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Egypt, Mesopotamia, Fertile Crescent Test Review.

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1 Egypt, Mesopotamia, Fertile Crescent Test Review

2 Sumer Developed cuneiform Invented the wheel Built Ziggurats City States Polytheistic Epic of Gilgamesh

3 Babylon Code of Hammurabi Capital was Babylon Adopted Sumerian gods Expanded public works projects

4 Hittites Indo Europeans Developed iron weapons Revolutionized warfare

5 Assyrians Brutal treatment of enemies and fierce warriors Improved weapons and siege tactics Established large empire Developed road networks Built one of the world’s first libraries

6 Chaldeans/Neo Babylonian Empire Restored Babylon Hanging Gardens of Babylon Captured Jerusalem and brought Jewish slaves back to Babylon

7 Phoenicians Traders who traveled throughout the Mediterranean Carriers of Civilization Spread ideas and technology throughout the Mediterranean Developed the alphabet

8 Dynasty Power/rule passed one from one family member to another

9 Theocracy Government run by religious leaders

10 Cuneiform Wedge shaped form of writing developed by the Sumerians

11 Hieroglyphics Form of writing using pictures to represent letters and concepts

12 Egyptian View of the Afterlife Positive view Reflected the favorable geographic characteristics of the Nile River Valley

13 Sumerian View of the Afterlife Feared gods Saw gods as unpredictable View of the afterlife was gloomy and bleak Reflected the unpredictable nature of their world

14 Effects of Geographic Factors in Sumer Lack of natural barriers promoted cultural diffusion

15 Effects of Geography on Egypt Natural barriers protected Egypt from invasion and movement of large groups of outsiders Limited cultural diffusion Promoted development of unique Egyptian culture

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