed  Coverage of all areas is important rather than being stuck up with an area  Chances of analogies, sentence completion, etc is very less  Chances of RC on technology, Greeks, Romans, America, is less

9 About this Class Series  This class will about the development of material for CSAT. We will be talking about the new format, and also about the materials we can study. A critical issue is the selection of strategy as we cannot play randomly.  Building a course and will describe a game-plan to study for the new areas. I will be also introducing you to my future classes where I have made a strategy to finish Level 2 questions of CAT and then work on Level 3 if time permits.  Our goal is to pass the fierce completion and strategy will play a very important role for the exam.  Linking and using some aspects of other exams in a very simple way so that you can understand the basics of all the new sections added.

10 Comprehension (Lecture 1)  ( Examples from GRE GMAT CAT on economics and politics)  Concepts of speed reading, triggering words, pre knowledge, adjectives, tones to understand the intention of the author  Understanding RCs of Economics, History, Science & Politics

11 Important areas of RCs  Economics  Defense  Politics  And the ones in your general studies paper  Note that in RCs the vocabulary can be tough, and triggering words can be intricate, length can be large albeit the areas will be same as the other papers

12 Practice RCs (Matter with data & strategic depth)  India’s defense deal with statistical data, and you have to compute the cost of instrument, compare then using percentage and faction  Example of game theory to predict and estimate the steps taken by our friends and rivals  Game theory for cooperation with our very close and special ally Israel on defense and security  Time series model to work on quantitative aspects of propaganda politics

13 Areas of RC (Hints from P-1)  Current events of national and international importance  History of India and Indian national movement  Indian and World Geography- physical, social, economic geography of India and the world  Indian Polity and governance – constitution, political system, panchayati raj, public policy, Rights issues, etc.  Economic and social development – sustainable development, poverty, inclusion, demographics, social sector initiatives etc.  General issues on environmental ecology, bio-diversity and climate change-that donot require subject specialization  General science.

14 Interpersonal skills including communication skills (Lecture 2)  Grammar & use of basic words  Diplomatic language  Selection of words (adjectives) based on intensity  Tone optimization

15 Example  Use of words (example diplomatic language)  Are we having (which would you select) 1. Problems with Pakistan ? 2. Conflicts with Pakistan ?

16 Logical reasoning and analytical ability (Lecture 3)  Nearly same as CAT  Arrangement (CAT Level 2)  Deriving logic

17 Decision making and problem solving (Lecture 4)  Business Judgment like the ones asked on economics and government policies in XAT / MPMET etc  6 Major question type  Major assumption, objective, etc  Ability of decision making without compromising with moral and ethical values  Therefore it is ability of value based decision making instead of taking just facts based decision. It will reflect the candidates ability to analyze than ability to memorize.

18 General mental ability (Lecture 5)  Basic mathematical skills  Statement and also the conclusions  Comparison of values  Like exponential, pie, logarithmic, etc

19 Basic Numeracy(Lecture 6)  (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude etc. (Class X level)  Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables  Data sufficiency etc. –Class X level)  (its like data interpretation from CAT / GRE)

20 Important Areas  Number System  Percentages and fraction  Population increase  Data Interpretation

21 English language comprehension skills (Lecture 7)  (Class X level)  (RCs and related areas)  Possible analogies  Vocabulary based questions

22 Three Sample papers  TMH  Pearson  CH  Reference: Competition 360

23 Conclusion  Understand the approach  Making a strategy  Limiting the areas  Thinking from the examiners points  Trying to understand the competition

24 FAQs  I would be taking around 10-15 lectures of nearly 1 hour each for the CSAT, but I will be taking other lectures compatible to CSAT like post & specify clearly my classes on GMAT/CAT/GRE and I will about which part of the class is more important for CSAT  Time frame would be layer-wise (three layers in three months) the high probability questions will be covered in 1 month, then we would cover the whole syllabus, and then the hardest possible question series  You will be able to view all recording, and I will be retaking the classes as well  Most probably the classes would be free, even if it is paid then it will be very nominal like around 1 or 2 USD per class. But I think there are very less chances of paid class, it will happen only if I take a lot of classes and it takes a huge effort from my side



27 Answers

28 References & More readings 1. Book: Manhattan GMAT verbal Manual 2. Book: Manhattan GMAT sentence correction Guide 3. Verbal workout for GMAT Princeton 4. Winners guide to GMAT Grammar 5. Chandresh Agrawal, CAT Priyanka Prakshan 6. English Grammer by Wren & Martin 7. GRE Barrons 8. GRE Nova 9. Arihant Quantum CAT For Admission into IIMs 10. Quantitative CAT Arun Sharma, TMH

29 Some books of GMAT / GRE  Though we will do question of varying difficulty but we will read theory as to understand the essence of the subejct

30 Coming classes on CSAT  Check out !!!  Class on application of Game theory for CSAT  Meditation for success for CSAT  And on all areas of CSAT as well!! 

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