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1 mechanotherapy

2 The philosophy In the 1980s, Karl Müller of Switzerland discovered the health- enhancing benefits of walking on soft, supple clay soil while living among the paddy fields in Korea. To recreate this paddy-field feeling in everyday modern life, the engineer developed a shoe with a round sole. This wobbly sole was diametrically opposed to the shoe industry's basic principle of 'supporting, guiding, absorbing' and drew fierce criticism from science, medicine and the shoe industry.

3 From the rolling shoe to 'walk on air'
Thanks to its predominantly positive effect on the body, the round, wobbly sole became a worldwide success; more than 10 million pairs have been sold to this day. It turned thinking in the shoe industry upside-down and has now been copied by more than 100 companies. But Karl Müller wanted more. He envisioned working on that perfect paddy- field feeling to make it part of everyday modern life, both when standing and walking; he believes the therapeutic effect is all the better the more perfectly the soft, supple feel of the paddy field is recreated for your feet. Consequently, he sold his share in the company in 2006 and started right from scratch again with kybun.


5 MECHANOTHERAPY MECHANOTHERAPY is the treatment of disorders or injuries by means of mechanical devices, devices that provide exercise for bodily parts such as; Audio sonic Vacuum therapy Gyratory massage (G5) Skin brushing Pressure treatments

The term mechanotherapy refers to the process of how load may be used therapeutically to stimulate tissue repair and remodeling in tendon, muscle, cartilage and bone. Mechanotherapy is used for strengthening muscles, improvement of coordination and correction of movement patterns Common problems such as tendinopathies, muscle tears, and fractures require controlled loading to institute healing and return to function. The underlying processes surrounding the effects of these therapies are poorly understood for many clinicians. Understanding the underlying physiological process behind many of our common therapies is necessary for treatment planning, therapist and patient education.

7 ASSESSMENT Take one MECHANOTHERPY treatment from the following list and explain its use in the beauty industry Audio sonic Vacuum therapy Gyratory massage (G5) Skin brushing Pressure treatments

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