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Please use the enter button to scroll through at your own pace. Magic Management (Since 1986) 26 COUNTRIES. 75 DESTINATIONS. 1 JOURNEY.

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2 Please use the enter button to scroll through at your own pace. Magic Management (Since 1986) 26 COUNTRIES. 75 DESTINATIONS. 1 JOURNEY.

3 Magic can be used metaphorically to teach about change, growth and life skills. Magic is a great positive reinforcement for good behavior. MAGIC MANAGEMENT The existing system is the game of business... anyone who wants to join the game must subscribe to the standard rules of play.

4 MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH ‘SURPRISES’ Satish Deshmukh’s magic management is all set to design; special presentation for your company. we add surprise factors!

5 MAGIC HAPPENS Keynote Speaker If you need a Keynote Speaker or a performer Satish Deshmukh will turn the whole event into an unforgettable sophisticated experience in either English, Hindi & Marathi.… and magic happens!

6 International entertainer India’s best known trainer, Highest paid PERFORMER in the country Trained 20 thousand Top personalities including celebrities, CEO’s, MDs and executives SATISH DESHMUKH

7 SHORT INTRODUCTION Satish Deshmukh He is single handedly working with people who want to be more polished and with organizations that want to outshine the competition both in India and abroad. As one of the country's leading etiquette and protocol experts, he is a sought-after speaker who has addressed associations across the country. He uses magic for HRD, crime detection, as an art therapy, TRAINING executives and personality development of youth. Satish Deshmukh –trainer with a difference is the first and only person who made his way in the corporate world – through the beautiful and unique medium of magic. As a professional corporate trainer – Satish, 45 is the latest secret weapon in the corporate race – to gain visibility – and marketing punch – in a highly competitive business world. He is excellent at incorporating business into his magic. The purpose of each and every trick in his presentation is related to make certain point. His areas of interest are personality development, management, communication skills and behavioral sciences. As a faculty he feels that magic helps immensely in reducing strain, communicating with people and maintaining a reputation. He is confident of making his presence felt. Indeed the approach of this creative, dynamic and energetic young man who travels the world over, performing before thousands of executives at major convention has been very successful. Continue… WHO IS HE?

8 He is renowned master Illusionist and corporate magician. An expert in arts & development education,

9 AWARDS HIGHEST AWARDS IN LAST 40 YEARS Nominee Ten Outstanding Young Persons Of The World Awards’ 96 in Japan (Some of the TOYPs of the world are Jackie Chan, David Copperfield, Steffi Graf& Orson Welles) Recipient of SAARC award in 1988, Maharashtra Bhushan Award 89, Ten Outstanding Young Indians Awards’ 95 (Selected by Indian Jaycees along with P.T.Usha, Sunil Gavaskar, Geet Sethi, Mallika Sarabhai, Dr.Yusuf Merchant & Pankaj Udhas) Continue…

10 His clients include major corporations that include: Ford Motors, Sun Microsystems, Novartis, Apollo Hospitals, Hungama TV, Bajaj Auto, Marico Industries and recently His Excellency Dr. Omar Zawawi of biggest Zawawi Business group of Muscat in OMAN and many others. CLIENTS Some of selected Continue…

11 PRESIDENT OF ISRAEL “I remain incredibly impressed with your simplicity.”

12 GO BACK TO MAIN PAGE Omar Abdullah “You have a special gift that shined throughout your presentation”

13 GO BACK TO MAIN PAGE Trade Commissioner of Denmark "Satish Deshmukh does Workshops, but he does it with style & grace.”

14 Ford motors

15 Novartis A gossip is one who talks to you about others; a bore is one who talks to you about himself; and a brilliant man is one who talks to you about yourself.

16 Cadbury Schweppes

17 Electronic media & PRINT MEDIA Satish Deshmukh -- headlined on the front page of world’s top circulating newspapers. He has been Interviewed and received special media coverage. He has appeared repeatedly on hundreds of radio and television talk shows including French Television, B.B.C., Star Plus, DD, ETV and Special Coverage in 76 countries IN THE NEWS Average of 72 thousand cm. coverage in press media in just one month

18 1. Rapport Builder Magic is a highly engaging activity that spellbinds quickly. Magic allows individuals to appear more playful and approachable. Magic is a very effective distraction from tension and anxiety. 2. Teaching Tool Magic can be used metaphorically to teach life skills. For example, magic tricks that "break out" or "escape" can represent overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. 3. Therapeutic Alliance When used properly in long-term individual counseling, magic can provide a shared activity, common ground, and something to look forward to witnessing or/and learning. 4. Connecting Magic can be irresistible for even the most resistant youngsters by challenging their intellect and piquing their curiosity. 5. Strengthening Groups Magic can be a highly effective tool for breaking "ice" It can also be used to promote positive group norms and cooperation. 6. Behavior management Magic can work well as positive reinforcement. Youth can earn the privilege to learn the technique with regard to performance of magic tricks for good behavior. 7. Diagnostic Aid Magic is a useful and common sense tool for detecting depression. WHY USE MAGIC? MAGIC JOURNEY. Continue…

19 International Business Etiquette WHAT WE OFFER: Problem Solving The Business Lunch and Cultural Differences Money Magic_ The secret of wealth creation TEAMBUILDING Discover your magic STRESS & LIFESTYLE How to Get More Respect at the Office Motivational Magic : Insightful, Motivational & Entertaining! ROMANTIC SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS SINCE 1986 PRODUCT LAUNCHES CELEBRITY APPEARANCE IN CONFERENCE THEME BASED PERFORMANCE * * *

20 Business Etiquette The Business Lunch and Cultural Differences Business Card Etiquette Office Party Do's & Don'ts Conference Call Etiquette Dress and Appearance Body Language Holiday greetings Tips on Gender Relations in the Business Arena Tips for Effective Cocktail Conversation, Buffet Table Tips for Effective Networking Handshake Tipping Social etiquette EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF INTERNATIONAL ETIQUETTE Etiquette

21 FIRST TIME IN THE COUNTRY 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE His has been published regularly in a diverse range of publications around the world including world’s largest English-language newspapers, and many other languages. He created his image with his work dazzling audiences from India to France with a difference. SATISH DESHMUKH is a founder president of IAM INDIA and advisory member of many training associations.

22 extra ordinary performance Continue… FILM ACTRESS SAMEERA REDDY CELEBRITIES

23 Attended WORSHOP at Bandra and later assisted Satish Deshmukh for all workshops later on. She is a super model and an actress. She still meets and celebrate true friendship with Satish Deshmukh. Continue… SUSHMA REDDY SUPER MODEL & ACTRESS CELEBRITIES

24 Then Sameera Reddy, Sushma Reddy and others attended Satish Deshmukh’s Model Magic Workshop.

25 Continue… CELEBRITIES at work


27 MODEL, ACTRESS NISHA HARALE MARRIED TO KABIR BEDI’S SON Nisha was Satish Deshmukh’s chief coordinator for many years. Continue… CELEBRITIES

28 CO-ORDINATORS What CO-ORDINATORS say? The workshop helped me to examine myself and reduce my egoistic nature. I have learnt to think about others. I feel motivated to help others. I fully understood the importance of time, punctuality and discipline. _one of his coordinators Continue…

29 MAGIC JOURNEY. Workshop in just one word Best SMILE, Happiness, Grand, Greatest, Superb, Finest, Magnificent, Splendid, Excellent, Wonderful, Extraordinary, Brilliant, Unforgettable and Inspiring A Summary of Feedbacks from participants Continue…

30 Satish Deshmukh's knowledge on business etiquette is extensive because he himself is a celebrity and visited half of the word for his shows." "Clean, to the point, with good humor...his own best example. Nicely done.“ "I will be sure to look for opportunities to recommend this program.“ "Your talk was great! I can't believe I didn't know a few of the things you pointed out. I am trying to use your telephone techniques, in particular. When I follow your suggestions, it works!" Magic Management is indeed an exceptional project – Ford Foundation (New York) I have seen marked change in the participants in just 5 days of the workshop, tremendous change in the personality, communication skills and stage presentation – Ms. Sue Bullough, Expert in Art & Development Education (Director T.A.S.C. Ireland). He has got extraordinary power to influence people – Irish Times, Ireland. He came, he saw, he conjured! Head line in Independent (London and Bombay) in 1992. He is an ordinary person, but an extraordinary personality. His name will be written in history for his contribution to youth and children – Cabinet Minister for Child Welfare & Health in 1990 (Govt. of Maharashtra) It is very interesting to note his achievements in the field of training & development– Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Indian Culture (London). Selected Statements from Authorities & Press: MAGIC JOURNEY. Continue…

31 1.I understood the importance of developing sound inter-personal relationships. From now on I will not say ‘this is not my work’ but will try to do any job that is needed to be done because the job is not for someone else, but for me. 2.My head is now full of new but simple ideas of how to be a happy and productive. The teachings of these five days have made an indelible impression on me. I have certainly taken the first step to change, I feel very sad as the workshop was only for five days. I hope we have many such workshops in the future. 3.The workshop helped me to open up and share my thoughts, ideas and experiences without any inhibitions. Today I really understood myself. I have gained tremendous self-confidence in this workshop. 4.I learnt to solve a difficult problem in a happy state of mind. I will tackle any challenging job with all my heart and soul. I also learnt the importance of communication skills. Workshop gave me the opportunity to perform on stage. I learnt how to achieve wholesome development in me. 5.We learnt to think about others first. This will help us to think about our customers first. If we want to keep our top position in a highly competitive market, we need to constantly change and improve. Continuous learning will help us to grow. This type of training does not change only one person, but the entire community. 6.I really liked the workshop. I was able to remove the negative thoughts from my mind. My outlook is now more positive. I learnt that it requires a lot of moral courage to say sorry. The workshop is the best thing that happened to me. 7.When I was told that we have to attend this workshop, I was least interested. I even thought about absenting under some pretext. Now I am happy that I did not do so. The people who trained us and all that they taught us is simply unforgettable. I was walking in darkness. I almost completely removed my inferiority complex ? I hope that we have similar workshops on a continuous basis in the future. What did I learn? FEED BACK. Continue…

32 SATISH DESHMUKH FOUNDER PRESIDENT_MAGIC MANGEMENT Mumbai Cell #: + 91- 9820359318 USA Cell #: +1- 305 - 323 – 0178 Residence: C-5/17/03, SECTOR - 3, CBD - BELAPUR, NAVI MUMBAI - 400 614, INDIA. Email: Website: (coming soon) Contact PRESNTED BY SHOWTEC THE END

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