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Unit 6: Civil War & Reconstruction Chapter 16: The Civil War Section 1: Two Sides.

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1 Unit 6: Civil War & Reconstruction Chapter 16: The Civil War Section 1: Two Sides

2 Body and Art Smart Terms Border State Offensive Rebel Yankee Review: –Blockade –Secession (Secede) –States’ Rights NorthSouth Start your T-Chart by Listing from the last lesson In the as many terms and Events correct Part of the Table

3 Choosing Sides

4 Border States Why were the border states so important to the Union?


6 Comparing North and South



9 War Aims & Strategy

10 War Aims and Strategy pg. 463 NorthSouth In your notes, list the goals of the north and south in 1861.

11 The northern plan for victory.

12 Goober Peas Goober Peas Sittin' by the roadside on a summer's day, Chattin' with my messmates, passing time away, Lying in the shadow, underneath the trees, Goodness, how delicious, eating goober peas! (Chorus) Peas! Peas! Peas! Peas! Eating goober peas! Goodness, how delicious, Eating goober peas! When a horseman passes, the soldiers have a rule To cry out at their loudest "Mister, here's your mule!" But still another pleasure enchantinger than these Is wearing out your grinders, eating goober peas! (Chorus)

13 Just before the battle, the Gen'ral hears a row, He says "The Yanks are coming, I hear their rifles now"! He turns around in wonder, and what do you think he sees? The Georgia Militia -- eating goober peas! (Chorus) I think my song had lasted almost long enough, The subject's interesting, but rhymes are mighty rough! I wish this war was over, when free from rags and fleas, We'd kiss our wives and sweethearts and gobble goober peas! (Chorus)



16 Who were the Soldiers? Find a partner. –Review American People at War on pages 463-464. –Answer the following question in your notes: What are basic characteristics about the Union and Confederate soldiers?

17 Who were the soldiers?






23 Did the North & South expect a long war? What does this picture represent?

24 “I had a Sergeant Driscoll, a brave man, and one of the best shots in the Brigade. When charging up Malvern Hill, a company was posted in a clump of trees, who kept up a fierce fire on us... Their officer seemed to be a daring, reckless boy, and I said to Driscoll, ‘if that officer is not taken down, many of us will fall...’ ‘Leave that to me,’ said Driscoll; so he raised his rifle and the moment the officer exposed himself again bang went Driscoll, and over went the officer, his company at once breaking away... I stood looking on. Driscoll turned (the officer) over on his back. He (the officer) opened his eyes for a moment, and faintly murmured ‘Father,’ and closed them forever. I will forever recollect the frantic grief of Driscoll; it was harrowing to witness. He (the officer) was his son, who had gone South before the war.” -Battlefield Tragedy, 1862

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