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Unit 2 CP English Greek and Latin Roots Ms. Stotz, 2010/20111.

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1 Unit 2 CP English Greek and Latin Roots Ms. Stotz, 2010/20111

2 What are Root Words?  A root word has nothing added at the beginning or the end.  A root word is a real word and you make new words from it by adding prefixes and suffixes. Example Clear = root word By adding prefixes and suffixes you can make new words. Unclear Clearly Cleared Ms. Stotz, 2010/20112

3 What are Prefixes and Suffixes? Prefix A prefix is a group of letters added before a word or base to alter its meaning and form a new word. Suffix In contrast, a suffix is a group of letters added after a word or base. Root Word Ms. Stotz, 2010/20113

4 Let’s Review… What are Root Words? What are Prefixes? What are Suffixes? Ms. Stotz, 2010/2011 Assessment Prompt #1 4

5 The Centipede by Kenn Nesbitt Don't ever ask a centipede to play a game of soccer. Remember, he has 50 pairs of sneakers in his locker. He dribbles 50 soccer balls with 50 pairs of shoes, and kicks them all concurrently. He doesn't often lose. He's such a fierce competitor that, if you ever meet, at first you'll see his hundred legs and then you'll see defeat. Ms. Stotz, 2010/20115

6 Define the Word “Centipede” Turn to your collaborative partner and write down your definition for the word, “centipede.” Can you and your partner determine the part of speech? Hint: How many feet does a centipede have? Ms. Stotz, 2010/20116

7 Ped = foot How many more words can you think of with the root ped in them? Ms. Stotz, 2010/20117

8 ped = foot Biped (n) – a creature with two feet Centipede (n) – a creature with 100 feet Impediment (n) – something that stands in one’s way; an obstacle Ms. Stotz, 2010/20118

9 ped = foot Millipede (n) – a creature with 1,000 feet Pedal (n) – a lever that is moved with one’s foot Peddler (n) a person who goes from door to door on foot trying to sell a product Ms. Stotz, 2010/20119

10 ped = foot Pedestrian (n) – a person who walks across the street on foot. Pedicure (n) – a foot treatment that could include soaking the feet and polishing the toenails. Quadruped (n) – a four-footed creature. Tripod (n) – a three-footed stand often used to balance a camera. Ms. Stotz, 2010/201110

11 Assessment Prompt #2 Name 3 words that have the root, ped in them Write the definition for 2 of them Write a sentence using at least one of them Get Started Now! Ms. Stotz, 2010/201111

12 London by William Blake I wander thro' each charter'd street, Near where the charter'd Thames does flow. And mark in every face I meet Marks of weakness, marks of woe. In every cry of every Man, In every Infants cry of fear, In every voice: in every ban, The mind-forg'd manacles I hear How the Chimney-sweepers cry Every black'ning Church appalls, And the hapless Soldiers sigh Runs in blood down Palace walls But most thro' midnight streets I hear How the youthful Harlots curse Blasts the new-born Infants tear And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse Can you determine the definition of the word “manacles” from this poem by William Blake? Ms. Stotz, 2010/201112

13 Man, Manu = Hand How many more words can you think of with the word “man” in them? Turn to your collaborative partner and make a list. Ms. Stotz, 2010/201113

14 Man, Manu = Hand Emancipate (v) – to set free; to lend a hand in freeing someone; to release from someone’s hands Manacles (n) – handcuffs Manager (n) – a person who has the upper hand; a person who is in charge of someone or something Ms. Stotz, 2010/201114

15 Man, Manu = Hand Mandate (n) – an order or command placed in one’s hands Maneuver (v) – to handily or skillfully go around something Manicure (n) – a treatment for the hands and nails Ms. Stotz, 2010/201115

16 Man, Manu = Hand Manipulate (v) – to skillfully operate by hand Manual (n) – a handbook of directions Manufacture (v) – to make by hand or by machine; to change raw material into a new product Manuscript (n) – a handwritten or typed piece of writing, such as a book Ms. Stotz, 2010/201116

17 Assessment Prompt #3 Define: Mannequin Use it in a sentence Ms. Stotz, 2010/201117 It is always good to have a few extra hands!

18 Homework Write a sentence for each new word. Sentences must be 7 to 10 words in length. Write on notebook paper that can be turned into Ms. Stotz. Draw a picture for each word. Just a small picture depicting the word. Read for ½ hour. Look for a book for your independent novel project. Ms. Stotz, 2010/201118 Homework is worth 20 points!

19 Day 2: Greek and Latin Roots 1. Listen for directions. 2.Play the Read Around Review Game wit 4 of your closest classmates. 3.Stop when you hear the bell. Ms. Stotz, 2010/201119

20 Respect Author Unknown To give respect to one another, Is to care for them like a sister or brother. It is to show someone that you really care, To compromise, outlook, and always be fair. To be respectful you shall show dignity, Also speak nothing but the honesty. You could be respectful to just about anyone, A teacher, parent, or even a friend in a marathon. To be respectful is to show forgiveness, And not to laugh at someone's weakness. Give a complement or two to make someone feel wanted, It will make them feel special, unique, or gifted. To give respect to someone else, You have to learn to respect yourself. To show respectfulness you have to learn, To give everyone a chance or a turn. Everyone has the right to be respected, A friend, crossing guard, or a guy running to be elected. So don't forget to respect all, Whether it is spring, summer, winter or fall. Ms. Stotz, 2010/201120

21 spec = see, look Ms. Stotz, 2010/201121 How many words can you think of with the word spec in them?

22 spec = see, look Ms. Stotz, 2010/201122

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